Full Moon in Cancer 2017

Full Moon in CancerFull Moon in Cancer 2017 “I’ve Got a Feeling” The Beatles

The Full Moon in Cancer is a key time once a year, as the Moon is once again in its home in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, at home, in tune and in touch with feelings, emotions and meeting those vital, core inner needs. Those with an activated Moon or Cancer tend to be motivated by a strong maternal instinct where feeling needed gives a sense of purpose and identity, protecting, providing and stirring up deep emotions, instigating bonding and nurturing.

All Full Moons polarize with more intensity as the Full Moon in Cancer accentuates the Capricorn Sun opposing the Cancer Moon with the focus on Capricorn seriousness, limits, career, the public, authority and responsibility and Cancer close relationships, motherhood, family, emotions, vulnerability, support and private affairs.  Needless to say the extremes of naysayers, pessimism, melancholy and utter sadness of life’s limits and hardships (Capricorn) get the ready response and reaction of the Cancer Moon emotional roller coaster ride where hibernation gets pushed to the max, with wild cries from the wolf’s den.

The Moon in Cancer challenges and cracks old man winter Sun Capricorn inner cold core code and breaks the ice when hell freezes over by bursting out with an outpouring and releasing of pent up charged emotions.  The Moon in Cancer is open to all the tender emotions and addresses the warts and all that the Capricorn self sufficient resilience feels quietly with a coat of strength not often showing neediness or acknowledging feeling the pain.  The Cancer Moon is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and cuts through the veneer, hard shell to the openly expressive, emotionally raw and vulnerable soft underbelly.

The Moon rules Cancer and is at home with emotions and feelings.  Sensitivity and the mother load is priority where the heart rules over the head.    The Moon Cancer seeks security through domestic and family nurture and substance.  Mothering, care taking, and memories are the domain of Cancer.  The Moon in Cancer goes to the roots of anything to find the core source.  The Moon, ruling over the family and our most intimate emotional space is rich with the base recognition of our earliest emotional landscape carried with us throughout our life span.

The Full Moon in Cancer forms a grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter Uranus Pluto as all Cancer related issues come to the forefront with family, domestic issues, mothering, nurturing, home, emotions.  The Moon in this grand cross is in crisis mode calling attention and confrontation to all those cracks and   stormy undercurrents that beckon attention and protective instincts of what is up close and personal which can bring up all messy dynamics such as smothering, controlling, helicopter care giving, codependence, hypersensitivity, neediness, clinginess, remedied with extra hugs, cuddles, comforting foods and safe havens.

Jupiter in Libra created a tsquare with Uranus square Pluto in the latter part of 2016 and will continue to throughout 2017, war torn from Uranus square Pluto making its last close aspect (within 3 degrees). Over the last month we saw a long string of strife, violence in Turkey, Instanbul, Berlin and Florida.

Mercury retrograde is presently in its turnaround stage, sitting at station, slowly moving forward coming out of Mercury retrograde.  Mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius and Capricorn this time around with focus on philosophy, beliefs, travel (Sagittarius) and consequence, boundaries, responsibility, depression (Capricorn). Mercury retrograde during the holiday season saw a higher than usual case of viruses and illness take hold as well as all other communication fiascos, weather storms and accidents.  Mercury retrograde is often a time to revert, rewind and remind of the past where any present and future plans get thrown off course.

The US inauguration on January 20th is close at hand, on the heels of this intense Full Moon in Cancer. The US inauguration happens during a last quarter moon where the energies are heavy, serious and somber with Mars and Venus in Pisces join Chiron Pisces and square Saturn Sagittarius, revealing a stringent realization that the veil of deception and rose colored glasses are lifting and opening us up to a harsh new reality.


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