Mercury Retrograde in Leo July 2012

Mercury in Leo Retrograde July 2012Mercury Retrograde in Leo July 2012

Mercury will turn retrograde July 15th just as the Sun reaches a square to Saturn and Mars reaches its critical tsquare with Uranus Pluto July 16th-an eventful weekend ahead.  Many are already feeling the first repercussions with communications getting missed and confused and feeling the energies rising with Mars. We have seen some of the stirrings with the malware July 9th in the US where more than 40,000 computers were on blackout-200,000 globally.  Mercury retrograde happens every few months. Here is a link to Mercury Retrograde to give a general description.

Mercury went into its shadow phase June 27 at 1 degree Leo and will return to that degree as it moves direct August 8th.  The shadow and station degree holds prominence as the turnaround time leaves the degree at a sensitive point which acts as a trigger. Mercury continues to align with Venus as well as it slows down to the stationing degree of 12 degrees from July 11th through to July 18th –this degree will become key for those in that degree point vicinity and should mitigate some of the grit of this energy surge we experience this weekend.

Mercury rules Gemini and the 3rd house of neighbors- Mercury for me is showing up with neighbors (Mercury) and their moving and renovation (retro) facelifts (Leo). Mercury is also connected with the health as Mercury rules Virgo-Mercury is associated with the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs (Gemini) –digestion (Virgo)- retrogrades always slow things down so you may find it a time to realign and reboot your health habits.  Mercury in Leo-anything Leo related-heart burn-more seriously heart attacks.

With Mars in Libra health matters and aggravation around the lower back –Mercury Leo the spine and back-suffice it to say ”watch your back” and your backyard, rear view both literally and figuratively-that would also mean back up anything including your data-of course be careful backing up while driving and those on your tail following closely for fender benders and rear enders literally up your ass.  I have me a mean shoulder ache which is really more a pain in the butt (rear view) than anything-nice to have someone saying they “have your back” – something or someone to sink into-a nice squeeze of good to this energy.

Mercury in Leo is a great time to get focused and creative with anything related to communications especially brainstorming, strategy and positioning.  Leo is determined and persistent although in retrograde the darker elements could be seen with stubborn fixed digging in your heels not wanting to budge-opinions can get markedly polarized with fueling fiery (Leo) debate-overbearing and obstinate with egos flying around wanting to hold onto their own dictates-Leo being a fixed sign.  Mercury Leo can get bent out of shape with a point of view they just have to get across.  Leo is the sign of expression and in Mercury, something has to be said.

Leo pride and fire gets stoked. Mercury Leo is willful, direct and dignified but can get fired up and outspoken with a ruffling of feathers.  Leo connects to the heart and is ruled by the Sun where the expression can get tied into ensnarement and self absorbed melodrama- Leo rules over performance, creativity and children as well as love affairs.  Leo drama craving attention and putting on your own show and showing off-think of your children riding their bike..“Look Mom, no hands!”…sent by text with photo literally in hand! Leo rules children so that picture could come in handy as children getting lost during any Leo retrograde is another possibility.

This Mercury retrograde in Leo is constructive and purposeful as it continues in a positive formation with Mars Libra, Jupiter Gemini,  Uranus Aries and the nodal axis in Sagittarius. Mercury formed a talent triangle in the last week -we have already seen the results of this configuration with the discovery of the God particle.  Mercury trine Uranus is the aspect of genius and scientific eureka moments and brilliance.  Mercury, thinking, speaking and writing will be pumped with verve, enthusiasm and pomp.

This fiery line up fuels much forward clear direction. Mercury Leo goes retrograde over Obama’s Leo Sun where I am sure we will have Obama in the spotlight the next few weeks with a few poignant pitches. Mercury Leo will turn direct over Obama’s Mercury Leo in August-I suspect this will be a time for Obama to shine after he gets a second chance to get his election strategy ducks in a row.

As Mercury begins to station once again and turn direct August 8th, Mercury retrograde will align with the nodal axis bringing a strong force of amplification to communications. Mercury will then reach an impasse with Neptune in an inconjunct which will finish off any adjustments made initially end of June where Mercury/Neptune and the nodal axis met in this formation.

August 1st, the nodal axis strains Neptune, muddying the waters further adding some confusion and distortion- an adjustment where one side will lose ground-in this case most likely Neptune agenda being Mercury in Leo aligned with the Sagittarius nodal axis and Uranus Aries-fire can cut through any haze and BS which was made clear with the uncovering of the LIBOR scandal-Neptune rules scandal and with Neptune strain the nodal axis/Jupiter-the truth (Sagittarius-Jupiter) behind the lies, fraud (Neptune) gets exposed. I noted that some type of fraud would happen in my Cosmic Cycles article in June. Neptune rules over weaknesses, codependency, addictions, denial and enabling as well as anything to do with water (drowning, flooding, sea storms) -a time where any anything cloudy will get tested and set straight-watch activity over the water and swimming especially children (Leo).

Reruns have their own Mercury retrograde station. I have been caught in rerun episodes of Sex in the City shows.  I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched and re watched these episodes. Let’s just say ridiculous repeats where I am stuck in the past.  It was just such a brilliant idea and show -an iconic time that I won’t let die down. This also happened to me with Seinfeld, House, Friends…I am the poster child Mercury retrograde late bloomer.  I am now tuned into an oldies station with real pull backs in time-Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Lost in Space-classic black and white blasts from the past. Mercury Leo retrograde will probably bring up lots of classic dramas (Leo) to watch. The best reason for Mercury retrograde…so you can “play it again Sam”.

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