astrology symbolsTiming is everythingAstrology is all about timing,  a celestial timing device and a tool to access self awareness where discovery of your unique destiny through the stars cosmic plan gives insight and understanding to better guide your path to fulfillment assisting in reaching your highest actualization and full potential. Astrology collectively guides through trends and shifts in evolution.

Astrology is a symbolic language interpreting nature and its cycles via the stars and planets.  An astrology chart is essentially a map of the sky and the heavens calculated from a geometrical mathematical formation, a road map that points you in the right direction and helps align you with your true path.  This cosmic intelligence offers a channel to become conscious of a universal energy and natural law that moves us through our unique evolution and awakens us to the ebb and flow of opportunity and challenge and the power of finding our rhythm.  Astrology readings can assist in unraveling the past and in preparing for future conditions whether benevolent or disruptive and guide us through facing our crossroads, helping us rise above our set backs.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Having insight into what lies ahead gives fundamental planning options where future foresight turns hindsight 20/20 on its heels.

New Moon Astrology Readings intention is to open you to a world of inner discovery and illumination to bring you heightened awareness and empowerment.

“The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear” Pythagoras

Fate and free will/nature vs. nurture is the cornerstone topic of Astrology.  Historically pondered and debated, our evolution into modern psychological astrology and awareness  has brought us a capacity of gaining greater control over our fate through the psychological impact of the exploration of our inner selves. An astrology reading is a transformative process uncovering the layers of our psyche.  This has taken off the blinders of a causal deterministic stance and given us influence where we have an opportunity, through conscious awareness, to be co-creators of our destiny.

“miracles emerge only when we know our positions-and our gods’-upon the battlefield”  Noel Tyl