Full Moon in Cancer 2018

FullMoonCancerFull Moon in Cancer 2018 “New Years Day” U2

The New Year 2018 is welcomed with a Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day.  The Full Moon in Cancer ( ruled by the Moon) infuses New Year’s resolutions with heightened emotion tied to plans and goals for the upcoming year. Sun Capricorn oppose Moon Cancer illuminates the paternal /maternal access.  Career, authority public issues (Capricorn-ruled by Saturn) come up against home, maternal, security, privacy issues (Cancer-ruled by the Moon).

The Full Moon in Cancer forms a flowing, potent water grand trine setting the tone for the 2018 year ahead with emotional fulfillment and replenishment.  The elements of water and earth are the over riding emphasis of the Full Moon which puts focus on the body,  getting out of the head. The lack of air planets puts a damper on detachment and reason.  Emotions run deep and imaginations run wild, tuning into a highly sensitized atmosphere, fitting for a time of turning inward, getting in touch with your feelings, seeking  comfort and safety.

Sun Capricorn joins Venus Capricorn, with Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn, giving a serious tone to the Full Moon in Cancer.  Saturn Capricorn takes a turn toward values related to commitment, long term planning, career, reputation, rules and regulations, structure, grounded, practical, down to earth,  realistic goals.  (Capricorn Saturn – health issues with bones, teeth, knees, skin)

Mercury Sagittarius is fast moving out of retrograde the last few weeks.  Mercury Sagittarius is opinionated and fire inflated where words can get exaggerated, with preaching, gossip and spreading rumors. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots”.

Mars Scorpio joins Jupiter Scorpio with energies growing high and mighty and over the top with compulsive and obsessive drive and desire. Anger can get emotionally charged and righteous.  Mars Jupiter aligns with Pluto adding strength of purpose, intensity, sexual healing.

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