Mars The Red Planet

Mars the Red PlanetMars rules Aries, Element-Fire, Root Chakra, grounding, protection, strength, energy, Bloodstone, Coral, Agate, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Ruby, Numerology-1.

Mars is all about action, fire, initiative and movement.  Mars is the god of war.  It rules the 1st house, will power, instinct, energy, decisiveness, leadership, competition, adventure, hunting, military, assertiveness and drive as well as potential combat, conflict, anger, conquest,  aggression and agitation.

Mars is about “unleashing your dragon” and breathing your fire. Mars, in its home Aries and in the 1st house is headstrong, competitive, impulsive, courageous and takes initiative (strong leadership ability) which sparks enthusiasm in others.  Those with a strong Mars like to start things and take on new adventures.  They are the pioneers and trail blazers

Mars rules the head and is associated with the 1st house, the physical body and vitality. Mars needs attention and if we try to hide, run, derail or side step it, Mars will find a way to get attention. Stuffing it has been known to create illness, disease and depression, with anger denied or turned inward.  Inflammation is Mars related and if we don’t find a way to expend the fire and heat from our bodies, our bodies in turn will inflame. The bodies way of containing anger is through inflammation as heat expands and swells and needs purging and release which is why exercise and working the body (muscles are also associated with Mars). Physical movement always goes hand in hand with Mars and alleviating the stress of Mars.  Passive aggression is essentially remedied by assertion where aggression is the extreme outlet when balance and proactive attention is needed with conflict resolution and anger management.

Anger has gained a rough and hard reputation but it’s a valid and real emotion as any other.  The instinctual signals of our bodies still know when we are under attack or harm whether  physical, emotional and mental.  Our built in radar and instincts and defense mechanisms are there for a reason, serving as survival and protective armor.  These feelings we encounter  are our bodies natural response to knowing how to respond to danger.  Taken down to raw behaviorist terms, our bodies alarm bells keep us in tune with our own detection devices but by being conditioned with certain socials mores, we forget to trust those inner calls in light of civilized composure.

The real lesson of Mars is to utilize Mars for what its worth constructively. How one deals with their own natal Mars spells out what coping mechanisms someone uses whether in a state of fight or flight. When we look at animal behavior and instinct and survival, we understand Mars role playing.  I recently encountered experiences with Coyote attacks and observing predatory behavior and the hunt, following their instincts for survival.  Try watching how a mama bear reacts when you have any contact with its young cubs, the protective instinct is fierce.  If you ever notice a wounded animal’s behavior you can see how someone can turn maniacal when cornered, albeit mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Mars turns retrograde every couple of years and slows the movement of Mars which in turn stirs up more Mars negativity with anger, impatience and conflict due to Mars action energy halted.  Mars gone wrong and to the dark shadow in hard aspect to Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn is where Mars gets further instigated into aggressive corners with violence and brutality with death and destruction (Pluto), rebellion and anarchy (Uranus), harsh reality (Saturn) and disorientation and delusion (Neptune).  Mars is territorial and connects us to our radar where we have a tune into primal fear. This is when fear takes over and turns into disordered function, lashing back in rage.

Mars, anger, survival is all very primal.  The inherent instinct to kill stems from the primal root of rage, where Mars in aspect to Pluto often leads to destruction. It’s where we can get some semblance of understanding what drives someone to kill.  Fear is very close to the primal instinct (think of the primal scream) and Mars Pluto show up with many fears and phobias instigating rage. Sun is creation and life as Pluto is destruction and death.  Pluto stirs the ultimate fear of lack of control and death where many fears originate.

Mars doesn’t like being held back and thwarted. Mars Saturn aspects are akin to driving with one foot on the brake.   Mars Saturn aspects symbolize the military with structured, controlled and disciplined defense and those soldiers in uniform who march to the beat of fearlessness and courageous acts. Mars represents protection, guarding and weaponry, guns, machinery and vehicles. Policing and protection is under siege when Mars is in difficult transit where we see abuse and brutality with defense and combat gone amok.

Mars is also about heat, passion, desire and the sex drive.  The dance of Venus Mars ( few times a year) where Mars is king (Aries) and Venus,  ruled by Libra is queen.  Mars conquers and leads and Venus follows in the  endless flirting and courting ritual.   Venus Mars are the natural mates of love and passion so every time they meet we can watch the dance of romance and passion reunite.

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