Health and Wellness

healing greenAstrology readings help to learn about the areas of vulnerability surrounding health and taking preventative health measures toward wellness.  Health and wellness is based on a holistic view of our mind, body, heart and soul in tune emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Many health issues and chronic pain is associated with energy blocks with the energy centers out of balance.

I have spent many years working with a variety of alternative healing methods.  Kundalini Yoga was particularly effective, opening up the chakras and releasing blockages reaching the core deep roots. Kundalini Yoga is a special brand of yoga that accelerates awakening, awareness and consciousness.   I began my Kundalini practice during a significant  Pluto transit during a major significant shift and transition in my life. Pluto transits are the most transforming cycle, powerful for rebirth.

An astrology reading can unravel the details in the birth chart and point to areas to review to learn more specifically about our health and physical body such as the 1st house and the 6th house.  Pluto connects to the root chakra (core physical) and is a very powerful foundation for transformation. Chiron transits and aspects reveal wounding crisis and healing. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, naturally resides over health as does the ASC, the  chart ruler and 1st house rising.

Working with the transits in awakening and opening the chakras is potent for maximizing the impact. Now that we have moved into Neptune Pisces we can collectively feel the shift to work more deeply with the heart chakra as well as the crown chakra.  Uranus in Aries is opening and helping to integrate our 3rd eye (brow chakra) with our root chakra (Pluto).  Issues around fear, survival and control are crossing on the freedom and liberating principles. An inner need to be brave,  face fears, trust  and allow an unfolding.

Most illness and disease begins at an emotional level hidden and locked away in the tissues and blocked energy centers. The whole premise of working with the birth chart and having astrology readings is to unravel these pain points and heal at an astral/etheric level before energy vibrations absorb deep in our body.  The chart can uncover  these deep root causes that can open up a channel and release to begin the process of healing.  Utilizing various methods such as Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, Yoga, Flower Essences, chakra balancing, cranial sacral therapy, counseling, hypnosis and regression therapy, diet modification and nutrition counseling, exercise, pilates, stress and pain management, meditation, guidance is given as to the most effective healing modality suited to you.