Business and Vocation

CommerceBusiness trends, practices and career exploration and opportunities can be aided by astrological insight. Readings on beginning an enterprise, marketing and branding, communications, career planning and development, organizational development, change management, business transaction timing indicators, contract negotiation, employee/executive coaching, leadership development, conflict resolution, management consulting and  financial management.


The business and corporate arena has its own need for healing and transformation.  There is a distinct call for nurturing and understanding alternative approaches to productivity, development and growth viewing an organization as an ecosystem where collaboration and mutually shared goals fulfill successful missions as opposed to stress laden, under pressure expectations driving competitive burn out.  Bringing  slow working, like slow eating, slow parenting etc. turning to slow living is necessary in balance, endurance and sustainable measures of work home play.  Cooperation and sharing values that are supportive, no winners or losers but common goals of a unified vision. Observation of the escalating issues pertaining to communication breakdown, power struggles, conflict, bullying, abuse and violence in the workplace impacting team work, leadership, employee development and the growing change and unpredictable atmosphere and volatility in organizations creates an ever increasing demand to recognize and strategize in business with deeper spiritual values.