Full Moon in Virgo 2013

Full Moon in VirgoFull Moon in Virgo 2013

The Full Moon in Virgo comes annually at the time when cabin fever begins to release to sightings of life as the days get longer and brighter where we start scraping ourselves off the couch and get moving, organizing, sorting, preparing lists and shedding our winter fat.  The Virgo Full Moon pulls the stops on Pisces going out on limb, sussing out any addictions, fraud, secrets and escapism.

The Full Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron and creates a tight tsquare with Jupiter as Jupiter continues to be a thorn in our side where Jupiter in Gemini, in its detriment, takes us to Jupiter places that aren’t so Jupiter filled with the goodies we wished for.  With Jupiter in stress in detriment we see more of the obnoxious side of Jupiter Gemini appear with overdoing, pushing limits, loud, boisterous excess, gaining weight and overreaction as well as issues with hips, arms, lungs, siblings persisting.

Jupiter is about wanting more.  What is it that is really pressing you to get more-more money, more love, a better career, lover, marriage?  If you have a big job or project that needs a push and shove of  enthusiasm, use this burst of Jupiter energy to get things done.  Not using this energy consciously or constructively will only get you more of what you don’t want as the Universe picks the default of where the attention will go.

The Full Moon further builds into a diamond formation with Jupiter at the apex so more over the top stepping over the edge.  The Full Moon forms a cradle and diamond formation similar to the last Full Moon again giving this a sense of containment with security.  The diamond formation is a mix of a cradle with a tsquare.  The tsquare gives the sharpness and acuity to the stable base of the cradle and the driving  force necessary to sustain the strength at the base.  The diamond epitomizes the hard core ability to withstand extreme pressure.

Venus moves out of Aquarius into Pisces February 26.  As Valentines passes with the planet of love, Venus, in Aquarius, the desire around love is focused on light friendly connections without the heavy emotional demands or yearnings.  Love is easy and detached taking the ownership and possessiveness out the equation. Venus Aquarius has the open door policy where you are free to go whenever you wish.  The unencumbered approach gives love the freedom from restriction that brings out the old adage “set them free, if they come back they are yours and if they don’t they never were”.

Venus moving into Pisces is catching up to speed with the Sun Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces in its purest form imbuing Venus with grace, charm and gentle compassion. Venus Pisces joins Neptune Pisces Feb 28 where idealism, fantasy, secrecy, secret admirers and rose colored glasses comes into play setting up some obscure vision of love where codependency and sacrifice take over and selfishness gets a back seat.

Venus then joins Chiron in Pisces the first week of March.  This can be a time where painful wounds around love rear their ugly head forced to face up to realities around love instead of turning a blind eye where delusion in love can turn very  wrong.  Neptune ruling Pisces is about the big screen and movies and seems movies playing this week are following the stars and classic love stories and of course, the Oscars.  “Play Misty for Me” shows getting lost in love into pathological distortion or the duplicity and tragic love and deceit in “A Place in the Sun”, “Doctor Zhivago”, the tragic love of sacrifice or “Alfie” and all about the emptiness of shallow love and multiple love affairs.

By the first week of March Venus also builds into a talent triangle with Saturn and Pluto. Love is deepened, obsessive yet realistic and sensible with the hopeful sensitive Pisces open heart.  Commitments around finances and money will also be positive.  Pisces is the least sign to hold grudges or become bitter or take things personally.  Pisces brings in attention to music and the new trend in the music scene with ballads, poetry and romance with tender notes and words.  Pisces has the capacity to see beyond the rules and boundaries with love tuning into higher purpose.  The saying 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 was most likely written by a Pisces:

“Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful, love does not envy; it is not arrogant  or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”.

The State of the Union came strong during the talent triangle with Mercury Mars Pisces, Saturn Scorpio and Pluto Capricorn. This is a strong conviction aspect with purpose (Saturn) and force (Mars) stressing responsibility (Saturn) and being a bit late in Mercury Pisces going retrograde style but perhaps well timed missing the VOC Moon from the last legs of Pisces to the Moon in Aries (it is always thought best to avoid starting anything during a VOC Moon). The State of the Union also well timed during the New Moon paving the way to new beginnings in the US.

Mercury in Pisces goes retrograde Feb 23 just before the Full Moon.  Mercury retrograde begins during a harmonious aspect to the nodal axis in Scorpio saying that the past and digging into what was may bring up helpful tips and inspiration.  Misunderstandings, miscommunications, confusion, forgetfulness and foggy thinking may still persist making this is a good time to sort out our lives in order to keep things simple and easy to manage.  Pisces is a time to reflect and open your portals to receive a channel to tap into the unseen and unknown, the part that isn’t yet, the impossible turned possible, making the intangible, tangible. Not all who wander are lost.

Pisces focus of activity around water, oceans, boats, the sea, fish, drowning, piracy, drugs, spills, suicide and mental illness has been very apparent the last week. We already saw lots of Pisces issues with the stellium of Pisces growing with a cruise line stranded at sea, fisherman lost at sea, a body found in a water tank and a small rowboat making an excursion across the Atlantic (gives new meaning to row row row your boat).  On the bright side a sighting of a super mega pod of 100,000 dolphins and an otter showing us up with some water sports, slam dunking a basketball.

We saw several repercussions following the New Moon (Moon Wobble) with all the crisis as predicted with the storms, shocks, unusual surprises, aggressions as Mars Mercury stressed Jupiter and the New Moon stressed the nodal axis and Uranus with the violent tornadoes, snow storms, man hunt, the tragic murder investigation surrounding the Olympic sprinter, the sudden resignation of the Pope, the meteor hit with the fly by asteroid and the suicide of Mindy McCready.

The aspects with Olympic sprinter, Oscar Pistorius and Steenkamp are nothing short of notorious.  You can see very clearly in Oscar’s chart, his leg amputation.  The event  chart shows strong energy around Uranus and the home that is sudden and shocking as Uranus is often attributed to accidents.  The passion and stress is there with plenty of Mars and Pluto. No matter whether this is murder or a horrific fated accident, you can see the burst of how this manifested. Mindy McCready suicide also showed the Pisces focus with drugs and addiction involved and her repeated suicide attempts and struggle with mental illness.  McCready has a very strong focus on Mercury Neptune in her chart which was activated by Chiron in Pisces showing suffering and wounding around addiction and mental health.

Jupiter rules over religion, the law and dogma.  With the age of Pisces and organized religion on the way out with the bringing in of the new age of Aquarius, the timing seems ripe for changing of the guard in the Vatican especially with the sexual scandals in recent years and the legal repercussions due to the sexual scandals that were not addressed.  Jupiter showed its disability as well with the botched investigation in the Pistorius trial with investigators who have their own run in with the law.

The man hunt of Christopher Dorner and the Police whistle blowing (Jupiter) gone very wrong shows in  Christopher Dorner’s chart with significant stress around Mars (aggression) and Pluto (betrayal and rage).   He has a Sun progressed square Pluto which is a sign of intense power struggles and betrayal which can shoot off into fits of rage.   His chart shows extensive aspects of Mars (aggression) in stress to Saturn (restrictions). Progressed Mars square Saturn. Transit Mars, Mercury, Chiron oppose Saturn nodes.  Transit Saturn natal Mars.  Having Mars conjoin Chiron shows the wounds around aggression.

There are also lots of oppositions with his Sun Mercury oppose Neptune and Mars oppose Uranus which are touchy aspects both being stressed by transits from Saturn and Jupiter.  His YOD is very tied into this too as the oppositions and YOD in his chart also form a unique configuration. He would be pushed into many uncomfortable adjustments that don’t filter out but force confrontation as oppositions do.  Oppositions with Mars are also aspects of open enemies and combat.

Ironically Christopher was born during a Moon Wobble (Sun square Nodes) exact as was the Moon Wobble with recent New Moon.  Moon Wobbles are conflicted and crisis oriented.  His Venus Taurus is at the degree of the transiting south node.  South nodes continually show fall outs and a weakening influence. His progressed Mars Gemini 8 degrees exact square transit Mars Chiron Pisces 8 degrees when he met his demise.

Saturn turned retrograde on February 18 with old man Saturn saying time to get real.  In the love department, Saturn represents the 7 year itch as Saturn cycles are in multiples of 7.  If you have been feeling the stagnant, stale energy with anything started 7 years ago or 14 or 28, Saturn is probably playing a part.  Responsibilities may loom in harsher with a sense of constriction and a slowing of time.

Reality TV follows the bent on Saturn reality for many.  With all the disasters and trash reality TV I am clicking through lately, I had a thought how we can incorporate and streamline (Virgo) all the crap into just one REAL reality show. Real Housefraus:  squeeze and squish in some hoarding and disgusting cooking, creepy crawlers, crazy kids and intoxicated ex-husbands and boyfriends, drunk date dialing with a bunch of women laying around in PJ’s and big fuzzy slippers with their TV clickers and remote with easy access to the fridge never having to worry whether they look fat in those pants or whether they got punched in the face with those bad lip jobs and botox cheek enhancements gone wrong.

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