Natal Chart

emerald tabletNatal Chart astrology readings start with the Natal (birth) Chart, the map of the sky when you were born that gives indepth analysis uncovering your unique innate character and discovery of your life purpose and lessons.  Its an exploration of life patterns and hidden potentials that offers a channel to the awakening of consciousness.  The natal chart is a matrix to reflect the healing journey giving a sense of wholeness and harmony as well as a foot print of our place in the universal pattern.  At our moment of birth, we have a set pattern that evolves through time.

The natal chart covers so much more than your Sun sign. What you read about in horoscopes applies to all those in that sun sign category which is very broad and generic.  The natal chart is very specific to you which starts with your Sun sign, Moon sign, ASC (indicative of your birth time) and all the other planetary bodies (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and then covers a multitude of chart factors such as the 12 houses which represent all the areas of your life such as 1st house self, 2nd house finances, 7th house relationships etc. and where all the planets reside, how those planets aspect and interact and what the various types of aspects and patterns mean.

Understanding our own character and development over our life cycle enhances our freedom and sense of well being.  Astrology readings give an ability to grasp our strengths and weaknesses where we have a better handle on where we stand and how to move towards personally suitable goals with an opportunity to reprogram our chart.  Astrology readings help us to unlock the key to all the hidden agenda in the unconscious where we become trapped in our own prisons and inhibit our own growth by repeating self defeating behaviors doing the hamster wheel twirl.

“Character is destiny”.  Your natal chart is your blue print and defines your true essence.  Astrology readings help to unravel your unique mystery.

*Chart Rectification:  If you don’t know your time of birth, I can work through a process to rectify your chart.