The Wheel in the Sky-Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic CircleThe universal message is channeled to us all uniquely if we are open to listen.  The stars reflect energy patterns and how we each uniquely move with these rhythms.  This language and symbolism has its own voice.  I can’t count how many synchronistic moments have occurred to me as well as divine messaging from “god’ where I knew I was being lead and guided into this sacred language.  A secret code which brought me on board to learn of this mysterious astrological language and its coded messages and its translations. Amazed at the information being sent to me all through shapes, angles, triangles, squares, graphs, circles and numbers, I feel blessed for the connection.  My quest is to find the true melding of science and mysticism.  Historically, finding the link between science and spirituality has been a challenging road.

There has been countless debate and intensive research into this so called contradictory comparison.  Hard science didn‘t fit in the realm of the unexplained. In an article by John Towley…”Toward a Physical Basis for Astrology“..“Tao of Physics”-an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism. Or as Chantel Kreviazuk in says in Surrounded, “surround me like a circle”.  Cycles are ever apparent and they keep turning. Astrology becomes a translator and/or bridge between Science and Mysticism.

Throughout all the research and indepth study, it is apparent that there is a path however arduous the argument is.  Logic, science, math all sensible and clear.  These linear places somehow fitting in with the symbolism; the mystery beyond the hard facts.  Science alluded me in my early studies,  now it is trying to communicate with me.  The new physics, quantum theory which is riding closer beside the notion of divinity.  Hermetics and alchemy looking at the form and elements and their properties which gives  new meaning to the essence of energy matter.  In recent history there was a split between science and divinity as science wished  to grasp a definitive formula for the occurrences in nature where now quantum theory sheds some challenge on this realm.

Electromagnetic field vibrations we move toward or those we divert or deflect.  Here we understand some of the fundamental nature around fate and free will and now with nanotechnology and string theory we have a whole new paradigm shift in front of us.   Hardcore scientists may beg to differ, and I won’t promote or purport a definitive relationship, that science and astrology are as one but I do want to argue the scope that science does definitely play a part.  Historically, in ancient times, astronomers and astrologers were  collaborators in the study and quest for an understanding of the universal and natural law.  There really is a rhythm that once you find it, its a pulse you can take and ride it to where you want.

We are only beginning to respect this.  History saw this and now we can revisit.  Because there is a cosmic order. We are coming around again. It is all circular, cyclical and surrounds us.  Our vast universe is coming closer to a deeper awakening of our consciousness and stepping us up to the plate.  We have a mass of power within us, which we can tune into to create our own reality.  This is no secret.  We just now have enough consciousness moving through the web and taking the futile depths of our blocks, transforming them into useful energy focused on  bringing us closer to ourselves.

My journey with astrology started very young.  I am a creative, idea person by nature and a book worm. Logic plays a large role in my life, hence the scientific bent, however I trust those intuitive glimpses and hunches that encapsulate a theory ramping up that right brain development. A Gemini, to this day still an eternal child, still asking questions, wanting to know, searching for answers to this puzzle.  I spent extensive time researching and digging deep to discover and uncover its mysteries.  I think one of my first books ever read was the Sabian Symbals (essentially the “bible” of the 360 astrological degrees of the zodiac) by Marc Edmond Jones when I was 12 years old.  I spent a lot of time in that library back in the time  hidden in the obscure occult section

There have been many renditions and interpretations of the Sabian Symbols classic however I find many of the translations very far from the pure meaning and tend to always reference the original version.  If there was ever a book to start a study, this book certainly had tossed a brain salad as anyone who reads Mark Edmund Jones can relate to.  Very technical material although the Sabian Symbols has a signature unique message that can’t be duplicated. My later University study in psychology centered on studying behavior and personality theory particularly Carl Jung who related material to astrology. Liz Greene, Dane Rudhyar to name a few of astrology writers who inspired me.  My days in The Bodhi Tree in Hollywood, California and Banyen Books here in Vancouver gave me a fuller grasp of the numinous world of astrology.  Another book with  indepth insight is “Astrology, Karma and Transformation ” by Stephen Arroyo.

What really started for me as a search and study to further understand the mind and how it works, I learned that psychology in many ways was limiting in that theory didn’t give me enough “sink my teeth in” information to understand behavior.  Think of psychology as left brain and astrology as right brain.  Psychology did give some deep core information and analysis however I found astrology opening a realm that allowed a further penetration to personality and the way and whys a person moves through life.  The subtle energy patterns, the deeper personality theory that goes beyond mere abstraction.  The spiritual basis of astrology coupled with the discipline of psychological study gave me a wholesome scope of understanding.

Timing, synchronicity, synergy.  I have had some very bizarre synchronicity experiences.  I am reading something – a word, and at the same time the word is spoken on TV or the radio.  Too many others to mention but what the Universe is trying to tell in these “moments” is that the timing is right, you are on the right track, on the pulse, you are paying attention, aware and conscious . Often my thoughts are reflected back to me from some outside source.  This greatly indicates how powerful our minds are at manifesting!   Being at the right place at the right time simply by following that inner whisper and letting everything fall into place.

The wisdom of letting go and letting “God“. We are all in this together. Growth happens through interaction, reaction, cause, effect, what surrounds us.  If we were all alone, we may be at peace but we won’t grow.  The mind is a field of energy.  Essentially a cosmic projection.  We attract, impact to move us forward, some more intense than others and thus the deeper growth.  Jung made a strong point that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate.  Synchronicity is basically this phenomena-attracting similar outside energies as what is inside us.  The more conscious we are, the more noticeable and miraculous these serendipitous moments are.  I call this being in sync, a timer from the universe that you are on course.

This is the crux of the astrology.  The chart reveals our potential  and how our consciousness is revealed, layer upon layer of learning and growing.  Once we understand why we react and respond to life as we do, we know how to elevate it.  With the advent of quantum theory claiming our inner reality creating our outer reality, the knowledge of our own vibrations and their cycles can help us enhance our energies to a level of purification so that what we attract is pure.    So awareness is key.  Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs theory of self actualization, self mastery to the extent of knowing thyself.  That once we “see” our authentic self, we can relate and react with the world around us authentically.

Humanistic and Existential Psychology focuses on growth and infinite results as opposed to Behavioral Psychology and Determinism which suggests definitive cause and effect with little wiggle room.  A respect for an archaic astrology of history where we trusted nature and its cycles where we have room to alter. Historically, continuous intellectual debate arose around the concepts of fate and free will where classical astrology and its fatalism was challenged by Marsilio Ficino and  Pico Della Mirandola, a Renaissance Philosopher,  who had argument against the validity of astrology based on the whole area of freedom and free will vs. fate.  And yet he later began practicing it!

Astrology has moved through many evolutions historically from its ancient archaic, divine meanings to the attempts to structure and encase it in predictability and scientific determinism and now we are swinging the pendulum back again as we discover the workings of quantum physics, chaos theory  and the uncertainty principle and the universal unfolding; its mysterious wonder.  Pico said it well “We are co-creators with God”. There is something to be said for the path of least resistance.  This in essence suggests we can let the chart lead us along to slide into our fate or we can make an effort to alter the patterns inherent in the chart.  Most are lead to believe that Astrology portends a path of little choice.  If we instead look to the signs of astrology and the value of the insight given of our unique energy and imprint, we are free to fine tune our path.

The chart is fatalistic and static only without our awareness or resistance.  Once we discover our energy patterns, we have the power to rise above the ingrained tendencies, self defeating habits and sometimes hapless cards we are dealt.  Once you understand energy patterns you don’t get so caught up, but you still have to consider those around you caught up in their energy patterns. An interesting analogy is defensive driving.  Being a good driver isn’t enough, its being aware and conscious of the drivers around you and being ready for others actions to avoid collision.  To take it further into metaphor, it is being aware of the road ragers caught up in their emotional turmoil and learning how to disengage and not get caught up in their circus.

The chart can offer an opportunity to discover our tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.  An uncovering of our core beliefs, values and needs and conditioning.  This is where most people get stuck.  They have such ingrained attitudes that may not be self serving.  With some enlightenment, its much easier to channel energy constructively.  Our desires and hopes.  Our fears and our shadow side as well.  Our habits and behaviors. Our ability to relate.  Our creativity  and our ambitions.  There is a plethora of rich information in the chart that can take a psychological assessment to a new level giving someone a holistic picture of an inner an outer world.

The universe has a message and lesson for us all and much to be learned.  Although I can see certain opportunity and trends, and predict to a certain degree, the journey is more about awareness and growth and learning at each stage to integrate to a sense of wholeness.   I want to help guide those through this universal message and unfolding process with its upcoming challenges, transformations, triumphs as well as to relations that are harmonious and give insight into abilities to deal with challenges and evolutions.  I believe in guiding to tendencies and circumstances that may occur to their greatest benefit.

There is plenty of hindsight in our development, but the ideal is in the ability to see what is directly in front of us. Some of those connections can feel like a meteor or asteroid has hit your sphere. You all know those ones, where you had to peel off the debris after not knowing what hit you.  And yet still, those unaffected are thus uninspired.  That most need to go through the drama and shakedown in order to move to the next level in their evolution is an understatement . Once aware that what hits us outside us is within us as well, is when we benefit most and where we can truly move to our full potential.  Transcending our limitations and boundaries is where the magic is held.

I have spent countless hours looking at those circles and lines. Puzzles really-a Gemini maze.  Continuously perplexing and taunting me.  So many journeys to learn and explore each unique reality. Not a fatalist but a realist as well as a pragmatic and proactive person.  I see the chart as an opportunity to help one  “get out of their way”  standing back and getting their big picture and see how we all are on our own -how one reacts to us is usually mired in subjective judgement and a myriad of projections.  We take it personally, we react, we bounce off of, on and on.  The key is everyone has their own truth and is on their own journey.

“My soul’s like a wheel that’s turnin” “Carousel of time”, “Spinning Wheel gotta go round”….  Songs that speak of our life changes, challenges, defeats and triumphs in front of us along the way.  Life is ever changing, moving.  A kaleidoscope reflecting many patterns,  cycles and circumstances. Roller coaster rides  that can be much more fun when we know we will come out intact.  The moon, tides change.  We learn that nature has its rhythm.  And we all drum to a different beat.  An astrology chart is your own wheel, you can navigate or let it navigate you- steer your ship and leave fate a little less opportunity to run your life.  Certainly there are more generous and prosperous times which I call opportunities.  We  have opportunities but our challenging times can give us the most return where energy expended can create deeper, vaster ranges as long as we know to channel those energies at those tense times.  The journey through the chart.  Wishes, wounds, wonders.  Desires, pains and joys. Indulgences, limitations, triumphs.  Tuning in.  We all have our place.  Its all a matter of time.




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