Astrology Readings

Astrology ReadingsDuring the course of my astrology practice, counseling and consulting work and studies in the last 40 years, I have read thousands of charts whether about relationships, finances, love, family, health, children etc.  Utilizing the stars as a tool, my astrology readings are centered upon a holistic, transformational and awakening process to the discovery of your unique essence and potential.

My astrology readings are very focused on your specific individual chart which covers  a complex detailed fundamental review much more personalized and elaborate than the general daily horoscope,  sun sign readings or computerized print outs most are accustomed to read.  We are each one of a kind and unique in our experiences.

Your birth (natal) chart (date, time and location of birth) pinpoints crucial critical insight and information that explains and defines your path, cycles, challenges, strengths, weakness, opportunities, habits, relationship patterns, early home life, family, character etc.  Your natal chart is a rich reservoir of data that can open up a powerful understanding of your life with the ability to maximize potential.

Through an exploration of your chart and moving toward an integrative healing and awareness, my goal and purpose is to guide and inspire sensitively and powerfully toward  authenticity.  There are a number of pathways to explore with astrology readings from the natal birth chart (individual profile), synastry (relationships), health, work and employment, business, vocation and career, financial, family, luck, love, romance, friendship, creative, children to future potentials. Comprehensive readings are available encompassing a full spectrum of your life (past, present and future) as well as updates and focused readings centering around a specific question(s).


1) Prepare for opportunities and learn to manifest your hopes and wishes.

2) Understand personal challenges and how to overcome them.

3) Foresee potential crisis and obstacles.

4) Explore your relationship dynamics-compatibility, chemistry, potential conflict

5) Find the best timing indicators for romance, relationships, luck, work and career.

6) Uncover hidden talents and skills for vocational and career fulfillment.

7) Learn how to create effective business plans and financial goals.

8)  Discover ways to be proactive with health and wellness and ways to prevent the triggers.

9)  Listen and interpret your dreams to help guide you through your subconscious messages.

10) Unravel the past to heal and unblock pathways to move into present and future emotional freedom.


ASTROLOGY READINGS are available by phone, email and/or  in person.  *Strictly confidential and privacy respected.

Types of readings available:


*Natal reading with detailed analysis of your natal (birth) chart which will review all the major areas of your life such as health, finance, work, home, relationships, career, children, love and friendships. (includes major transits and progressions). $100.00

*Relationship, compatibility and synastry reading.  Detailed insights into relationship dynamics reviewing chemistry, compatibility, conflict tendencies, timing and sexuality dynamics. $100.00

*Transits to learn about current circumstances with a detailed list of all the transits and progressions for the year. $50.00.

*Brief reading for a specific question whether about love, work, health, career etc .  These readings focus on one chart or type of reading such as a New Moon reading or Full Moon reading (including eclipses), Solar Return, Event chart, Horary chart,  Numerology readings or Tarot readings.  $50.00.


* Live in person readings or phone consultations can cover any type of reading with counseling, coaching or support.  Live readings can also include tutorials and mentoring for those wishing to learn more about astrology in general. Tutorials: $25 per hour.

*Once I receive a payment by paypal (see below), I will arrange to send your reading by email or arrange a phone consultation, usually within 24-48 hours depending on how booked my schedule is.  Please provide details about your current circumstances by email on my contact page and what kind of reading you would like.

* Donations and gifts are also accepted for any insight gleaned informative from my posts and articles:)

Astrology Readings