Astrology Readings

Welcome to New Moon Astrology Readings, my labor of love.  Astrology is a special calling I have passionately been studying and researching  for 40 years and practicing as an Astrologer, Coach  and Counselor for over 20 years.  Alongside my practice, I earned a BA in Psychology as well as Human Resource Management training where a focus of study was centered around Jung, Existential Therapy, Organizational Behavior and Humanistic Psychology.  I began my career in the Social Work field where I worked in Case Management and as a Director in many capacities, mostly in environments requiring acute care and behavior management as well as crisis counseling and intervention. I moved into the business and corporate world working in management, consulting, coaching in areas pertaining to Alternative and Natural Healing, Match Making, Publishing, Marketing and Technology.

Areas of study, research and practice center around all things astrology, psychology, philosophy, alchemy, quantum and chaos theory, mythology, numerology, ancient history, art history, classical studies, literature, poetry, music, magic, crystals, tarot, vibrational and natural holistic healing including aromatherapy, herbal and color therapy, feng shui, chakra balancing, hypnosis, dance, yoga (kundalini) and meditation.

I am a 5th house Gemini Sun, 8th house Moon Virgo, Capricorn Saturn Jupiter rising, Venus Aries, Mars Leo with a prominent elevated Neptune/MC in Scorpio. INTP, Numerology 9, favorite color – purple, favorite stone – tiger’s eye, moonstone/resin amber.

My purpose when doing an astrology reading is to make sense of what’s out there” and written in the stars and to translate, interpret and navigate one through their chart in a sensible, proactive and compassionate manner and to leave you with a sense of understanding, enlightenment and enrichment.

Studying Astrology and guiding through the kaleidoscope of the stars capacity with the ups and downs, the sudden changes and twist and turns, tragedies and triumphs, you learn to take it in some stride, often with a little punch and humorous meandering  erring on the lighter side. Writing the stars as a divine comedy sometimes helps where the stars seem to have a way of  keeping one in tune and in line with their dance number.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you in your journey!