New Moon in Aquarius 2017

New Moon in AquariusNew Moon in Aquarius 2017 “Crazy” Seal

The New Moon in Aquarius every year is a welcome and refreshing release from stagnation or sameness,  separation from the doldrums with an open door to explore weird and wanton whims. 2017 equals a 1 in numerology matching up the New Moon in Aquarius with a whole new beginning, on a road to hell paved with good intentions.   The Chinese New Year also occurs, moving into the Fire Rooster. The Rooster is known as hard working, responsible along with being frank, forthright and direct, adding courageous fire and resilience to 2017. The Rooster cocka doodle doos tooting a new pecking order in an alarming loud cry and rude awakening to the current state of affairs and the consequence of the choices of 2016 (2016 was a typical Monkey year being radical, single minded not easily swayed, hence the year of Brexit and Donald Trump).

The Sun moving into Aquarius in the last week building to the New Moon in Aquarius today (January 27th) with the US Inauguration and Women’s Marches, set the tone for major activity centered around a radical new beginning with a maverick appeal, literally taking it to the streets very much traversing into a different direction with many legs to stand on, stepping it up with massive protests in a sea of pink, expressing a far reaching, revolutionary turn of events, left to one’s own devices, refusing to give power over to someone so opposed to healthy progressive values, dismantling every last piece of liberty and human dignity.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the universal voice of the group, the rebels and the gatherings of power of the people, contrary and going against the grain. Uranus has been fit to be tied in many entanglements the last several years continually instigating taking a rebellious and unique approach, playing devil’s advocate and expressing the eccentric side, letting out the inner oddball. Uranus stirs the pot into crazy upheaval, shaking up and waking up any dormant sleepy unspoken angst.

The New Moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees makes no major aspects thus showing its wild card free fall although does make a minor semi square to Saturn Sagittarius square Venus Pisces, exhibiting an underlying tension of futility, loneliness, isolation, regret, buyer’s remorse and the doomsday clock ticking, realizing in the face of reality, choices made and the ensuing consequence, meeting up at karmic intersections with the monsters we created.

Since the last New Moon, a stellium of Pisces (Venus Mars Chiron Pisces) has raised a sensitive barometer with confusion, deception, fake news, fraud and falsehoods.  Venus Pisces square Saturn Sagittarius with the recent Mars Pisces square Saturn Sagittarius is pressing on harsh lines being drawn, walls going up (Saturn walls) Sagittarius (foreign, immigration), difference in opinion and belief, stonewalling, with firm boundaries and a cooling period in relationships. Saturn in heavy aspect is rubbing out any warm fuzzies with cold hard reality not giving way to slipping things under the rug or turning a blind eye (Pisces).

Lilith continues in Scorpio joined by Lucifer in Scorpio, upping the ante on women scorned which will see further rise as Lilith and Lucifer meet powerfully and activate the upcoming eclipse season in February. This potent Scorpio duo has trined both Venus and Mars Pisces during the Women’s marches, giving more flow and fluid momentum to the movement that grew to such mass and magnitude.

Mercury Capricorn is now just out of the Mercury retrograde cycle and its shadow phase of procrastination and the vicious cycle of I’ll get around to it as it again hits up the tense Jupiter Uranus Pluto tsquare the next week, adding to the increased intense response and exaggeration as we parade through more bragging rights such as my “inauguration is bigger than yours”. Jupiter, ruling Sagittarius, rules over immigration, foreign travel, expansion, growth exhibiting the intense pressure on these matters that will continue to rise in 2017.

Aquarius and Uranus incites the ability to stand outside the box and take risks, pushing the envelope while keeping an emotional distance and not getting pulled into histrionics. Uranus has been a major part of Obama POTUS terms (Saturn oppose Uranus (2008) and Uranus square Pluto (2012-2016), both very challenging and trying transits which played a significant part in Obama’s legacy of change, diversity and progressive action that brought to the forefront  so many key, critical shifts,  that fueled and fed into a maniacal state of affairs.

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