Astrology Readings without the Doom and Gloom


Astrology Readings without the Doom and Gloom

It’s hard not to feel in a state of doom and gloom with the current US election results creating a ripple effect of increased anxiety, fear and negativity, PTSD, with heavy hearts, grieving and sadness. Certainly some poor judgement and mistakes were made telling that the collective conscious is experiencing its growing pains in its attempt to evolve and advance, while still functioning in low vibration (fear, greed)-1 step forward 2 steps back. Trump leads with the dark traits of his Sun sign in Gemini, which gathered the collective dark face of Neptune (caught in a fog, idealism without common sense).  Had  more voters  recognized the importance of staying on course with a Democratic vote (in spite of their feelings for Hillary), the outcome would look much different now, as only approximately 25% and less of the vote was for Trump.

Grief has a process and stages  (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) which can take any length of time and not in any particular order. During very critical and stressful times, such as now, the last anyone needs to hear is the worst case scenario with the nail in the coffin, offering no hope.  While what lies ahead seems uncertain and concerning, we have to look at personal accountability for this collective outcome and the lessons to learn in enabling Trump to gain power.  Now that the decision is made, and after grieving and licking some wounds, it’s time to start cleaning up the mess made and move forward with whatever is necessary to get back to some sense of normalcy.

I certainly did pick up on some warning factors doing some pre-election readings, being very attuned to a multitude of variables and knowing the transits were heavily slated for some difficult shifts. All this points out to the differences and the diversity of beliefs, values and that the complexity of experience is never one size fits all. No cookie cutter, narrow one size fits all formula is going to work across the board, hence why a dynamic and flexible approach is necessary. This also applies to everyone having their values including those beliefs or values that conflict with your own as well as not generalizing, putting everyone in one basket or bashing any one type or group such as Gemini’s are two faced or liars or Scorpios are obsessed with power or men are sexist or all Trump followers are racist.

The current angst aligns with how lately I am hearing more and more about readings where someone was told they are cursed, doomed or have only failure to look forward to.  There is common misconception and faulty practice basing any reading, whether astrology, psychic, tarot, coaching on subjective bias, values, beliefs and personal experience.  Many coach or advise others based on their own wounded experiences, while helpful in empathy, can get distorted with personal drama and bias. Any reading or guidance from those who haven’t sorted out their own issues is going to be influenced by those problems that get projected into the reading or coaching.  I have seen this over and over again, with readings or counseling tinged with a counselor or reader who is still burning with anger about their own personal issues, which further dredges up more doom and gloom. Those guiding others who are still emotionally tangled are not going to be centered and detached enough to provide perspective.

Another issue is how one interprets a reading.  Judgement is key as well as remaining objective, or the interpretation is biased.   A good study to refute this is the study of twins and how their lives go in different directions albeit having the exact same chart delineation and birth time as well as two people having the same birth chart, living very different lives. The twin study is often a test to actually present a case that no matter the chart or circumstances, we each still come from a unique background with many determining factors influencing us such as environmental, cultural, religious and generational as well as biological.  Likened to a road map, there are many forks in the road with many directions to take with potential and choice.  There are no absolutes and according to Robert Hand, astrological polymorphism needs to be kept in context where there are many possibilities of how an aspect or energy pattern in a chart or reading can manifest. Without knowing anything personal about the client’s circumstances, its really not possible to know how the chart factors will unfold.

Unfortunately many who coach, read or guide others are not trained in counseling and haven’t the needed skills in applying the necessary supportive skills to the individuals life based on their current development level.  When I was trained in counseling, the most critical factor was emotional detachment and objectivity, open to a very diverse spectrum of experience.  Just as you tell your symptoms to your doctor before being diagnosed, or to your clinician before accepting treatment,  no amount of treatment or healing can take place without an understanding of the current condition as well as some background information about a client or patient. Intuitive sensitivity is another important component with a bedside manner tuning into the person and how they are working with the energies.

All chart factors  have a high or low vibration and one has choice to take the high road or the low road. While it is true that difficult and challenging aspects, in a collective sense, such as elections and natural disasters, are often out of our personal control, personal challenges are easier to work with, however there is no way to know how the person is managing the energy without learning more about their patterns and habits.  The delicacy and impressionism of people coming for a reading is critical enough.  The power of suggestion and the resultant self fulfilling prophecy is a particularly sensitive exchange between a reader and a client.  I have practiced client centered therapy where emotional validation is key in directing the astrology reading and where to begin to deconstruct the chart.  The interpretation of the reading or guidance is critical in relaying the message in a manner that is helpful and supportive.

There is a sensitive barometer and a counseling component  to extrapolating the energies in the reading by learning where the client is functioning (client centered) in order to illuminate how the stars are influencing a person’s life.  The interpretation is better to spin  from a positive stand to give the person a chance to take the energy made conscious and use it for strength and doing this requires knowing how to present to the client the best possible constructive way to work with certain forceful energies.  Most energies are manifested in unconscious reaction.  Being made aware without painting a hard picture gives a more proactive consequence to events.

Astrology readings require a one to one dialogue and enough understanding of each unique situation.  I have had my share of  doom and gloom psychic readings, coaching and character assassinations telling me in no uncertain terms that I would fail or never find love or live a bleak and dark life let alone predicting death which really pushes the integrity button.  It’s concerning that this still happens, with a bedside manner similar to when doctors often tell a patient in a cavalier manner they have cancer and have 6mths to live.  No one knows the absolute answer although a medical diagnosis can decipher to a certain degree which is much different.

It’s not possible to coach or read and tell someone who they are and what they will do without knowing them unless they are psychic, which few people are.  I would always be weary of anyone telling you anything dire or that you are cursed. People can infect and influence with abuse, negative energy and negative words, especially if one is vulnerable or naive and can’t see the signs, don’t trust their intuition or don’t steer clear of toxic situations. Words can and do hurt.  If someone is wanting to use a piece of your hair, without explaining their intention, then you can assume they don’t have your best interests at heart and its time to create some boundaries!

My astrology readings are based on what I learn about someone before I draw any conclusions.  Its an exchange and sharing of information and a dialogue, not a monologue. A reading is a time to learn how to best use the tools you have.  It is very important for anyone reading, coaching or counseling someone to be centered and grounded themselves before they can guide and heal someone else, as well as creating strong boundaries to keep a psychic distance while keeping their energy centers clear.  Often someone coming for a reading is very emotional, distressed or confused and it’s easy to get pulled into their psychic space.  I often practice a ritual before and after a reading, clearing my energy field in order to return to my center.

I see coaches use techniques like drill sergeants, scolding parents, using shame, blame and judgemental practices. These readings are coming from a subjective viewpoint that hasn’t had the ability to remain impartial or objective in order to assess a situation in a reasonable manner.  If a reader, counselor or coach is coming from personal wounded places, their own emotional barometer will reflect it and be biased in their own pain in how they offer help, interpret a chart or provide support.  I really do not believe you will get a clear helpful reading or coaching unless the coach and reader themselves has healed, has learned to deal and take ownership for their challenges and has been able to carry their projections without loosely slinging them.

One very powerful component of an astrology reading is helping a client work with future transits whether  challenging or beneficial.  I don’t guide based on generic Sun Sign prediction such as saying all Cancers will find love or all Taurus will see increased money in any given year. I do note though that an outer transit will challenge a certain sign such as the current Uranus Pluto square affecting many Cancers but how that challenge manifests depends on the variables in each unique chart.  Preparing and being proactive in guiding someone toward the optimal way to manage the energy and how to use the energy constructively is the best possible way to direct the energy to its most useful potential as the most challenging energy can be directed toward  powerful positive opportunity.

People have contacted me knowing they have difficult aspects ahead and they are terrified, further stressed by being told harsh expectations. I see this time and again where you have a difficult transit coming and the only thing anticipated is bad or difficult not realizing the strength and power inherent in this time. These are strong energies that can be channeled for greater use.  These are the lessons of challenges.   This is where it becomes a task to give someone the opportunity to drive the energy as opposed to having it drive them from the outside. Suffice it to say, coming to get a reading on death and given any forecast for death is an unethical practice.  If the death card comes up in the Tarot it doesn’t mean literal death.  Astrology or any of the intuitive arts is based on symbolism.  Its not matter of fact.

What is clear is the chart points to energy patterns and if not owned or utilized to some manner, will attract the same from someone or something from the outside.  Hence, what isn’t conscious is often projected, so evident with Neptune the last year, the populace duped, led astray and pulled into unrealistic, over idealized positions. I have read countless charts of those taken for a ride during Neptune transits that left them dumbfounded once the transit was over-what was I thinking or why wasn’t I thinking?

The best way to manage this is to learn what those trigger points for a client are and how to proactively help to guide them on how to utilize the energy constructively.  A case in point is transit Saturn making a hard aspect to Pluto.  Further if Pluto rules your career, this transit would  show some type of restructuring in your career.  Rather than deal with being made redundant or getting the pink slip, this would be a time to start reviewing your career goals and make a plan whether an exit strategy or options at how to make a smooth transition. Taking action at these critical Saturn transits is key to take control and own your authority instead of being controlled by someone else.

Typically difficult transits are attempting to steer you in a better direction and get you out of a comfort zone, hence the discomfort and challenge.  Without challenge, there is no growth.  Saturn hard transits are those times of correction and going the extra mile.  If you do the work, you see the results.  Pluto transits are a time to own your power.  Neptune transits open boundaries and help you step out into the unknown.  Uranus transits get you down the road less traveled to do something out of the ordinary.  A Mars transit can either be taken into action and assertion  instead of it coming out negatively with irritation and anger.  On the other hand,  harmonious transits and aspects are a blessing and offer an opportunity to relish in the fruits of your labors, but don’t count on them to give you the impetus to get the work done.

One of the most fundamental aspects of an astrology reading is coaching and counseling  a client according to their own value system.  Its easy enough to preach a moral or social code onto someone or judge one who is in the throes of an illicit affair of the heart or is dealing with a hostile angry partner. While advising on the inherent consequences and the karmic ticker clock  to what we might believe to be their better interest, it isn’t a reader’s place to guide someone based on personal or subjective, biased values.   Counseling or readings are to guide someone’s action based on their own value system and to help best utilize the energies given in their chart unique to their needs and desires.

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