Transits – Future Potentials


The current cycles (transits, progressions, event-election charts, horary, lunar cycles, solar returns)  are studied to reveal the ongoing cyclical and changing landscape of your chart and the timing of key events, predicting and forecasting the future.   Transits from the slowest moving outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus) are key for long term forecasts as these planets can take years to transit a house and a planet.  Hard transits in major aspect (squares, oppositions and some conjunctions) are most critical to note for challenges with more flowing aspects (trine, sextile) to look where you may have some support.

In looking at Karma, the basic premise is balance and each cycle seems to create this very atonement discovered with unique developments as you move through each cycle.  Healing is in the attention given at each of  these phases as a rite of passage. How transits impact is dependent on the nature of the natal (birth) chart and aspects. Challenging transits can be very powerful for change and momentum and flowing aspects can be catalysts to increase problems due to their inherent ease of movement. Therefore it is critical to know the birth chart’s natal promise and how its predisposition inclines one to act in unique ways and make certain choices.

Like attracts like and you can be sure if anything doesn’t feel whole or right, you are working out some past residue.  This may all be part of your own inner awakening and cleansing as pain is a sign of reckoning.  The role of an astrology reading is to pinpoint and work on these transits and cycles to help you realize each turning point and move forward with enough foresight to give preventative measures and the ability to plan ahead choosing optimum timing against any upcoming challenge.

All planetary cycles signal various change and growth opportunity.   Modern astrology has evolved to a place of using the chart as a psychological and inner consciousness raising process.   Although prediction and forecasting  is still a strong quality in an astrology reading,  we have free will and choice. An individual’s level of consciousness and soul evolution will determine the impact of the changes occurring and the level of free will. The current level of higher consciousness raising and its exponential uplifting growth and momentum now in the new millennium has created the powerful push toward a higher level of being  taking responsibility for our development which is clearly evident in the strong interest in yoga, meditation, alternative healing, visualization and the power of intention.