Synastry – Relationship Astrology

takes two to tangoSynastry – Relationship Astrology.  Synastry is the study of relationships and compatibility via the stars.  Relationship astrology readings are a key factor whether romantic, marriage, family, children, business and friendship as we are impacted by our connections in every phase and station in life.   Looking at each individual natal chart is important as each person has their own contributing tendencies that they bring to the relationship table.

Relationships are brought to us as mirrors and as vehicles to grow and learn.  In astrology, Synastry and Composite charts uncover the comparison and combining character attributes of each person in the relationship.  Relationships teach us the quickest road to learn about balance and cooperation, give and take where compromise and boundaries have their unique place.

Understanding the dynamics involved will give the opportunity to see where harmonies and conflicts can arise, where compatibility or differences may become apparent.  The complexity and the myriad interconnections of relationships are continuously brought before us in every interaction.

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