Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Blue Moon in Aquarius 2015Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018 “Baby Blue” Bad Finger

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo early today January 31st is also a rare Blue Moon (2 full moons in a month) making this lunar event extra special with extended impact, particularly for those with a viewing over Pacific Asia North West.  Entering eclipse season once again is letting out all the crazies and lunacies with the eclipses in Leo/Aquarius.  With the Blue Moon eclipsed, all things Moon Leo are in prominence and will see significant change, mostly for those close to 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius of the Lunar Eclipse.

Leo in the spotlight eclipsed is taking a plunge in entertainment, fun,  recreation, creativity, children, gambling, romance, risk taking (too much or too little), wasted talent, drama, creating a scene like a bad tempered, spoiled rotten, demanding child with a fixed stubborn determination to be heard.  Cases of child abduction, unwise moves and risks of parents crossing the street with their children and infants at poor crossroads, with an accident waiting to happen. Ego mania and narcissism will naturally swell with arrogance and hurt pride, egos bruised as a common downfall of Leo. Leo residing over the heart sees opportunity for getting to the heart of matters.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo, is ruled by the Sun which further downgrades the Lunar Eclipse on the south node although Sun Aquarius adds some refreshing lighthearted, upbeat que sera sera, remaining neutral through any Leo uproar. Aquarius air fans the Leo fire, keeping things interesting, exciting and surprising. Aquarius Sun join Venus Aquarius further gathering and forming groups with growing protests, with radical upset, going against the grain, anything goes, fighting authority, government shut down while noted Asteroids are passing by earth.  Aquarius devil’s advocate even going so far to see the #metoo movement turning into a form of mobbing, painting a broad brush stroke including and smearing innocent flirtation.

The Sun Aquarius oppose Moon Leo has the Lunar Eclipse in Leo sitting over the north node with all things Leo key in evolution and development while the south node in Aquarius may indicate a falling away and pull to the past of Aquarius matters such as growing out of a friendship, change in friendships, or community or social activities and groups, rebellion that goes south or sideways, protests with lunacy, oddity, technology glitches (hacking). Aquarius experience, innovation going down some really strange roads with too much technology that is actually not helping but harming our bodies and brains with all these technologies not serving our best interests (self driving cars entertaining the thought of drinking while in self driving car, quirky social media habits, FB drunk posting, friend requests by odd creepy strangers, social media mania that leaves little time to be in the real world).

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