Jupiter in Cancer 2013-2014

Jupiter in CancerJupiter in Cancer 2013-2014 “Seasons of Emotion” The Rain Song, Led Zeppelin

Jupiter is in its exaltation in Cancer where it bestows its more beneficial return with luck, good fortune, joy, abundance, generosity and positive expansion.  Unlike the previous run through Jupiter in Gemini, where it has been in its detriment with over taxing minds and thinking, busy coming and going, Jupiter in Cancer moves to taking it down a few notches, getting out of your head and into your heart.  Jupiter enters Cancer June 26th 2013 and will transit through Cancer until July 15 2014.   The exaltation increases and enhances the attributes of Jupiter with the itch to grow, expand, increase  but with more honorable intentions and truth, freedom and integrity.

Jupiter in Cancer begins its journey on June 26th 2013 after the Full Moon grand trine perfects with the Sun Cancer, Saturn Scorpio and Neptune/Chiron Pisces and a stillness in the air as the water trine greets and embraces Jupiter’s emotional bounty.  Jupiter has a 12 year cycle.  Jupiter is known as the great benefic and shines its blessings.  Those especially lucky this year will be Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio as well as Taurus and Virgo.  Looking back at the previous few cycles of Jupiter in Cancer (August 1977-April 1979) (August 1989-August 1990) (July 2001-August 2002) can give you an indicator of a pattern.  Look to the place (house) where Jupiter resides in your chart and the cusp of Cancer and Sagittarius to see the influence of Jupiter.

Moon ruled Cancer rules over emotions, family, roots, motherhood, nurturing, cooking, and domestic affairs.  Go big or go home is where Jupiter is coming home to a home coming in Cancer.  Jupiter in Cancer is the fat cat luck and expansion in the home whether wealth in real estate, family wealth, large estates and expansive property, home additions and renovations.  This will be a good time for builders and home buyers and investment in real estate.  Living is easy,  living high on the hog or living beyond your means and threats of homelessness.   Jupiter in Cancer also points to those over expansive and overreaching boundaries and growth where we don’t want it seen in developments of homes in areas that are risky such as those homes built on land prone to severe weather such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and landslides.

Jupiter in Cancer may show expansion, publishing and legal issues (Jupiter) in connection to foreign destinations (Jupiter) and the home front (Cancer).  Airing your dirty laundry publicly, publishing and discussing very private matters (Cancer) may be the hot topics with personal memoirs, life stories and autobiographies.  Home additions in foreign lands, additional vacation homes, cabin in the woods, house boat, live on a boat (Cancer water) and a home away from home ( Jupiter Cancer).

Big moves, foreign moves and spreading (Jupiter) roots (Cancer). Jupiter is the proverbial gypsy that feels the urge to move on to new horizons with the “four strong winds” of the changing seasons.    Jupiter can be truly the time the grass looks greener on the other side with a yearning to grow and expand the home base and uproot that in turn brings homesickness.  Jupiter’s position reflects over North America as both Canada and the US are Cancer born countries often seen as safe havens for other countries. Migration and immigration issues grow as more flee and make an exodus seeking refuge, shelter and secure homes away from war torn countries.

Jupiter in Cancer is somewhat of an oxymoron as Jupiter rules foreign distant affairs and Cancer close and domestic, up close and personal.  Once the Cancer crab claws attach, they won’t let go.  Attachment is a Cancer root of bonding and fusing together, in remembrance of that first bond and attachment with mother and baby in a close bond.  Mothering, maternal instincts hone in and possibly smothering and over protectiveness may be more prevalent with Jupiter in Cancer.

Cancer is connected to the breasts, stomach and emotions where we may see more emphasis on breast health, stomach issues, ulcers, emotional disturbances and hypersensitivity.  Jupiter is connected to swelling, growths, the liver, hips where when afflicted and in stress can bring up excessive and problematic issues in these areas.

Jupiter Cancer is a fertile time as I am seeing many pregnant moms ready to burst.  Jupiter Cancer brings out the homing device, mothering, attentive, caring and in touch in preparation with their protective instinct.  Cancer focuses on emotional longing and wanting something or someone to hold onto with close warm hugs and embraces, devotion, a feeling of nurturing, family relations and a sense of belonging finding that safety net and somewhere to truly call home.  Cancer is private and deeply rooted in a place of sanctuary to find shelter in a storm.  With Cancer as an emphasis, the phrase do you feel the love and where you feel the love as everything about feelings and tuning into emotional senses takes center stage.

Cancer rules over cooking, gardening and the domestic scene. Gardens will be ample and growth enhanced due to all the moisture and nurture of nature’s rains.  Gardening by the moon cycles proves to bring successful results.  Foodies and those in the restaurant business may see thriving opportunity.  Dinner parties fair well now and any gathering around food and home.  Focus with all foodies, garden growers and homebodies united finding soothing through your favorite comfort food  turning you into a cook tease with all those cauldrons bubbling up the latest brews and concoctions increasing that urge to over (Jupiter) eat (Cancer ).  Needless to say it’s best to stay with healthy indulgences the next while if you don’t want to see a bigger waistline in the next year.

Cancer in defensive mode goes into retreat, or neediness and clinginess, demanding with any threat of abandonment, hiding in their shell which may take some coaxing out of it during the harsh energies surrounding it.  The sensitive touchy feely barometer rises and Cancer feeling threatened will recoil throughout any turmoil and if pushed can overreact emotionally which can pipe up get nasty moods with the Uranus and Pluto turbulence.

Jupiter’s run through Cancer has its ups and downs as it will  flow into a grand trine in July 15-21 2013 as well as in June 2014 with Mars joining the grand trine in Cancer July 21st  2013  and with Saturn Chiron in May/June 2014.  When the outer planets reach this impasse, it’s a gift from the heavens to restore and rejuvenate with an ease whether that’s floating on your air mattress drifting off smooth sailing or it can also perpetuate any overflow with tears, water logging, flooding, hurricanes (water).

Jupiter as part of the water trine may increase the rise and flow of water related issues and flooding, rain and psychological apathy seen with recent  severe flooding in 2013 putting people out of their homes losing their worldly belongings, much irreplaceable and without a safety net-no insurance coverage for floods.   Where squares activate more energy and drive to climb over walls and jump hurdles trines just want to let go and release although Saturn trines do keep an element of discipline to ensure we don’t completely let things go and let things slide.

The grand trine will continue through with Jupiter Saturn and Chiron into 2014 as a healing, creative and inspirational time to follow your hunches and bring harmony, softening some of the blows. Water draws on the intuitive, inner senses with the left brain analytical faculties of the mind turned down and the subtle right brain tuned in.  It is a harvest and essentially akin to the rewards that come from the fruits of your labors.   Following your heart and your bliss is akin to grand trines and with Jupiter what you focus on grows. Healing opportunities with (Saturn –skin, hair, bones, career) (Neptune-feet, forgiveness, retreat, rebab, surrender, sleep, answers to prayers, compassion) Jupiter Cancer (faith, breasts, stomach, emotions, family).

The grand trine built into a rare Grand Sextile (Star of David) July 29th 2013 with the Moon in Taurus and a very opportune time to prepare for in order to reap the most benefit.  If you had any major projects you want to see go your way the planning and execution would be strategically timed during this aspect. The Grand sextile is a 6 pointed star with many configurations with 6 sextiles (60 degree angles).  Sextiles have a built in readiness to make things happen.  6 is a number of balance and equates with Venus and love.  In the Tarot, the Lovers equal 6 and in the grand sextile also contains two tsquares making this a very dynamic fully loaded mix of energy patterns with an out there wild card outcome that is anyone’s guess.

Jupiter will crash and burn and fall into a few frazzled aspects with Uranus Pluto (August 2013) and the spring of 2014 during eclipse season.   The floating grand trine in water hits some rapids and it turns to sink or swim and lots of dog paddling.  It’s time to get in the ring again and not give up the fight (Mars).  The fight for survival and life is fierce and brave.  Mars and harsh square energy requires effort and striving, initiative and movement. Its an aggravating element that can bring up inflammation, aggravation and conflict.

The full on Uranus square Pluto pattern will emerge powerfully when Jupiter Cancer forms a grand cardinal square in April 2014 as Uranus Aries, Pluto Capricorn, Jupiter Cancer and Mars Libra converge into the cardinal cross.  Mars will begin this strain in December 2013 as it enters Libra and goes retrograde for the first half of 2014.  Cardinal crosses are particularly potent for initiation into new frontiers and ventures and with a harsh tense cross aspect, you can envision it will be crisis oriented with critical scenarios in immense capacity.

Lilith transits in Cancer close to Jupiter Cancer for most of this year amplifying Jupiter’s message.  Lilith, the dark moon, in Cancer is the emotional awakener and catalyst that will instigate much of Cancer’s theme and story which will add further potency to the lunar cycles with cathartic release.  Lilith is the harbinger of true freedom, liberty, equality and fairness although pushed against a wall, Lilith has a bite and will fight tooth and nail if necessary leveling the playing field.  Expect the grating cardinal energy to kick up the dirt with Lilith’s raw attention.


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