Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 2017

Aquarius Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse in Aquarius 2017 “Mad World” Tears for Fears

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), Element-Air, innovation, uniqueness, technology, 11th house, friends, groups. Gemstone-Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, 6th Chakra-3rd eye, intuition, sudden insight. Numerology-5-change.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, in its highest and best form, embraces inclusiveness, diversity, the unusual, uniqueness and the out of the ordinary, live outside the box, no sheep herds or following the crowd.  Aquarius is the change agent to break through to the side uncharted.  Aquarius is the eccentric, unconventional, quirky devil’s advocate who beats to his/her own drum.  Aquarius mantra of don’t fence me in, sees wide open spaces and room to move and breathe.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is brimming with a matter fit for a mad hatter with much positive favor with a twist of fate that can’t wait. The energy is mostly active and in the mind. Emotions being alerted are skirted or mostly diverted. The energy is fresh and lighthearted with several talent triangles, a building grand trine in fire, a mystic rectangle and a YOD pattern (finger of god) thrown into the mix with Mercury retrograde around the corner setting up a tone of putting your best foot forward, marching to a swing beat, whistling dixie with a stumble into trouble.

The next few years will see emphasis on Aquarius /Leo themes with eclipses.  Aquarius eclipses are over the south node indicating that Aquarius issues are due for an overhaul to evolve into more singular and unified Aquarius patterns. The pendulum swing of going off the beaten path and running amok the last few years needs some rules and some type of order.

The downside we now see due to the disorder is the autocratic rule (Leo) (Trump) that diminished the Aquarius intention of unity, community and embracing uniqueness into dissonance, clashing difference and disorder.  Technology and social media (Aquarius themes) are seeing the fall as the lure of screens are diminishing and slowly destroying social connection, with more emotional disassociation, fake associations, blank expression and artificial intelligence.

Aquarius becomes lost in the crowd, conforming like sheep, with conviction that brings more friction, while standing up or standing out, increases defiance and chaos. Anytime a south node eclipse occurs, energies are thwarted or weakened.  Physically showing weakness to the circulatory/vascular system and in turn the cardiovascular system (heart-Leo).  The pace gets diverted with a pull to the past or a time warp of times gone by.  The south node is like running in circles, going nowhere, meeting up with people you once knew who haven’t changed, same as they always were, with no development, growth, falling back on outdated practices that are worn out, have outlived their usefulness or relevance.


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