Cosmic Cycles-the nodal axis and the Moon Wobble

Lunar Eclipse Half MoonCosmic Cycles-the nodal axis and the Moon Wobble

A Moon Wobble is a halfway point between eclipses.  Anytime the Sun Moon aspects the nodal axis is a significant turning point, and the Sun Moon square the nodal axis is often also termed as the Sun Moon at the bending. This Moon Wobble hits hard with outer planets aspecting it. The nodal axis  aspecting major outer planets shines a very specific tone to the eclipse.

We always know the Quarter Moon when we see a Half Moon in the sky.  This is a critical phase of the Moon where the Quarter Moon is a midpoint between the New and Full Moon.  This is the action phase of the Moon cycle.  What we start or plant during the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) we execute and bring to action during the Quarter Moon which is usually a very active and energetic time. Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses are climactic and eventful with a rising tide culmination of the Lunar phase with a tone of resolving and completion.

The Moon Wobble is a stage where the Sun quarters (squares) or conjoins the nodal axis during eclipse season. The Moon Wobble stage is a phase of the Moon often overlooked.  When we have an eclipse, the Sun is either join the nodal axis or oppose it but during a Moon wobble the Sun is square the nodal axis.  It is a critical stage that usually entails some type of crisis.  Just as a Solar Eclipse is a super charged New Moon, a Lunar Eclipse a super charged Full Moon, a Moon Wobble is a super charged Quarter Moon.  A Moon Wobble can also occur during a Full Or New Moon whenever the Full or New Moon squares the nodal axis.

We have experienced many devastating turns during Moon Wobbles. March 11 2011, the Japan Tsunami was during a Moon Wobble, 911 was during a Moon Wobble phase (just a couple weeks before).  Both these times had very stressful outer planet aspects as triggers, Pluto/Saturn during 911 and Uranus during the Japan Tsunami.  There are several others with China Earthquake May 2008, Pakistan Earthquake October 2008, Earthquake in Italy April 2009, October 2009, (2009 had several disasters as we had the outer planets Saturn square Pluto), May 1980-eruption of Mount St. Helen-outer planet Uranus oppose Sun square the nodal axis, Mars, Jupiter-brutal explosive energy.

April 2010,  Gulf Oil Spill (2010 was a very devastating year for disasters due to the outer planet tsquare (Uranus Pluto Saturn).  The outer planets aspecting the nodal axis play a very strong role in how energies will burst forth.  During the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 that occurred during a Moon Wobble phase, transit Saturn in Cancer and Uranus Pisces (Sea) were the outer planet triggers square the nodal axis. August 14 2003-Northeastern seaboard Blackout hitting a major grid, leaving over 50 million without power during a Moon Wobble-Jupiter in Leo was the outer planet trigger.

Those born around eclipses or Moon Wobbles will feel the eclipses and lunar phases most intensely as well as those who have aspects of their Sun /Moon to the nodal axis or are born around a New Moon or Full Moon.  Interesting in my family all of the siblings are born during key lunar phases.  My brother during a Lunar Eclipse, my sister during a New Moon and myself during a Moon Wobble,  makes sense being the middle child as the Moon Wobble is essentially the midpoint between two eclipses. Being I was born during a Moon Wobble attests very clear to why I am continuously involved in constant change, action or crisis oriented events.

Anyone having any degrees around eclipse points will feel the effects. This is a very sensitive point in a chart which marks many turning points in a cycle-a super lunar cycle that can and does often result in significant events and circumstances.  The north and south node (Nodal Axis) indicates the relationship between the Sun, Moon and the earth and the Moon’s orbit over the path of the ecliptic.  Eclipses vibrate over extended periods of time and often the eclipse events don’t transpire or take action until the Moon Wobble stage.

Eclipses can be felt months before and after especially total eclipses.  Energies would have been building and releasing and the orb of influence is quite strong- ripe for new beginnings/actions and taking leaps toward the future. Depending on the aspects and the houses the eclipse falls in will show the impact and where energies will be focused such as eclipses falling in our 1st or 6th house which can show health or work issues or in our 7th house, our relationship or partner focus.

In eclipses the north node indicates futures (progressive action) and the south node the past (regressive respite). The north node is generally considered more growth oriented while the south node more dissolving and weakening.  The south node does have its usefulness and purpose mostly to give support to the journey of the north node however the trick is to not get immersed in it and allow the opportunity to move forward. The Movie “Troy” came up a few times in the last few weeks which seems fitting as Troy depicts the story of Achilles-the mythology of Achilles is his weak, vulnerable spot being his Achilles heel.  The Achilles heel is indicative of the south node axis.

Unfortunately with eclipses centered around the south node, we see a place of loss or karmic intersections from the past and where things can literally go south.  Resorting to the safe mode has a fumbling quality as we don’t release easy from bad habits and want to just press the easy button where improvement and quality control can get ignored.  The south node is a releasing point and shows where we may get stuck or where we may have to let go of something that needs to be put behind us, something we have outgrown and move to the future of the North and leave the South, past behind.

While the past holds it nostalgia and has its gifts or talents (places we have special abilities) it keeps us in places where we don’t improve, grow, evolve or refine. Here the notion of holding onto what is familiar is safe yet which harbors insecurities that stop one from moving away from complacency and stagnation and fear.  Fear breeds survival base tactics where someone wants to secure sustained assurance.  Here you may find a turning inward of some sort and a time to reflect and review-a time of silence and stillness to quiet the chatter in the head. The south node is also a slowing down period where one may be forced to reset and take needed time to rehabilitate due to health, stress, crisis and change.

Often the north node equates to Jupiter while the south node to Saturn showing Jupiter positive growth, new beginnings and momentum of the north node and Saturn stagnating and restricting, slowing down, confining reversals and potential losses and endings connected to the south node. In relationships, those who touch on your south node show the comfort and familiarity yet who may pull one back from growing and evolving. Those on our north node, on the other hand, push one to move toward new horizons and force us to learn and get in touch with our potentialities.




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