Solar Eclipse in Gemini-May 20 2012

The Lost Pleiad-Solar Eclipse Gemini May 2012Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini May 20 2012.  May 20 2012 equals =30 = 3.  The number 3 symbolizes the trinity of I, you and we, essentially the intermingling of our individual, social and collective ideas, thoughts and beliefs that recognize all having a voice and being acknowledged with a sense of belonging, no matter the creed, race, beliefs or values.   We are all connected where every strand of action or thought creates a ripple effect.  The number 3 is the natural number of Gemini which makes this a time especially geared to expression, communications and socially gathering together to forge toward a unified message.

This Solar Eclipse degree 0 Gemini falls on the Pleiades, the seven sisters also known as the “Weeping Sisters”. Gemini rules over siblings.  This may be a time where issues with siblings or sisters becomes prominent-missing, lost or left out. Pleiades, a star cluster of Atlas’s seven daughters were made immortal and splayed upon the sky by Zeus first as doves, then as stars. In Greek, Pleiades means to sail . The weeping sisters were also set out to delimit the sailing season-interesting with this eclipse strain Neptune and the stress around anything seaworthy or sea travel.  Looking back at May 1993 we had a similar eclipse on Pleiades square Saturn Pisces with devastating floods in the mid US.

“And if longing seizes you for sailing the stormy seas

when the Pleiades flee mighty Orion

and plunge into the misty deep

and all the gusty winds are raging,

then do not keep your ship on the wine-dark sea

but, as I bid you, remember to work the land.”   Hesiod (Works and Days 618-23)

Various versions of the tale around the weeping sisters is they committed suicide due to the fate of their father ; another  the loss of their siblings; another when the Pleiades reach their peak at midnight, the veil between the living and the dead seems to be at its thinnest which can indicate why many believe this eclipse with Pleiades is lifting the veil of consciousness and to other dimensions. The Pleiades are fixed stars astrologically associated with accidents, homosexuality (bisexuality) and blindness.

The tale of the Lost Pleiad is about how only 6 of the 7 stars are visible.  Electra (The Lost Pleiad) apparently was hidden from view from the other 6 stars and would only show up as a comet.  “Not all those who wander are lost”.  The Lost Pleiad can indicate one who may get lost from their tribe or clan with a sense of separation and alienation, with a secret or hidden agenda.  Pleiades under the moonless sky with the solar eclipse gives more visibility to the stars – with greater darkness, we can see the stars more brilliantly normally not visible. This symbolizes during the eclipse the ability to see beyond the veil with second sight broadening Neptune’s intuitive ability and a knowing to see in the dark and seeing through the delusions and deceptions finding the hidden meanings and answers.

A solar eclipse will be most prevalent in its effects to where it is actually visible and in view.  This eclipse will be in view in the Pacific region-Asia and in North America PST in view from 5PM and EST during Sunset 8PM.  This is an annular eclipse which you will see the outer rim of the Sun (ring of fire) as it will not be completely covered as in a total eclipse of the Sun. Hopefully we have clear skies although its blinding to look direct at-even cloudy, the skies nonetheless will darken.

With solar eclipses, everything solar is magnified as the Sun fights to beam its rays behind the shadow of the Moon where the dark side of the sun of self absorption, narcissism, ego mania, arrogance and conceit take a back seat.  Solar Eclipses shine a light on those destructive traits of the Sun such as ego and power.  Because the Sun is literally blocked out with the eclipse, the solar potential is darkened and subdued, hidden and invisible with a weakened depletion of spirit.  In its influence feeling defeated, discouraged and exhausted.

The Sun is associated with the ego, our will power and vitality.  The natural happy, sunny, bright, cheerful, optimistic, healthy self love and self expression and creative force, being seen and noticed, appreciated for our ability to shine and given attention to our talents gets thwarted and curtailed-feeling shut out. The Sun’s brilliance and radiance of its specialness may feel less acknowledgment and understood.  Think of the child pulling at your pant leg-“Look Mommy, look what I’ve done” and mother being too busy or preoccupied and shooing the child away.

Cream – White Room

“In the white room with black curtains …I’ll wait in this place, where the Sun never shines… wait in this place …..lie in the dark where the shadows run from themselves.”

Cream –Tales of Brave Ulysses

“And the colors of the sea blind your eyes with trembling mermaids,
And you touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses:
How his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly singing,
For the sparkling waves are calling you to kiss their white-lace lips.

And you see a girl’s brown body dancing through the turquoise,
And her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea.
And when your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body,
Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind.”

A Gemini Solar Eclipse-think “A Comedy of Errors” …or …“Dark Shadows”….”Are you stoned or something?… They tried stoning me…it didn’t work”.  Gemini can’t be completely dark or dreary.  There will always be some silly lightness and campy hankering about.  Gemini flitters about sprinkling star dust enough to keep a twinkle of light even in the darkest hour.

The eclipse falls on the first degree of Gemini 0-this is a critical degree, first step into a sign that can tend to rash activity, lacking foresight and to a blind adherence to authority and unquestioned allegiance to new unfounded information with ensuing reaction.  Gemini is associated with short trips and travel – road rage/drunk  and careless driving could be a problem this weekend. Gemini is an air sign and the winged messenger speaking in riddles (clouded in rhetoric), information we spread and share and the influential consequences such as gossip taken to extreme with slander and defamation of character. Information in the news and propaganda – and how we sift through to what is truth as to how it effects us especially now economically as emotional contagion infects our sense of security.

The Sun Moon during an eclipse align with the nodal axis- the Moon’s orbit over the path of the ecliptic. The  nodal axis degree is often overlooked but is critical as it represents the shifting current and pulse and because the nodal axis sits at a stationed degree point for more than two months during an eclipse, the energy at that degree point is very concentrated.  The nodal axis depicts an intersection of the past and the future and when meeting with the Sun and Moon, brings up all the residue and karmic tag alongs.  Souls often connect and reconnect during these junctures in time as the nodal axis depicts those in your soul group.

Anyone who touches these places in your chart show where souls are passing through who have significant impact on your life.  Anyone with degrees on the nodal axis during an eclipse will feel it particularly-in this eclipse, 5 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini or any mutable degrees at that point. The house the eclipse/nodal axis fall in a chart will demonstrate where the big shifts and changes are taking place especially if hitting a point in your chart.

With the nodal axis (eclipse axis) in Gemini/Sagittarius we are seeing the religious backlash, judgement and moralizing, preaching hypocrisy and persecution pointing fingers with accusations that taint love with religious high handed crucifying homosexuality, crushing natural desires seen as “ungodly” yet we see sexual child abuse in the church with our religious leaders.   “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.  Religions that preach love yet exploit through casting stones to those they deem below righteousness only inflates their mission as they pass their money trays around to collect money.  “Judge not lest ye be judged. ”  “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

This is a south node eclipse-anytime you have a south node eclipse you have energies that get stuck or pulled to the past,  resist growth or letting things from the past go and tend to the path of least resistance-kicking our Achilles heel. The south node takes us back far reaching to many lives past which during this eclipse are being brought forward with some lingering old debts to pay.  The emotional tugs will be great.  An annular eclipse is significant as it’s tightly lined with the nodal axis meaning its potency will extend for long periods of time.  Anyone born on the cusp of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sag or those in late Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will feel the effects of this eclipse. South node eclipses further exemplify the releasing, loss and undoing that can happen.  The south node portion of an eclipse is the area we have to learn to relinquish so wherever this eclipse falls in your chart will show where we need to let something go.

The Eclipse in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces where messages can get lost in translation, puzzling language barriers with some distorted and misunderstood dramas, confounding, scattered and inconsistent.  Loss of memory, forgetfulness, onset of dementia and alzheimer’s. With Neptune there may be affects of hidden matters, secrets, isolation, deception, fraud, thievery, addiction, confusion and uncertainty, lost for words, tongue tied.

Here many may try to escape reality with drugs, alcohol and lose their grounding with escape wanting to exit this dimension-in a good way through ascension but negatively through suicide.  Neptune is the sign of victimization and scapegoats as well where we may see martyrs and those who take the fall for others’ mistakes. Neptune Pisces rules over water, the sea, ships, boats, floods, drowning.  The Sun in aspect to Neptune also indicates romance, longing, sentimental, soul gripping, tear jerking love stories… of course the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is playing…This Solar Eclipse could be a time for many to meet soul mates- souls passing through time to meet once again.

Dreaming (Neptune) will also be active with much in the realm of the unconscious being activated and brought to the surface. Neptune quiets the ego urgings and cries for attention and the need for glory satisfied with a subtle quiet reflection and gives creative and inspirational urges.  Neptune is a spiritual sign which shows the immense growing interest in spirituality accelerating and a rising in consciousness.

This eclipse is oppose Juno and square Regulus which is bringing up issues around commitments and partnerships (Juno) and leadership and royalty (Regulus).  Regulus has just moved into Virgo 0 degrees recently after spending centuries in Leo. With the square to the eclipse and the Pleiades-the changing of the guard of those in power from the Leo pride to Virgo humbleness and humility becomes clear as leaders are tumbling and fumbling in their efforts to retain power. This reflects the growing need to see what matters-pride before the fall to save ourselves from ourselves sustaining our resources/not exploiting them for greed.

Sabian Symbol-The Sabian  Symbol for Gemini 1 “A Glass Bottomed Boat in still water”.  Transparency to our own depths and to any hidden information and a window to our undiscovered unconsciousness. The ability to float over and rise above our complexes with a stillness of mind, here instigating a turning inward and quieting the mind chatter in order to be open to new information.

Sabian Symbol- north node.  Sagittarius 6-“A game of cricket.  This is the symbol of man’s insatiable desire to refine and strengthen every last potentiality of his own personal character and skills, and of his need to gain recognition for his success in this from each area of life in which he finds himself. …Man is here at his best when he is most seriously challenged to be himself, and to play his part in strict accordance with the rules.” This symbolizes the need for integrity and respecting and trusting guidance from an inner voice challenging group norms or ideologies getting lead along and lost in the shuffle by worn out belief systems.

Sabian Symbol  -south node.  Gemini 6 “Drilling for oil. This is the symbol of man’s indomitable efforts to discover every last resource…when negative, long range or foolish gambling and ill considered self exploitation.”  This symbol speaks clearly of the south node manipulation and exploitation for gain and the corrupt power structures milking the earth’s resources for greed sucking it dry.

With such strong Pisces and Neptune surrounding the eclipse, many things we carry such as past hurts, with a sense of victimization will be reactivated showing where any wounding  deep within our soul is elevating us to release the burdens.  When we talk of forgiveness, it’s not about absolving someone– we simply release the need to harbor any resentment-the point being you are literally carrying around something that doesn’t belong to you.  People will often find ways to dump and overload others with their negativity, bullying and destruction as long as they know they have a willing participant.

It is a clearing out time, getting rid of anything (baggage, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, people, jobs, relationships, bad habits, burdens) that are standing in the way or holding you back and not serving your higher purpose which is being activated during this eclipse. Those places where we feel our most tender spot of hurt of pain is what is actually fueling us to reach beyond with surrender and acceptance-that which we resist persists where Pisces just allows and lets the river run through us with compassion.

The Sun rules the heart so ailments associated with the heart and heart attacks will be common around this time and any resonating heart emotions such as resentment, hurt pride, heartache, heart breaks and heart burn.  Gemini rules the lungs where lung and respiratory issues could arise as well. The Sun rules Leo and the Sun is associated with the father or the dominant parent, kings, rulers and leaders. Historically Solar Eclipses were watched closely  as they often denoted events around anything related to – fathers, leaders, kings.  Royalty were known to consult with astrologers in order to hold onto power and control.

Prominent events usually take place around famous people around eclipses especially with aspects to Regulus.  We have had news of another tragic event in the Kennedy clan-Robert Kennedy Jr. wife, Mary Kennedy who committed suicide after suffering for years with depression.   Robert Kennedy Jr ‘s chart shows a very strong focus of a stressful relationship with women in his life-Venus Chiron square Neptune.  Donna Summer also passed May 17 after battling lung cancer.  The eclipse lies over Obama’s Moon in Gemini/IC/MC (public) and harmonizes with his Jupiter which is showing his prominence the next 6 months as we head into the election . The MC represents the public which still hold him in a positive light as we watch how his popularity will be challenged in the coming months. The eclipse strains Stephen Harper’s Jupiter square Pluto and with transit Pluto over his Saturn-and transit Uranus square his Saturn-challenge to his authority.

Donna Summer’s chart shows much stress with the eclipse/nodal axis over her Chiron straddling her MC/IC-any angular emphasis is always significant and with the eclipse over her MC-very public which squares her ASC/Saturn showing the stress to her body.  The song “She works hard for her money” has been ringing in my ears quite a bit lately.  Her chart shows this work ethic with such a strong Capricorn stellium.  Her Capricorn Stellium in the 5th house of entertainment shows her talent and popularity.  The 5th house is also the house of romance which her songs were so strongly infused with joy and verve.  Her Venus in Sagittarius in a talent triangle with Neptune Libra Pluto Leo-showing her powerful, fiery voice.

Donna died after battling lung cancer.  Her chart ruler is Mercury (lungs) with Saturn over her ASC.  Her Moon Mercury Mars in Capricorn has been under the strain of transit Saturn the last 6 months.  With Saturn over her ASC-Saturn transits would show impact to her health.  Transit Neptune is moving through her 6th house of health. Uranus is the ruler of her 6th house and has been under tremendous stress the last few years. Uranus in her chart has very little support and stresses her Moon Mars in a quincunx (a health aspect) showing the vulnerability to her health.   Mercury square Neptune and stress her ASC/Saturn showing further vulnerable health.

Gemini messengers have been knocking me up the side of my head with flying objects and winged creatures. I have been having very unusual bird visits and experiences-a crow crashing into my head, then following me (“The Birds” came to mind), a very close call with a frisbee just missing my head, bees and flies banging into my head.  I had birds chirping at exactly 6AM for a few days in a row.  Literal wake up calls…this eclipse is right over me, being an early Gemini  so I suppose the birds and the bees and the frisbees are just coming along for the ride.





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