Astrology of the Titanic 1912-2012 Solar Eclipse Neptune

Titanic Neptune tideAstrology of the Titanic 1912-2012 Solar Eclipse Neptune

It is the 100 year anniversary since the maiden voyage of the Titanic (April 10 1912) and its subsequent tragic sinking (April 15 1912) being one of the most iconic disasters at sea in history. The death toll was over 1500, with approximately 800 survivors.  The exodus across the Atlantic ocean holds special meaning for many who had families cross the Atlantic by ship to a new world, my family included. The Titanic was said to be unsinkable by engineered standards, technologically advanced in design.  Apparently a young Engineer had some questions seeing some “holes” in the design but the allegations were refuted.

Uranus in Aquarius-technology was developing exponentially at the time with the trust in its advancements similar to the rapid advancements in technology (computers) with Uranus in Aquarius  recently (1996- 2003).  Before its time and proven to be arrogant, they claimed the ship itself was a life boat, concluding there wasn’t the need to equip the ship with the recommended number of lifeboats and instead went for the bare minimum to be replaced by luxurious features, leaving many to be literally left to drown without a lifeline.

Safety was compromised by the design intention to attract the wealthy class to the ship.  Saturn Taurus was operating from its negative side of seeking status through social class (Saturn) through material acquisition (Taurus).  Neptune was in Cancer-Cancer is the planet of safety and security, nebulous in Neptune. Chiron was in Pisces as it is now (returns every 50 years), Chiron is wounding and in Pisces, the sea where we have seen many wounds at sea in the last year (Gulf Oil Spill, Tsunami, piracy, Costa Concordia sinking).

With the recent Costa Concordia wreck in Italy and the resembling theme of the Titanic, it was interesting to discover the astrology was also rather similar for both events, of course the devastation of the Titanic much more catastrophic  where many suffered their last breath in freezing cold water in the darkest of nights.  It’s fitting now that Neptune has moved into Pisces, Neptune in its ruler which rules over the sea with any disturbance, accidents and loss at sea being a Neptune theme.  What was also brought to light was the similar circumstances surrounding abandoning the ship. Both the Captain of the Costa Concordia and the Chairman of the White Star Line-RMS Titanic, being one of its ships in the fleet, abandoned ship.  Both were socially ostracized due to their cowardice and desertion of the ship -another Neptune characteristic. The Captain of the Titanic did go down with the ship, and was commended for his bravery.

The astrology around the voyage of the Titanic was very alarming and apparently a clairvoyant had warned this voyage was dangerous and a bad omen.  One of the guests had her tea leaves read the night before saying there was going to be a disaster and some did heed the warnings. Neptune configured very strongly in this event. Neptune relates to abandonment and disappearance, being invisible, drowning, blindness, victimization, fog and poor visibility. A Solar Eclipse was exactly square Neptune showing the sensitive and precarious nature of the journey at sea.  This maiden voyage was thought to be bad luck as there was no official christening of the Titanic.

I was just reviewing this catastrophe after recently seeing the movie again.  The disaster occurred after the maiden voyage April 10, 1912 on April 14thin the dark of the moon (Balsamic Moon) hitting an iceburg just before midnight and a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) with a square to Neptune. The darkest time during a Moon cycle is before a New Moon making visibility very limited as opposed to the light from a building Full Moon. Travel during a Balsamic Moon makes visibility that much more restricted and over a dark ocean in the middle of the night explains the iceburg not being visible.  Not only was this a dark moon, there was fog –poor visibility (Neptune) Mercury was retrograde, Mercury was square Neptune and it was during a building Solar Eclipse.

Ironically we are approaching a very similar Solar Eclipse this May 20 which mirrors this anniversary energy that had disaster at sea-we have had several issues this year including the Costa Concordia which was eerily similar. A Titanic anniversary cruise this week had issues with launch.  I am wondering what kind further issues at sea or with water we face as we approach this upcoming Neptune Solar Eclipse this May.

Mercury was retrograde which can be seen as the main culprit that started the mishap as it mostly surrounded issues with messages and miscommunication. The tragedy came on suddenly (Uranus) and hidden, obscure unseen around the dark of the moon where the iceburg was seen in the last minutes too late to steer clear of.  The telegraph messenger /wireless operator was focusing on and was too busy trying to catch up on messages that were backlogged due to the wireless being down for a few days-Mercury retrograde.  The warning messages about danger ahead with large iceburgs were ignored and apparently missed reporting it to the bridge on time- warnings didn’t stop the ship from moving full steam ahead as they never anticipated iceburgs would be hazardous.

In the chart, the building to a Solar Eclipse in Aries was riddled with an Aries Sun Mercury tsquare to Neptune Cancer and Lucifer oppose Lilith.  The maiden voyage on April 10th began at a Quarter Moon with Moon Lilith in Capricorn a tsquare Sun Mercury Neptune. This shows the confusion and miscommunication/mishap around the relaying of important information around the tragedy which was key to the cause of the disaster.

On April 14th, the night of the collision with the iceburg, the Moon Pisces and Venus Aries was square Pluto Gemini Mars Cancer showing the emotional intensity and the accidental (wreckless) mishap with Mars Pluto conjunct.  Calculating the ASC from approximately 450 miles (750 km) east of Halifax, the ASC at the time of the sinking was in Capricorn, Saturn ruled. Venus was in the 3rd house of accidents exactly square Pluto/Mars on the DESC –any time you see malefic planets like Mars Pluto directly over an angle (DESC) you have pronounced heightened energies and behaviors. Both Venus and Mars semisquare Saturn-Saturn on the midpoint of Venus Mars.  I have studied countless accidents and most have contained many semisquares. The bitter cold water would be depicted by Capricorn over the ASC when the ship hit the iceburg and the sinking – Saturn rules Capricorn and is associated with cold, ice and darkness. When the ship finally sank and disappeared under the water, the Sun and Mercury were square the Capricorn ASC further showing the cold.

The 9thhouse (long distant journeys) is ruled by Jupiter naturally-in the event chart ruled by Mercury which was very afflicted.  Jupiter, the natural ruler of the 12th house and 9th house ruler of long distance travel was in Sagittarius at the time showing long distant travel to be popular and emphasizing the size of the Titanic (Jupiter means large) with the bombastic exaggerated claims which became apparent with the over estimating of the safety of the ship moving full steam (speeding-Jupiter) ahead even with warnings of iceburgs.  The size of the iceburg (huge) is indicative of Jupiter Sagittarius with its magnitude –almost half the size of the ship. Jupiter Sagittarius was out of the loop and not connected to any of the other planets, hidden and obscure in the 12th house indicating the major disconnect-over confident Jupiter with the very aggravated Solar Eclipse.

In further research, what is very interesting about this tragedy is the birth time of the wireless officer on duty that missed the reporting of the warning messages.  His birthdate is April 11, coinciding with the eclipse-where he perished with the fatal operational error.  In his progressed chart his progressed Mercury is on the eclipse point which really depicts the core indicator of the disaster-Mercury/communication.

The crewman (lookout) who saw the iceburg in its last minutes was born Oct 15-oppose the eclipse-he survived but suffered with painful guilt all his life for surviving while so many perished-he committed suicide later in his life which shows how he carried the theme of Neptune his whole life.  Suffice it to say, had I seen this chart, I wouldn’t have traveled by sea that week. One may look at this event and wonder if it was “fated”.  The stars compel and are indicative of behavior.  In the end, it’s mostly about human error, thus this tragedy, as is any, is preventable and avoidable.



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