Neptune in Pisces

Neptune PiscesNeptune in Pisces 2011 to 2026. “Into the Mystic” Van Morrison /Element – Water, Mutable, Symbol-2 Fishes/Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, Amethyst/Crown Chakra-Pineal Gland/pure white light/Herb-Lavender, Flower-Jasmine,  Numerology-9.

“Water is the driving force of all nature”.  Leonardo da Vinci

Neptune made its first ingress into Pisces in early 2011 and moved into Pisces in early February 2012 where it will stay until 2026.  Neptune ruling Pisces, was discovered in 1846 just before Neptune moved into Pisces although Galileo spotted Neptune in the early 1600’s.  Neptune Pisces  comes at a very key time in our evolution as much is shifting into a higher realm as we are uncovering more layers of our consciousness from 3D to 4D and 5D.  Right brain tuning in an opening from left brain linear processes that channel to right brain higher frequencies and lifting the veil, opening up the vast part of our awareness and brain’s capacity we haven’t tapped into.

With Neptune in its home in Pisces, we have the finest qualities of its energies at our disposal. Pisces tend to naturally have the ability to reach beyond the limits of the mundane and material existence.   These shifts in times are usually crisis laden as change creates stress and fear mostly for those functioning at an ego and survival level, where those spiritually motivated find the awakening  a welcome leap.  Neptune was sitting at the anaretic degree during its ingress on and off where  this sense of a shift and transition we are in became very apparent with the push and speeding up to a new level of elevation.

Neptune in Pisces is being known as the generation of an economy of compassion.  Embracing idealism, Neptune’s mission is to align with the message and intention of world peace, love, prosperity and abundance for all, a Utopia that seems far fetched but an aspiration that never fails to give up.  When a planet changes signs, it defines new generational shifts and the current pulse.  Neptune my generation’s turn toward a loftier position is open and expansive, however at the cost of overstepping boundaries.

Neptune Pisces has everything to do with compassion, the past, forgiveness, open hearts, surrender, intuition,  prayer,  unselfishness, empathy and sympathy, acceptance, peace, hope, visualization, imagination, magic,  faith and trust as well as dissolution, apathy, sacrifice, doubt,  fatigue, forgetfulness, uncertainty, confusion, delusion, dementia, denial, deceit, abandonment, addiction, insanity and delirium.

Most born with mutable signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius will feel this shift the most in the next few years as well as those who have Pisces or a prominent Neptune in their chart. Many may be feeling a softening and openness to accept living in the moment with what is that everything is at it should be, rest assured that everything happens for a reason.  How this will align with each of our dreams and visionary quests or imagination will be a profound mystical opportunity.  Neptune represents imagination and believing in our wildest dreams where anything that seems impossible can be manifested with the visionary Neptune mindset.

Just as Neptune’s entrance into Aquarius in 1998 had us embrace and experience the explosive growth of technology, one can imagine the possibilities with Neptune moving into its home in Pisces.  Never did we imagine that we could be sitting in front of a screen talking to loved ones miles away.  Neptune into Pisces is veiling and eroding any of the sharp edginess and distant aloofness of Neptune’s movement through Aquarius since 1998.  The technology boom is going to take a different turn now that we collectively leave the Aquarius focus we have had with Uranus and Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius since 1995 when Uranus first entered Aquarius.  Aquarius rules technology and morphing into Pisces, Neptune will see us take our collective merging be more directed to artistic and creative inspirational Pisces notes of using the tools of technology toward great works of art, spiritual development, philanthropy, humanitarian and charitable acts, whether poetry, in film, fundraising, building castles in the sky or castles in the sand.

Neptune Pisces is the mercy ship through the struggle, trauma and turmoil. Both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces will be ever present in the coming years.  This is an alignment that brings out the healing and powerful wound unraveling of Chiron with the highly evolved tuning in to compassionate sensitivity of Neptune opening up a full experience to enhance the peace filling, releasing and dissipating of pain that is part of  the human experience.  This overriding influence will speak largely of the current climate of raising of consciousness and awareness and bringing a higher level of channeling and tuning in.  A calm embracing to wash away the harshness and rigid structures at the risk of being swept away by the latest current and tide.

The outer planets beyond Saturn (Uranus Neptune Pluto) are still out of reach and grasp to mundane influence which poses the challenges of assimilating and manifesting the energy, which defaults to the lowest form of experience.   Since 2011 with the first ingress of  Neptune into Pisces we have seen the Golf Oil Spill, the Japan Tsunami, major Floods,  the Philippine Typhoon, Hurricane Sandy which are all Neptune related incidents.  In myth and religious stories floods are seen as a “cleansing of humanity for rebirth”.  Kepler-22b was discovered recently and it is of a mass similar to Neptune (ocean like with only 10% earth mass) which seems rather fitting and timely.

The sky is the limit but the higher we dwell the harder we can fall typified by the myth of Icarus, who built himself wings to fly but flew too close to the Sun whereby his wings burned crashing him into the sea where he drowned.  Neptune Pisces is of the element water and in the news in 2013 with the Fukushima nuclear devastation and the threat to the Pacific Ocean.  Drowning is a theme and past news with the Shafia murder with the drowning/honor killing of the family.  Also the drowning of Whitney Houston as well as the Costa Concordia wreck where many perished and drowned and the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking.  The investigation into the death of Natalie Wood and the suspicion into her accidental death by drowning also brings up the Neptune theme.  Water scarcity and concerns of finding ways to improve the quality of water and water saving technologies, as well as finding alternative water resources will be a strong focus in the coming years.

We are still seeing many struggle with living hand to mouth close to poverty with the aftermath of the global crisis.  Somalia’s suffering with famine is a signature of Pisces- the pain of survival gone to full victimization, poverty and sacrifice. The great famine in 1315 was during a very tense Neptune square to Pluto in Pisces. Poverty and hardship was also very strong during the last aspect of Neptune in Pisces in the late 1850’s.

Neptune rules the 12th house of isolation and retreat, escape, disappearance and the invisible, the hidden, secrets, abandonment and suicide.  Pisces and Neptune, in general tends to be more yielding and reclusive and can get pulled into a tide, feeling lost without an anchor, in a boat without an oar, floating aimlessly adrift disappearing into the void.  Energies often feel listless and just tired with Neptune, where physical vitality is low. Pushing through strenuous schedules can easily reach a burnout stage of exhaustion as Neptune isn’t conducive to heavy stress.  There have been many suicides in the last year and seemed much in the news as soon as Neptune made its first dip into Pisces.  Death through addiction has also been on the rise with the surrender to death of hopes of release and peace from any pain.

I recently listened to someone speak about introversion.  Society tends to reward extraversion and social expressiveness, being outgoing, active, doing and achieving.  Introverts and those who are nourished and blossom by turning inward need to be recognized for their contributions where much creative genius is ignited.  The state of just being and honoring living in the present is the pulse to tune into having one become aware of our own presence.  Anxiety ridden and over booked schedules has one outside themselves often losing their center.  Being still and not needing stimulation feels very foreign to many and creates the unending urge to find something to keep them away from facing themselves.

Dreams are also the domain of Pisces/Neptune and the 12th house,  messengers of the unconscious, weavers of a mysterious inner psyche.  The 12th house is the house of meditation, a spiritual temple of worship, sanctuary or prison, institutions ruling hospitals and rehabilitation.  Many find that once out of Neptune’s transits as felt like just being awoken from a dream and a deep sleep.  Neptune transits are a time to invest in and live your dreams and to take time to just breathe, meditate, retreat in order to allow a space and time to bring to the surface what’s in the basement of our minds and tap into a rich reservoir of buried treasures deep in our psyche.

The journey of consciousness is ironically often through our soul’s descent into unconsciousness. A Neptune mantra is it’s the journey, not the destination.  What lies beneath the layers of our consciousness is a bedrock of opportunity and Neptune is an open gate to step into unfolding the hidden pathways to our own obscured truths. An inner knowing  elevates the ability to reach outside oneself, beyond the ego and clenches of security. You take a leap of Neptune faith, a jump off that cliff to go what if?  Neptune is very much akin to the Fool in the tarot, taking the plunge over the precipice and allow oneself fall,  trusting in the ability to fly and ultimately to soar.

Neptune is about a work in progress, not about being perfect or having all the answers. Neptune knows and holds no bounds and is an expansive energy, all encompassing, tending to be nebulous, pointing toward absolute faith, walking in the dark and trusting in the face of the unknown.  It is about surrender, receiving and believing in all possibilities amidst all the potential doubt and uncertainty and the void that comes along with it.  Neptune is a place for contemplation and listening to the gentle voices and quiet whispers that beckon a vibrating tune heard by those open to a vast space allowing in a higher calling.

Neptune cultivates the space for the artist’s inspirations.  Neptune sees past the mundane everyday to the subtle undercurrents and the breeze that blows through giving that momentary reflection of a passing thought, the smoke and mirrors without a solid foundation or substance, spin doctoring a finely crafted message influencing a massive audience.  Riding the tide, going with the flow, a fluidity letting the current pull you as a vessel without oars afloat releasing any need to control.  Intuitive flashes pushing you to incubate in your creative dungeon where your stirrings, stewings and musings become your future creations.

Neptune is the holy ego eradicator and dissolution of structures, softening edges and anything rigid and tightly held, refining and subduing, adding subtlety and fluidity.  The ego and material structure that focuses on the tangible and the seen is a barrier to Neptune.  The ego and Neptune are at odds as Neptune is the dissolver of the ego’s  petulant need to control and inability to believe or perceive beyond what is seen in an infinite range of vast greatness that lies outside our awareness or grasp.  Our ego and place is a mere spec and sand crystal compared to the rich abundance around us.  Just look out over an ocean or up at the sky.  That is a Neptune view.  Pick up a hand full of sand and feel it slip through your fingers.  That is a Neptune feel.

Conditioning and social cultural hierarchies have created deep grooves of habitual safe havens we dwell in to keep sanctions intact, fearing the unknown and vying for the predictable.  To Neptune, trying to control is fear based, not trusting the infinite possibilities.  Neptune’s loose grasp of the familiar, rigid restraints or harsh limitations or boundaries, leaves it free to roam, likened to water finding grooves to fill.  Neptune takes one out to the Sea, waves crashing, wearing away a rock formation in an insidious tapping over time, slowly eroding and dissolving any structure. The blurry boundaries of what’s mine is yours shifts into a ripple effect, as one action breeds a chain reaction, with everything is connected.

Neptune is a healing energy as it connects us to what is beyond the physical, tapping into those spiritual realms of hope and faith, hence why prayer becomes a call to reach beyond what is seen.  In its ideal state, it’s a sublime energy of pure love, peace, forgiveness and compassion and those places often pushed down and ignored and denied repressed due to the constraints and duties of living.  The role of Neptune is to allow one to feel so they may heal as most disease has its roots in the emotional realm before reaching the physical.  Often the agony felt during Neptune’s passing is so overwhelming as Neptune cannot ignore all the repressed energies submerged, and why one typically finds the retreat to substances to numb the effects, often with a sense of loss of control as Neptune points to the infinite and also a lack of control.

The dark underpinnings of Neptune is the lure to escape into a crutch, your pill, fix, lean post and who do you pray to, surrender to, let go and let loose.  Neptune turns into the enchanter, bewitcher, charming seduction siren call unscrupulous, deceitful and elusive, spinning tales, lying and cheating with addictions down the slippery slope taking one into a distorted and hallucinatory prism. Neptune’s worst is cocktail medication hour turned to nursing bottle not “sober since October” with a constant alcohol drip and pill pop meltdown into slippery slopes sliding into crash and burn landings.

Altered states of consciousness ironically often correlate to imagination that expands creative sparks. Having trust and faith in the energies of Neptune releases us from the fear that can imprison us with doubt and uncertainty. Herein lies the paradox as the outer reach while casting a wide net, lacks the filter and takes in more of what you may not want as Neptune isn’t party to sifting through the detail and sorting out the debris.  The openness and transition to Neptune’s next level of awareness can feel very light headed and free floating literally as if the top of your head is exposed to a wide open space (crown chakra).

Mundane reality takes on a whole new level of during Neptune influence, where judgement and intuition becomes all encompassing and harder to pin down anything in any definable terms, leaving one often at a miss as to diagnosing a health issue or being deluded by a relationship or circumstance. Immune issues with the health are a Neptune curse with the predominance of autoimmune diseases. Blinders are on strongly and often once out of a Neptune transit, one recalls more clearly seeing the signs but ignoring them believing and giving the benefit of the doubt, where discernment often becomes blurred creating codependency and enabling.

Neptune Pisces brings drug culture and business to boom and thrive with more accepted regulation, usage and  opportunity to use proactive measures in utilizing natural substances such as cannabis in medicinal doses.  These new shifts help to release the need to numb through substance abuse and escape from what ails, moving into less invasive therapies and proactive alternative treatments with meditation, visualization, hypnotherapy, cleansing therapies, yoga, herbal therapy, diet modification etc.

Neptune is associated with any mishap, misunderstanding, mistake, misuse, mystery.  One can often feel like they are drowning during Neptune transits whether literally through alcohol abuse or through being emotionally overwhelmed. Anxiety triggers  can bring on breathing difficulties that become shallow depicting the gasping for breath one experiences with drowning.  Health issues with the pituitary gland, feet, fainting, fatigue, weakness, forgetting, dementia, dizziness, blindness (blind spots), sleep disturbances, addictions, falls from slipping, eye ailments, any surgery with the eyes and in correcting vision.

When talking of soul mates, we are often in Neptune’s domain, particularly in Pisces. The belief in soul mates is finding a missing half or the blissful romantic connection hoping to be saved or rescued with the Cinderella story of finding your prince.  Fairy tales and fantasy place one on the pedestal with perpetual honeymoons, worship from afar conjuring a desire for what one doesn’t have.  Neptune’s rose colored glasses sees the grass as greener, looking for that idealistic bond, somewhat out of reach.  The aspiration is to be led to heavenly gates of love, sprinkled with star dust, expanding and opening hearts, ironically often into the beckoning temptation of infidelity and secret liaisons.  Unconditional love is extended and inclusive, entangled and triangled confounding the ritualistic realm of fidelity, loyalty and tread on possessive, territorial boundaries with betrayal and jealousy.

Neptune is also associated with art, the media, music, dance, fashion, glamor and film.  Hollywood is a Neptune world.  Big screen movies, film, glamor, escaping and immersing often lovingly, getting lost in another world or story for a few hours that transports to special moments of love or trauma, adventure, excitement, sadness, tragedy, loss or joy.  These movies have an ability to launch one off into a private sanctuary to dwell on a fantasy or live vicariously for a time through a projected lense.  A story that makes it to the big screen has to be a bigger than life, monumental, soul capturing and heart gripping to leave that indelible mark. Youtube movies gone viral has given everyone their own opportunity for a Hollywood minute of fame.

We can look forward to fashion trends turning to the romantic and soft edges, feminine and mystical. (I keep envisioning the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode..).  Longer flowing florals, frilly dresses, soft lines women’s low waists again turning back to raised waistlines and wide leg pants again replacing the skinny legs.  Shoes and heels seem to be getting higher and higher, modeled dolls  turned waifs and stick figures on stilts stumbling over and  disappearing, become invisible.

The beatniks and bohemian revival seems to be up although let’s take another look at who let the boy’s pants down and why,  hopefully jacking those up a bit into something more reasonable away from the rebellious Neptune Aquarius fashion nonsense yanking those boys up a bit lest we have a new kind of Moon dance with pants around knees let alone ankles with a rebound and over correction of the return of the Leonard look with those raised waistlines with fashionable stretchy snapping suspenders…I just don’t get how you walk in those pants:)

Neptune Pisces themes and the trends in music and dance may be more lyrical, sensitive, gentle, poetic with softer rhythms, romantic and fantasy induced.  An increase of instrumental infused, softer, sentimental messages of peace, miracles, healing, merging, oneness, lost in love, abandonment and soul pain, surrender, darkness and loneliness.  The poetic and classical instrumental that takes you to that fantasy fairy land, piano concerto’s, flutes and harps, the pied piper tune luring into a hidden dimension.

Many famous classic works of art were created during the last station of Neptune Pisces between 1850 and 1865,  especially fairy tales such as those written by Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Moby Dick (the sea), Madame Bovary (infidelity), Hans Christian Andersen (fairy tales), Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Grimm fairy tales.  Painters such Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne were also prominent during this time.  Perhaps we will see some revival of timeless classic literature, art and music that again strikes the pulse of our current times with a riveting impact remembered for centuries and again brought down in history.

Genesis. The Firth of Fifth. “The path is clear though no eyes can see the course laid down long before…The sands of time were eroded by The river of constant change”.





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