Mars Libra retrograde and the Cardinal Cross

Mars Libra retrogradeMars Libra retrograde and the Cardinal Cross “Radioactive” Imagine Dragons

Mars Libra made its grand entrance December 8th 2013 during the 1st Quarter Moon and goes retrograde March 2 2014, moves direct May 20th 2014 with a stay in Libra releasing and finishing its run July 25th 2014.  The last run of Mars retrograde in Libra was during a significant eclipse season in the summer of 1999 that was a time of pivotal major upheaval starting many balls rolling where we again meet Mars Libra in eclipse season.

The Sabian Symbols,  key degrees to look at are 27 degrees Libra where Mars goes retrograde and 9 degrees where Mars moves direct.

“A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.  This is a symbol of the necessary validation of all experience through an acceptance of risk, and of the refinement of personal skills through a direct contact with the recurrent  exigencies of everyday living.  Here the genius of the race is preserved by a fresh and constant participation in life’s transient situations”.

“A man in the midst of brightening influences.  This is a symbol of the enduring rewards of life whenever it is taken seriously in its own fundamental terms or accepted with a realization of the underlying friendliness of the world at large.  Implicit in the intangible symbolization is an encouragement on which any individual may count, knowing that his unflagging courage in pressing forward on his pilgrimage from the darkness to light is the best of all guarantees of his achievement.”

Mars Libra movement through its long cycle in retrograde will meet up with Jupiter Uranus Pluto and form a grand cardinal cross sure to rock everyone’s world hitting up the cardinal crunch through the holiday season  with some heightened development through the Full Moon in Gemini December 17th 2013 and hitting a major blow up on the New Moon New Year’s Day.  The cross continues into and perfects April 22 2014 as Mars and many of the cardinal energies hit up Jupiter Cancer with issues pertaining to boundaries, judgement getting tested.

This Mars cardinal cross begins by showing up as stormy weather early in the winter season and will continue into effect until a major culmination in April 2014 during the eclipse season, showing up with the Ukraine crisis.  Mars moves through its retrograde motion over the nodal axis, as part of the eclipse season pointing to strong destiny and fate with anything action oriented or any major confrontation or conflict, (Libra -relationships, agreements, negotiations).  Toxic relationships and any cooperation, diplomacy, collaboration, partnership will be highly tested and broken open to free any shackles, fears, unfairness or inequity.   Whatever tolerated will reach a breaking point of no return.

Mars Libra has activated the cardinal cross starting gun and the race is on, albeit chaotic with scattered direction amongst the fork in the road crossroad wanting to break new ground.  If there was ever a time to reinvent yourself, this is it.  Mars Libra with Jupiter Uranus Pluto is a very activating walking time bomb for forcing major changes that are energizing, exciting with a ready mix of combative, radical naughtiness.   It is a war zone, raw exposed kill or be killed or bully or be bullied might makes right expelling any poison.  It burns through the psyche and needs expression where something has to give piquing on restless, aggravated, explosive unrestrained angst spoiling for a fight, swinging guns a blazing, bound to shoot you down.

Mars retrograde brings up all the delays, snags, reversals and backups, one step forward, two steps back with anything Mars related such as action, conflict, fire, war, foes, aggression, anger, speed, sexuality, impatience and accidents.  Mars retrograde digs into the past where a past resentment, conflict and nemesis may resurface needing further resolution.  Mars Libra will test us on using our assertiveness and diplomacy to manage aggression and opposition in order to avoid burning (Mars) bridges (Libra).  This will be a time to be confronted with your own battles and face any fears, storm or calamity whatever they may be whether health or money or relationships and how you fight the good fight testing your strength.

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.   Mars gives us the needed strength to stand against anything in the name of self preservation.  This is time for heroes and heroines, warriors, bravery and courage where competition will become fierce with a hefty dose of testosterone, passion and virility heating things up.  Mars Libra shows the gentle giants, defending the little guy and standing up to defeat the big bully.

Mars Libra hits up with Venus Capricorn also in retrograde in a tense angle just as Mars turns retrograde and Venus begins to move forward out of her shadow retrograde March 2014.   This tango brings up much with Venus resolved to move on with new found value  as Mars has to back up again and retrace steps to find fairness (Libra).   Relationships are touchy walking on thin ice ready to crack through.   There is a fine line being drawn that ensures everyone gets their fair share.  Mars Libra ruled by Venus, brings up issues with design, beautification, and in retrograde, plans and strategy around redesign.

This Mars Libra cross calls on us to get on our armor and gear, sharpen our knives and prepare for battle. It’s no surprise that Mars rules over the muscles which surround our skeletal structure.  Mars brings up burns, fires, headaches.   Mars Libra brings up tension with the kidneys, lower back (lumbar), diabetes, inflammation.   When we say someone has no backbone, who crumbles under pressure or doesn’t stand up for themselves,  probably has a weak Mars.  Without Mars, we don’t get the alarm bells like inflammation that fights off disease or the needed energy, initiative or drive to defend, attack and ward off any enemy or offender in the name of survival.

Mars Libra retrograde will highlight everything about Libra such as fairness, equity, balance and  grace.  Mars is in its detriment in Libra as Mars rules Aries, the opposite sign of Libra.  When Mars is in its detriment, it’s not functioning at its optimal level.  Mars Libra works on social parameters and will try to win through keeping the peace, cooperation and collaboration to preserve relationships which is all well and good and may be politically correct however some good old push and shove Mars is necessary sometimes with direct cut to the chase action that settles the score once and for all.

Mars the planet of war, independence and selfishness in the sign of Libra (relationships, fairness, balance peace) is an oxymoron.  Mars Libra with its opposite effect of Aries direct action can shoot itself in the foot with boomerang over reaction and defensiveness.  Indecisive, weighing options, needing approval and pleasing others hampers the decisive process of direct action and assertion and often turns to many ineffectual means of managing a conflict. Mars shows how tough you are and Mars in detriment is easy prey to be picked on and pushed around.

Mars Libra is the polarity of Mars in Aries, a projectile point where others act out your unexpressed, repressed anger or irritation.  Blame and pointing fingers often points right back to the source that keeps at you until you have no other choice but to stand your ground.  Mars in Libra can tend to push issues under the carpet and accept circumstances and conditions that no healthy assertive Mars would ever tolerate who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  When Mars is operating optimally, you can rest assured you sleep at night. Mars Libra in the cardinal cross is no more Mr. Nice guy pushing any angst to the forefront.

When Mars denies its nature with its buttons pushed, the build up and release point becomes an infuriating boiling pot.  An afflicted Mars has the unfortunate habit of indirect bitching, complaining, bemoaning and arguing wrestling with your demons dragging things through the mud without any clean resolution. The social construct of if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all has a Libra tone to it. The superficial conciliatory nicety can stink of rank back stabbing and passive aggression that pussy foots around afraid of offending, hurting someone’s feelings or upsetting the apple cart harboring negative feelings with a fine line to the gumption of what is brought out into the open where what you say in your head (you look fat in those pants) is a far cry and divide from what you say out loud (did you get new pants?) Very Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf.

Mars Libra can prove beneficial in this harsh transit in keeping the peace which can curtail some of the outward aggression and agree to disagree.  Mars in an air sign thinks before acts and keeps a rational approach cooling the fires of Mars.  Mars Libra gives the opportunity to count to ten taking the impulsive urge out of any action that brings constructive and thoughtful attention during any argument.

The Mars Libra cross is already showing its stirrings of the major impact with the death of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela’s Mars in Libra was under the strain the last year showing his battle.  He embodied the positive Mars Libra traits with a strong fighting spirit for the rights of others, fairness and equality using peaceful negotiations and diplomatic reconciliation.  His Mars square Pluto further pointing to his fierce battles and fighting spirit to win against all odds which he did without bitterness, revenge and hatred knowing it would just have perpetuated his prison sentence.

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