The Astrology of the US Election 2012

Barack ObamaThe Astrology of the US Election 2012.  Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney.

The devil is in the details with much riding on this election, not just for a nation but for our global well being. The debates become the determining influence as we edge closer to the US Election November 6th with all the predictions.  If ever there was a time we need strong leadership to step up to the plate, it’s now. Because this election is a tight race, the clincher is Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius on the day of the election.  It’s a three part issue as Mercury is not only retrograde, but also square Neptune and in detriment in Sagittarius so expect delays, fraud, confusion and missing details.

Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled) represents the future and much is riding on this election for the future. This brings up fears similar to the 2000 election which had Mercury in retrograde and the Florida voting fiasco, although retrogrades are indicative of the past continuing which could also point to a victory for the present incumbent, the devil we know. Obama has a strong Mars Pluto Virgo, with no qualms to role up his sleeves to get to the dirt of the Virgo details. Virgo rules over healthcare and employment (jobs), the glowing focus of the election.

The last debate on October 22nd happens during a 1st Quarter Moon.   Last call with the pressing question, to kill or not to kill?  The Quarter Moon is a Moon of action and crisis. It forces issues and brings all tension to the surface. The Moon is in Aquarius aligning with Uranus purpose of humanitarian, freedom and change.  Further, the Sun, just shy of joining Saturn, is making a trine to Neptune, where serious issues related to responsibility (Saturn) are aligned with universal, collective principles (Neptune).

Being this last debate is about foreign policy (Jupiter), Jupiter makes a sesquisquare with the Sun Saturn which drives a wedge through differing agendas putting a choke on sussing out the truth.  Saturn Scorpio is exactly square Romney’s Saturn Leo and his progressed ASC in Leo, a difficult energy to overcome challenge while Mars trines Obama’s Sun, Venus on Obama’s Mars and Sun trine Venus, Neptune trine Venus, all likeable transits and all working to boost Obama’s popularity. With Algol on the transiting south node trine Obama’s Saturn, Obama’s getting some needed headway.

The 2nd last debate October 16th was just after the New Moon in Libra, October 15th, back to the middle with strong polarization, weighing in as the scales pivot bringing the race to a squeeze play. Debates and negotiation are a Libra topic and timely with all the debates through the Libra cycle.  Mercury Venus are running together in harmony keeping communications and information flowing albeit with intense Mercury Scorpio probing and succinct, critical thinking Venus Virgo. Venus square Jupiter shows potential for plenty of promises, perhaps more than can be delivered, with preaching and prophesying. Transit Jupiter Gemini over Mitt’s Uranus in Gemini showing Mitt’s pushing through his points but failing to get to the point of the questions.

Saturn is the deal breaker. Saturn Scorpio rules over bonds and binding connections which could also include “Binders full of women” perhaps into bondage, Mitt’s Freudian slip of women shoved into a compartmentalized pandora’s box ready to unleash at your disposal to get home to make you a sandwich.  Hell hath no fury than a woman bindered, let alone cornered in the kitchen, in a bitter battered binder battle that takes off the blinders with fresh baked pie on your face.  The Moon (women, domestication, nurturing, home) in Scorpio scorned being thrown into a time warp of aproned, Leave it to Beaver, June Cleaver days gone by, envisioning the next Halloween horror of a different kind of June’s Cleaver in the kitchen and some other thing with a Beaver.

Saturn’s recent pass into Scorpio has changed the game. Saturn square Saturn is the transit of a crisis of confidence. Transit Saturn in Scorpio (taxes) is square Mitt Romney’s Saturn Leo and Obama’s Jupiter in Aquarius. Truth and justice were head to head with the hard line transit of Saturn in Scorpio throwing in the cross current Saturn reality check with taxes/investments (Scorpio). Transit Saturn square Mitt’s Saturn’s in Leo (Saturn in Leo in its detriment) is floundering Mitt’s confidence in this debate. Saturn square Saturn is what hurt Obama in the first debate.

Transit Saturn was trine Obama’s Venus, square his Mercury, Sun square his Saturn. Obama put his Saturn to good use being Saturn Capricorn in his natal chart is in its ruler.  The Sun was sextile Obama’s Uranus, his chart ruler, giving him the edge.  Mars was exactly square Mitt’s Mars showing his impatient angry retorts.  Venus Virgo was oppose Mitt’s Pisces Mercury square Uranus Gemini. Virgo was pushing out the hard lined details that Mitt’s fuzzy Pisces couldn’t derail.

The first election debate began on October 3rd just as Venus moved into Virgo and Mercury began to line up with Saturn Libra, as Saturn Libra (Libra the natural ruler of debate) sits at the critical anaretic degree ready to move into Scorpio.  This is a serious few days with communications. Mercury Saturn added the seriousness and somber attention to getting the message across without any fluff. Virgo added the practicality and precision to communications, however with Venus oppose Neptune October 3rd, cloudy shape shifting positioning without clear plans, adding inconsistent say one thing mean another and disorientation to the debate which you can blame on Jupiter Gemini Jekyl and Hyde.

During the first debate, Mitt contradicted all his recent flawed behavior. His new persona was out of character, pulling a bait and switch out of his sleeve and hat adding new meaning to spin doctoring, twirling us around with a dizzying dance of   “who’s on first with will the real Romney stand up or stand still?”. Transit Jupiter Gemini has been square his Mercury Pisces (excessive interruptions, double talk, foot in mouth).  Jupiter in Gemini is in its detriment and Mercury Pisces in its fall with a tainted pushing his agenda over the top.  Jupiter Big Bird is looking at some nasty mean and lean cut backs as well ,welcome Occupy Sesame Street.

Transit Mars Scorpio/nodal axis was over Mitt’s Moon Jupiter. I had thought if there was a time for Mitt to get a leg up it would be during the 1st debate showing his strength, intense fervor and angst in his fight which did give him a tenacity with Mars Scorpio/Scorpio nodal axis stationed over his Moon Jupiter. The Sun Libra was exactly sextile Mitt’s Pluto emphasizing his kite pattern in his chart which further amplified his power.

The same Mars nodal axis oppose Moon was square (challenge) Obama’s nodal axis/Uranus (chart ruler) showing his passionate exchange and retorts being refuted.  This seemed a time that Obama’s Sun square Neptune hit a defeatist/passive reaction, not being aggressive or prepared enough to challenge Mitt’s change in position. Chiron in Pisces is a Chiron return for Obama, in his 1st house, a wound to his identity.  Transit Chiron is also oppose Obama’s Pluto, showing wounding to his position which showed in the debate. Regardless of the debate date drug wearing Obama down instigating a game changer, one debate does not wash the past impressions, fumbles, foibles and future outcome of Mitt’s campaign especially since introducing Paul Ryan as VP, another daft choice similar to Cain’s choice for Sarah Palin, dumb and dumber.

The debate with Paul Ryan and Joe Biden October 11th was during a Balsamic Dark Moon. The Moon in Virgo opposed Neptune Chiron and squared Mars Sagittarius October 11th, a feisty moon in a dark corner ready for a testy fight (Mars). The Moon in Virgo can ‘t ignore the details (fact finding) and those details to any shifty positioning on policy.  Healthcare (Virgo) and the military (Mars) security (Moon) become the main focus.  Mercury squared Paul Ryan’s Sun activating his tsquare with Saturn oppose Jupiter, showing challenge difficult to overcome.

Mars in Sagittarius brings up the issue of truthing. Jupiter ruled Mars Sagittarius in Gemini is retrograde with questions regarding talking heads truths, stretching and misleading. Mars in Sagittarius over Joe Biden’s ASC/rising in Sagittarius gave Joe the fighting spirit to dominate and take firm control.  Joe’s  Sagittarius ASC didn’t hold back, literally showing his teeth with an exuberant persistent gleaming smile. Joe has a strong stellium in Scorpio showing his passionate emotional pleas and the ability to dig deep into the heart of matters.

Paul Ryan claims to be an avid promoter of Ayn Rand socio economics and philosophy of free markets  and less government regulation all of which we have seen devastating consequence, both in 1930 and 2008 with the fall of the markets without regulation and government control.  Preaching Ayn Rand in times like this is like pulling the nuclear reactor.  Her work has seemingly become more popular in recent years, suspecting those who are looking again for radical (Uranus) solutions during our current Uranus Pluto aspect which was also in play during her popularity in the early 1930’s.  I have read both Atlas Shrugged and The Virtue of Selfishness and was never able to grasp the severe mind boggling twists to her run on intellectual rants, glorifying selfishness and objectivism, brainwashing every man for himself.

Ayn Rand was born an Aquarius, born from extreme communism and Russian roots, thus the push for individual rights and radical principles. You see it in her chart with Venus square Uranus, Uranus in Capricorn, fighting the establishment.  Her Sun square Mars again furthering her aim to fight against any kind of collective slavery, giving each person liberty to follow independent action.  Ayn Rand was an atheist yet Paul Ryan is Catholic. Most conservative republicans are religious fundamentalists posing a strong conflict of interest. Ironically, Ayn Rand used the system she preached against when she reached old age.  While I see Ayn Rand had some fundamental truism to individualism vs collectivism, taking extreme measures pushes selfishness and survival of the fittest, destroying public welfare and a safe haven for those less fortunate.

Paul Ryan appears to epitomize a snake in a suit, coming across coldhearted and miserly with extreme and harsh ideologies (Sun square Saturn oppose Jupiter). Paul Ryan, an Aquarius as well with a tsquare to Saturn Jupiter,  indicates inflated yet stringent principles.  He has transit Neptune in Pisces strain his natal Sagittarius ASC/Neptune which is proving futile in gaining him much favor of the public.  Jupiter ruled ASC, his chart ruler, Jupiter is in a tsquare with his Sun Venus Saturn and his wavering beliefs. He preaches Ayn Rand, yet changes his mind after the religious flack he gets.

Paul Ryan’s Mercury in Capricorn is critical without much support square his Moon Uranus. Mercury rules his MC (career, public position).  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, seeing where his policy ideas would be rigid and biased, keeping the rich status quo.  He has Mars Chiron in Aries oppose Uranus in Libra in his 10th house, under the light of Uranus square Pluto.  Transit Saturn oppose Saturn. These are strongly working against him.

Mitt’s PR parade hit the skids once again Sept 17th with Mercury soon to create a tsquare to Uranus square Pluto as Mitt’s insulting video of the 47% handouts was revealed regarding the derogatory glowing picture painting of poor parasites while those wealthy bask in their ivory towers of entitlement.  This transit just pulled out the natal promise of Mitt’s Uranus Gemini in his 1st house square his Sun Mercury Pisces with his continuous speak before think gaffes.

Uranus in this position is notorious for abrupt, insensitive politically incorrect, tourettes verbal bashes. With transit Jupiter Gemini over his Uranus just amping up this energy, the fait accompli was just around the corner as Jupiter represents foot in mouth. Transit Venus was just over his Pluto activating his natal Venus oppose Pluto, Saturn Leo. Venus Saturn aspects tend to show stringent and strict, miserly means around finance.  While the intent to be lean and mean and take personal responsibility is understood, his preaching came across as a Scroogely demeaning, “no help for you”.

Mean Lilith Gemini transit over Mitt’s ASC. The ASC is the mask we wear and Lilith brought out the ugly truth behind the facade.  Transit Chiron over Mitt’s Mars Pisces adds to the weakness without much support and squares his nodal axis in his first house.  Mars and the 1st house rules over leadership. Mitt has very weak Mars energy. His Pisces energy lacking further conviction without a leg to stand on (I don’t say what I mean or mean what I say but what I say is mean) with some more flimsy finagling attempt at damage control of “inelegantly” prying his foot out of his mouth out of his face plant saying he is sorry, changing his position once again making him chew more crow with pensive recoil.

The Republican National Convention held during the week of the Full Moon (Blue Moon) the last week of August did have enough inflated rhetorical spin doctoring going on trying with all the might of Sun trine Pluto to influence the masses.  Watching and listening to Bush from past conventions then to Paul Ryan brought up the eerie reminder of what came before and what could lie ahead.  Mercury Leo oppose Neptune square the nodal axis riddling the first few days of dazed and confused with  communication fiascos as Uranus Aries screams and cries BS.  Some thought Paul Ryan “nailed it” although it seemed Clint Eastwood’s phantom upstaging drove in the nail where he seemed to psychically depict and predict the absent Obama in the 1st debate.

The Full Moon beginning of September emphasized Mitt Romney’s Pisces stellium particularly his Mars giving him the needed drive which showed in his speech as it curved through the Pisces element of his compassion spin.  The nodal axis just moved into Scorpio putting his Moon Jupiter in Scorpio into the spotlight which gave him some ammunition with seeming sincere glowing inflated promises (Jupiter).  Mitt does have Venus elevated in Aquarius over his MC (public) trine Neptune creating a grand trine with his Gemini nodal axis which helped gain him his popularity due to his success, good looks and superficial charm (Venus).  Mitt known as “The Man from Bloomfield Hills”.

On the surface, Mitt and Ann appeared caring and concerned however the stiff wooden  “Ken and Barbie” were more like fledgling deer in headlights tossing in a machine full of wishy washy whiny with alot of water logged watered down words and brush strokes of sympathetic endearment.  Mitt’s Sun Pisces and chart ruled by Mercury Pisces are in hard aspect to his 1st house Uranus Gemini, Uranus rules his career.  This is energy tends to be very erratic and unstable adding superficial, two faced, flitting (Gemini dark side) and not the kind of energy you want to rule a country.

The Democratic National Convention started during the waning Full Moon. Obama speaks during a VOC, void of course Moon which sits on the South node with transiting Lilith.  This proved to weaken his stance at the debate as the Moon represents how the public will feel and the Moon VOC is hinging on its last degree point before leaving a sign. This indicates he must pull out all stops and address every last chance to win the approval of his potential voters. His game plan has to be sharp and he can’t leave any stone unturned.  The Virgo Sun is square Jupiter-his promises need to be convincing and believable without a Sun square Jupiter influence of inflated, overzealous and preachy .

The transiting nodal axis was over Obama’s MC which shows very specific attention and promise to his leadership. Transit Saturn in Libra was over his progressed Mercury Mars midpoint giving him strong conviction and determined persistence to drive home the necessary realities, not glossing anything over with smoke and mirrors.  He spoke to the audience with straight talk, not at it with a scripted barb of blubbery fantastical sob stories.  Obama’s progressed Sun in Libra is trine his natal Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius creating a grand trine in air which further gives him the impartial, diplomatic and charming shining enthusiasm.  Transit Pluto Capricorn trine Obama’s Natal Pluto in Virgo, ruler of his MC showing empowerment and sustained leadership and a very powerful edge for his public image that will overshadow any strong controversy.

Obama’s Solar Return for the year is particularly positive. With relocation to Washington, Jupiter is over his MC (public) in a talent triangle with his Sun and Uranus. Venus is elevated in his 10th house in a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune.  His natal Solar Return has Uranus in his 10th house as part of the talent triangle with Venus and Sun, win win.  One rule with a Solar Return is looking at the strength of the Sun (Solar), leadership. There is very little challenge in Obama’s Solar Return which further reinforces his strong natal Sun in Leo (Sun rules Leo).

Mitt’s Solar Return on the other hand is rather weak. His Sun makes no major aspects and that shows very clear his lack of leadership. Mercury is very challenged in his Solar Return as well, in Aries at the degree of transit Uranus square Pluto, not helpful for communication.  Mitt’s natal Sun in Pisces is also rather wobbly with mostly stressful aspects further showing challenged leadership ability. Saturn also rules over leadership and authority. Obama has a strong Saturn in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn).  Mitt’s Saturn is weakly placed, in detriment in Leo.

Both Obama and Mitt had intense Saturn (tests, restraint, challenge, hard work)  transits to their progressed charts. Transit Saturn Libra opposed Mitt’s Venus Mars in Aries and transit Saturn Libra over Obama’s Mercury Mars August September are real deal breaker aspects.  Mitt’s Venus Mars in Aries in his progressed 10th house is not a good placement as the opposition shows adversity to his popularity as it built to strain his Saturn and the Mars Saturn transit.  Obama’s is more promising as the conjunction of Saturn just means hard work and bracing himself and the square to his Saturn Jupiter more hard work but squares are usually more internal battles, oppositions are battles from the outside, in relationships and the public.

Mitt’s progressed ASC is in Leo over his Saturn Leo, transit Saturn in Scorpio will square this point all of October and into the election. This is very restricting and limiting as the ASC rules over Leadership.  Most of Mitt’s energies are progressing through his 12th house of hidden agenda which doesn’t bode well for straight forward action either. Mitt’s Neptune in Libra is under the guns of transit Pluto Uranus which is not conducive to winning good faith (Neptune).

Mitt Sun Mercury progressed to 25, 26 degrees Taurus in his 12th house,the degree of Algol at the transiting south node in Taurus.  Algol is notorious for losing one’s head and here could show Mitt’s unraveling and undoing (12th house), pulling out some unseemly force at last minute (last debate) that will further sour his recent favor. This Progressed Sun over the transiting south node is without any support in his progressed chart further showing an undoing and weakening influence.  I see that as a very strong deterrent for him winning adding to his constant Mercury (communication) blunders-literally his campaign going south.

Mitt showcased many fumbles and foibles in his PR communications during the summer as transit Mercury was retrograde over his Pluto and Saturn oppose his Venus and MC (public) showing up his lack of integrity, lack of transparency about his tax return, his Israel Palestine foot in mouth and his Olympic remark, boasting military spending and cutting taxes for the wealthy and twisting Obamacare ideology. Mercury will be retrograde over his south node Election Day further showing his communication blunders come back to haunt him.

The US Chart

Neptune Virgo over the MC. If you look at the chart of the US and the chart of Obama there are many similar aspects showing how Obama aligns with the true American dream.  Mars in the US chart in Gemini is opposed by Mars Sagittarius in the Election chart. This Mars also strains Obama’s Mars Virgo and Mitt’s Sun Pisces forming a tight grand square, combative and aggravated.  No matter how you slice it, the US Sun at 13 degrees Cancer square Saturn at 14 degrees Libra is under tremendous stress the next few years (particularly 2014) from transit Uranus and Pluto which will essentially create a grand square in the US chart with Pluto in the 2nd house of finance and possessions (house of ownership, values) and Uranus in the 4th house of home (ground zero-security, safety).

The Choice whoever gets elected this term as the next President is going to have a mountain heap of challenge in front of them,a further step up of what is already in the moment.   Obama has already inherited and taken on extreme change and challenge with the last few years in crisis and only time will tell how he or his opponent will steer us through the next few years.  Change (Uranus) that is radical and courageous (Aries) is necessary and who ever leads this leap must have the gumption to take us through the storm to the other side.  Serious consideration needs to be taken into who you really want to lead us through these challenging years in front of us.

Election Day November 2012 Sun Moon last Quarter Moon before a Solar Eclipse November 13th.  An election during a last Quarter Moon is a time of a crucial slide unlike the first Quarter Moon which focuses on action and intent, the last Quarter is more resolving, resting on what happens in the 1st Quarter Moon October 22nd, the last debate which reflects much as to the voters decisions. A talent triangle (Moon Leo, Venus Libra and Jupiter Gemini)  is strongly aspecting Obama’s Leo Sun shining all that positive good will on him).  Venus in Libra, where she rules shows strong influence to Venus principles as Venus begins building to a sextile with Mars.  This shows balance and harmonious, peaceful interests with charm and grace not force or contention.  Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries showing courageous attention to change and steering clear of the status quo and taking risks.

Having Uranus square Pluto through the next 4 year election term is particularly divisive by Pluto showing capitalistic conservatism (Pluto Capricorn) being challenged by revolution (Uranus Aries).  Uranus rules over unity, liberal values, equality and groups overthrowing conservative elitism, Plutocracy (Pluto Capricorn).  Obama has Aquarius rising, his chart ruler Uranus over his nodal axis, as he embodies equality and brotherhood of the  entire human race of all creeds and religion.

The Sun in Scorpio (Pluto ruled) with Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn trine Neptune and Chiron Pisces shows values toward collectivism and looking out for universal, socialized principles one for all (cooperation), not individual agenda all for one (competition). Saturn is in Scorpio,  Saturn is about tests, lessons and consequence. Scorpio is about collective resources and sharing, these principles will become paramount in the next few years.


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