Written in the Stars

Allegory of the Planets and ContinentsReading an astrology chart is like playing a musical instrument and fine tuning a musical score.  The image of this post, Allegory of the Planets and Continents, points out the symbolism of the planets that insinuate or speak a language, telling the tale of the signs, that translate our very nature.  Making sense of what’s written in the stars is my intention as a way to translate the complex web of factors in as simple a interpretation as possible, giving practical insight in how to apply these chart factors to your life.

Awareness is essential when doing  astrology readings and reviewing a chart.  Given the opportunity to uncover what strengths, weaknesses, positive, negative traits one has is the first step to take charge and make changes.  Also being aware of the ongoing changes and challenges gives you a heads up to a way to work through them.  I have done thousands of astrology readings of charts and there is no way you can define someone by their chart alone.  Two people can have the exact same chart but lead completely different lives and move in very different directions, however I have seen those born on the same birth date go through similar changes and face similar crossroads at the same time during their lives, often seeming to be living in parallel universes.  Our chart is essentially a blue print of our complexes, personality and behavior patterns.  We are only a prisoner when we are a slave to it, unaware and operating blindly.  What happens to us and how we react is a direct reflection of how much awareness one has of their chart.  Having the ability to see firsthand what those traits are and to optimize and reprogram them is key in how to realign yourself in a more auspicious direction.

The most difficult charts can be transformed into the most successful and positive as energies that are channeled accordingly can make the best strides.  On the other side of things, charts that are very harmonious can lead to a nature that takes advantage of others, manipulates and harms because everything came so easy to them, where they take for granted never having to suffer or be challenged.   Without some struggle, we get soft, lazy and complacent.  It is part of human nature to strive and grow.  Struggle builds character and character builds success. “Character is destiny”Heraclitus. “Know Thyself”.

I don’t promote or value the common, familiar newspaper Sun Sign, daily horoscopes for insight into an individual person.  While Sun Sign horoscopes can point out collective trends and mundane forecasts, with generalization that describe the shape of things we will all experience and feel at some level, it is hit and miss for any individual value, lacking much validity for pinpointing specifics for each sign.  I can’t count on reading up on Gemini on any given day that will be particularly applicable to me.  This isn’t to say that some of those general overviews can’t hit some spots as we know a Jupiter cycle will affect each sign in a similar way at a given time.  But this is still working with a Solar Chart which is simplistic and can never grasp the full complexity, and pales in comparison to a personalized unique view of the individual chart.

The mainstream understanding and unfortunate misconception of astrology is often referenced to psychics, fortune telling and crystal balls. I have had people contact me to remove and put on spells and to tell them their winning lottery numbers.  While I do see lucky opportunities for experiencing any fortune, telling you when you will win the lottery is a steep expectation!  If you are having a streak of good luck (even small such as finding money on the street or finding parking with money in the meter, etc.) I would encourage you to buy a ticket and visualize your numbers. While I have helped with protection and manifestation with certain incantations, mantras, affirmations and intentions, an astrology reading provides a deeper core and root blueprint understanding to help map out those pointed timing markers as well as those complexes that get us mired into our situations and circumstances.  Most of us get intuitive hunches and already have a knowing however the chart offers confirmation and the lock and key in sync indicators.

Instead of crisis management, which is the typical reactive way of responding to stress and difficulty, looking for quick fixes which perpetuate as ongoing challenges over and over again, the astrology chart gives an opportunity of learning proactive measures in order to offset and deflect obstacles as well as welcome and build positive returns. Often times when we feel cursed, its our own self sabotage being our own worst enemy usually because of lack of awareness and unconscious defeating behavior patterns.  I have dodged many scenarios in my life and am very grateful to have this ability to see.  Of course there are also things that happen that we have little control over, lessons we must endure and changes we have to experience that we can learn to accept giving one an opportunity to start over, reinvent themselves and rebuild.  The spirit is the hardest thing to break.

I can see part of the role as an astrologer to be somewhat clairvoyant and psychic, although the astrology chart does give a much richer and more accurate timing indicator. A sense of right timing, validity as well as direction, is given in the astrology chart. I also practice Tarot and Palm readings, as well as numerology, which provide additional simplistic and summarized readings, but astrology on its own is really distinctively more tangible and mathematical if you want to compare oranges and apples.  The messages are similar, with the medium and language differences, however astrology provides immense and detailed analysis and forecasting that covers specific areas.

I live in a spiritual and artistic world where I see and feel a completely different perspective than my analytical, logical, linear business mind. I have learned to balance the dichotomy of the right brain and left brain. While astrology is still somewhat an anomaly and classified as an intuitive art, it can be explained and broken down closer to  mathematical equations and geometric angles. I aspire to find a way to see astrology be given more credence and validity to the mainstream mindset, as not just a symbolic language but somehow grasped more as having some logical scientific sensibility.  Not in an empirical sense, but beyond that as we now experience a more chaotic and unpredictable appreciation with the new theories in quantum physics and chaos theory.




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