Saturn in Sagittarius 2014-2017

Saturn in SagittariusSaturn in Sagittarius “Time in a Bottle” Jim Croce

Saturn ingressed into Sagittarius in late 2014, transited back into Scorpio and then entered Sagittarius September 2015 for its stay in Sagittarius until December 2017. Saturn represents accountability, limits, authority, boundaries, discipline, reality, structure and Sagittarius is the law, publishing, religion, beliefs, media, higher learning, foreign territory, culture and long distant travel. Saturn Sagittarius in affliction increases or puts more harshness and inflammatory reaction, fanaticism to preaching, judgement and irrational moralizing to religious beliefs, the law and immigration. Wherever Saturn resides or transits shows concentration with a purpose whether to correct, discipline or bring reality to any area of life and with it, sustained attention to hone in certain areas (such as career, identity, home etc.) with any stuck sense forcing a resolution. Saturn transits are a rite of passage and if not prepared to move onto the next stage, come with a reckoning and consequence.

Saturn in Sagittarius, at its best, in constructive aspect without affliction, is strength in following best practices and adhering to honesty, ethics, a moral compass that is just in righting a wrong. Legal issues have the opportunity for open and expansive reach as well as sound justice without all the judgmental moralizing, keeping from hypocrisy with a practice what you preach on where you cross the line on liberal freedoms and conservative control. New laws such as legalizing marijuana, gun control with a broader agenda and practical, common sense outcomes. Suffice to say, it is a good time to lose any excess weight and detoxify the liver as Saturn disciplines and limits Jupiter excess.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a bit of an oxymoron and contradictory as Saturn limits while Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, wants to expand, therefore they are not pleasant bedfellows which both increases (Jupiter) the harshness of Saturn and limits (Saturn) the joy of Jupiter. In a corrective, modifying exercise, needed Saturn boundaries are necessary for bringing in more realism and practicality to Sagittarius beliefs or ideals. Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign with a cannonball effect that becomes ever more shapeless and less controlled, leaving open and impressionable, lacking structure and clear boundaries. In mutable signs, Saturn Sagittarius health issues may bring up limits and aging issues with the skin, knees, arthritis (Saturn) with focus around the hips, joints, sciatic nerve, liver, (Sagittarius).

Saturn is the time keeper. Time waits for no man and during Saturn transits, time does slow down and literally stand still, giving an opportunity to focus and concentrate. During times of storms and crisis with the current Uranus Pluto upheavals, Saturn gives the needed grit to hold it together and apply oneself to get through the tough times with tenacity and resilience. As Saturn transits through a new sign and moves through its first station, sitting at a degree for a long stint, it impresses upon a point to extend throughout the Saturn cycle.

Saturn makes its transit trek through Sagittarius, starting with a tense aspect to Neptune, then to Jupiter in Virgo, then to Chiron in Pisces in 2016 flavoring many of the Virgo/Pisces eclipses in 2016 with some notable pain and wounding although throughout 2017, the Saturn transit is more constructive with beneficial aspects to Uranus, Jupiter and the Leo/Aquarius eclipses however Saturn will still square Chiron Pisces, continuing into 2017 with some painful  reaction with beliefs, publishing and media, pushing the envelope, making a mockery of when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Saturn Sagittarius first station was at 4 degrees earlier in 2015. Sabian Symbol: “An old owl up in a tree. This is a symbol of the necessary element of steadiness in human affairs..” The symbol is apt as the owl depicts wisdom (reflective of Saturn and Sagittarius), as well as steady, self restraint and stability (Saturn) and indicates a time to stop and take stock. This all became eerily apparent during the recent Paris attack, as a French bakery hit had a clock that stopped, with the second hand constantly hitting on the same spot at the exact time of the massacre.

Saturn transits mark a major change of status and shift in a lifetime. Each Saturn transit through a sign takes approximately 2.5 years and fall into a 7, 14 and 28 year cycle. A Saturn return cycle 28-30 years, is a major milestone and coming of age experienced at 28 year intervals. At each return a passing of the baton and shifting of the guard becomes a focal point. The 1st return at age 28, a rite of passage into adulthood, taking responsibility and maturation (starting of career, marriage and having children), the 2nd return and 2nd adulthood (age 58-60) entering as a senior citizen, thinking of retirement or second career, becoming grandparents, taking care of elderly aging parents and the 3rd return at around age 85-87.

Saturn Sagittarius will impact those with mutable signs and planets the most (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and those with their Saturn Sagittarius returns, for those born between 1985-1988 (1st Saturn return) 1956-1959 (2nd Saturn return), 1930 (3rd Saturn return). The 27 club depicts many famous musicians who ended their life dramatically with suicide during their first Saturn return which seems rather ironic as most of these current terrorists, lone wolf mass shooters and suicide bombers age group are their first Saturn return.

Sagittarius belief systems get a dose of Saturn preaching to the choir where it’s futile to argue about religion, politics or philosophy, as it’s subjective and highly infested with emotional personal opinion, perception and bias. Belief systems and interpretation have always been controversial, whether in religion, the law or politics (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist etc.) or Liberal Conservative/Democrat/Republican/right wing left wing. Saturn Sagittarius message is responsible respect for allowing an expansive, open mind to practice and express one’s own faith and beliefs without interfering, converting or preaching. Saturn in Sagittarius is a time to find meaning and a new perspective with beliefs, religion dogma, philosophy, embracing an expansive framework, above and beyond standard practice.

All the brainwashing, propaganda is influencing and leading astray those unstable, disenfranchised without a center, seeking meaning, purpose and identity who like sheep, follow some pied piper guru, getting caught up in fanatic and twisted ideologies, with a cult like calling, seen clearly with the 2016 US Election process and ISIS and more at the root cause of those radicalized, marginalized young men and women looking for an identity and a place of empowerment. Saturn in Sagittarius brings up a time to relook at religious and belief systems and how they have infiltrated into the psyche influencing a grasping desperation during crisis due to fear and insecurity which then in turn creates more reliance on worship and guidance from cult like idols.

Saturn in Sagittarius is showing more prejudice, blocks (Saturn) in accepting differing, foreign beliefs, ideologies mostly due to fear of the unknown. The wide berth of Sagittarius with an open forum of allowance to believe the unbelievable, is stifled by Saturn’s stringent superstition, needing validation and testament with tangible evidence and proof, see it to believe it. Saturn in Sagittarius in a mutable sign, shifted from fixed, slow to change Saturn in Scorpio, is more flexible, pliable and open to dialogue and change, giving Saturn Sagittarius the ability to curtail and correct the overblown preaching and moralizing and restructure and create new rules (Saturn) with judgement, the law, religious authority (Sagittarius).

Saturn in Sagittarius is reigniting the megalomania carried over from the Pluto in Sagittarius transit  with the extreme radicalism resulting in the 911 terrorist attack in 2001 and the events leading up to the economic crash of 2008. Saturn has a 7 year cycle which presents the 911 pattern (14 years ago and 2 Saturn cycles) and the economic crash 2008 (7 years ago and 1 Saturn cycle) which takes it back to inception with al-Qaeda in 1988, the last Saturn  Sagittarius cycle and thus a full Saturn return. During 911 when Pluto was in Sagittarius, Saturn was in Gemini oppose Pluto in Sagittarius, a highly afflicted outer planet transit. During 2008, Saturn was in Virgo oppose Uranus Pisces and ready to hit the tsquare with the building Uranus square Pluto transits.


Saturn Sagittarius meets up with its first affliction with a square to Neptune Pisces November 2015, showing repercussions of these acts with consequence (religious fanaticism, mass exodus and immigration, poverty, global warming). As the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius began in early 2015, we experienced the tragedy with Charlie Hebdo and the tragedies escalated again, including another attack in Paris in November 2015 as Saturn Sagittarius made its first square to Neptune Pisces. France’s chart shows much pressure being hit in many directions and France itself is going through its own Saturn return, according to the 5th Constitution/Republic.

Saturn Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces continues throughout 2016, the next hit June 2016 (Orlando Shooting) and finishing September 2016 during a major Solar Eclipse. Anytime an outer planet meets with a cross to another outer planet, points to significant evolutionary crisis. Saturn Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces increases affliction with blurry vision, sleeping at the wheel (more issues with sleep apnea) bursting bubbles, breaking glass, regret, remorse, poor judgement, heightened fanaticism, mental illness, delusion, distortion and scattered forces. Structures and foundations crack and show weakened stability from Saturn drought to Neptune floods. Saturn square Neptune is like a wet noodle. Saturn dull dry gets a Neptune soaking, leaving one limp with lack luster with Saturn treading water against the Neptune tide.

The effects of Saturn Neptune are increased sensitivity, melancholy, apathy, discouragement with a sense of futility, consequence with deep regret, listlessness, defeat and a feeling of failure. Saturn pessimism gets a dose of hopelessness, victimization, martyrs, sacrifice, isolation and self doubt from Neptune. Saturn Neptune afflicted aspects have historically been times of uncertainty, greater poverty, impoverishment, depression, hard to diagnose diseases, autoimmune and skin disorders, squelching enthusiasm, delays, rigid constraints (Saturn), confusion, addiction, sleep disturbance, issues with the feet and vision (Neptune).

Saturn structure, groundedness and gravity is challenged by Neptune’s elusiveness, formlessness where Saturn grasps for something to hold onto as Neptune leaves room open for floating aimlessly and or being submerged and feeling lost like drowning (Neptune) by a heavy gravity and weight (Saturn). Poverty consciousness becomes more prevalent as the material practical mundane of Saturn in tense aspect to Neptune is left without a leg to stand on, slipping through Neptune’s hands.

The combination of Saturn tangible reality with Neptune intuitive, elusive gives the opportunity to blend the hard core practical side of Saturn with the ethereal side of Neptune and a time to get serious and practical about any spiritual beliefs and dreams while not being easily swayed by overblown ideals. The aim of the tension is to find a way to meet both energies and integrate them such as keeping some sense of time, structure and reality while allowing an open expansive unknown to find its way into dreams and visions. With depression and SAD more prevalent, taking extra doses of Vitamin D, getting better sleep (for sleep aid add melatonin or 5 HTP). The positive consequences of increased uncertainty and questionable security will see a rise in collective spiritual bonding, meditation, prayer, fighting for the underdog and injustice and an unrelenting, stronger faith.

Saturn in Sagittarius is showing the burden and shift in publishing, the music industry and the mass media. To kill a mocking bird has a sequel finally published (Saturn late bloomer). The internet allowing free content has changed the landscape of journalism, music and the media. With Saturn Sagittarius in aspect to Neptune Pisces, delusion and misrepresentation and interpretation of dogma, with skewed and distorted reading between the lines and with it the sensationalism and “flogging for blogging” and legal repercussions with Saturn discipline and punishment for public discussion, expression and disclosure.

Saturn Sagittarius is further showing forced limits on immigration due to security and increased terrorism, yet migration is on the increase as migrants escape and make an exodus to find safe havens. Saturn square Neptune is adding to the challenging treks on rough seas very typical of Saturn Sagittarius (travel restrictions) with long journeys over water (Neptune). Foreign investment and interest in the global community sees further disorientation and uncertainty with blue chip investment in the oil sector on questionable ground.

Saturn Sagittarius is showing the repercussions of globalization, both positive and negative where technology and the internet has opened the flood gates and Pandora’s box as well. The western world continues to intermingle with divergent cultures where the integration is more an infiltration of vast differences in beliefs, cultures, ethnicity, lifestyles that at best add richness and multicultural diversity and at its worst, hostile divide and clashes reigniting racist, secular and nationalistic values with hostile reaction and hate crime, ethnic cleansing to any melting pot or immigrant policy.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces turns up the notch on fanatic hypocrisy and takes political correctness to a whole new level with barbaric violent acts committed in the name of religious belief where faith and terrorism are pinned up against each other. With Saturn square Neptune, ideologies get warped perspective. Freedom of speech to give the opportunity to critic or have an opinion or question anything whether distasteful, offensive or derogatory or to keep an open forum to debate and critically think about differences is taken down from political correctness, regressing to racist, white supremacy to oppressive, violent, righteous religious overblown reaction. It’s coming down to poetic justice that tragedy and crisis brings you up against a wall forcing a solution and reaction to impact a constructive reformation, far greater in scope than just eye for an eye, tit for tat retaliation.


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