New Moon Astrology Readings

New Moon astrology readingsNew Moon Astrology Readings are powerful indicators of beginnings and opportunities for seeding and creating within our environment to reach fulfillment with the subsequent Full Moon, with each year focusing on time periods focused on Eclipses, essentially a supercharged New Moon (Solar Eclipse) and Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). New Moon cycles are very key pointers in timing. Every month we can experience the ever shifting tides of the moon cycles fluctuating ebb and flow and feel its emotional pull, as it makes contact with our chart points and aspects.  Because of the emotional basis of the Moon, the Moon transits and building lunar cycles are trigger points and demonstrate our emotional moods and rhythms as it fluctuates monthly.  Over time, these cycles may be recognized as a pattern repeated which will be colored by the changing tide of the planetary transits.

Every month the lunar cycles will feature a house and in some cases touch on a planet or area in the natal chart showing an area of focus, such as the yearly New Moon in the 2nd house, which would focus around finances, earnings and possessions or the 7th house, relationships and partnerships, although each year will be unique due to the outer planet transits and progressions in the natal chart.   At each New Moon (Solar Eclipse), beginning something new, planting seeds and creating a wish list can show remarkable results in manifestation, so be careful what you wish for or what you plant or seed (including negative vibes, moods and thoughts) as it has the ability to manifest at the Quarter and Full Moon. If the New Moon was in a challenging light, we can expect the following Quarter Moon and Full Moon to show the seeds of that difficult New Moon when the cycle Quarter Moon (a square to be aware) or Full Moon energies are peaked and heightened.

The New Moon leads each month with something new, following with every Lunar Phase of the Moon. Solar Eclipses (supercharged New Moons) are especially ripe for new development and planning cycles ahead with fruition at Lunar Eclipses (supercharged Full Moons).

New Moon or Solar Eclipse-planting, staging, making decisions, strategy

Crescent Moon -initiation, seeding, ideas, actions, planning, orchestrating

First Quarter Square or Moon Wobble (execution and taking action), implementation

Waxing Gibbous Moon (riding the flow from action) to seeing ideas come to life, unfoldment

Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse –fruition, fulfillment, harvest

Waning Gibbous Moon –assessing, evaluating, conclude

Last Quarter Square –planning, organizing, closure, completion

Balsamic Phase -retreat, regroup, rest, tune in, visioning, turn inward, banish, reflect and resolve and gather once again for the next New Moon.

I was inspired to name my website  New Moon Astrology Readings as it is symbolic of the new beginning and new venture as well as a timing and trigger pointer in most chart readings.  Knowing where you are in your lunar cycle is especially powerful for planning and timing.For me it’s especially significant as I experienced a progressed New Moon in Cancer during the launch of this website, the Moon ruling Cancer, along with many other very Moon related aspects that make it a key focus around a shift in a new cycle and direction.  A progressed New Moon cycle every 28 years (regular Moon cycle is 28 days) a few times in our lifetime signifies a great shift in our development with a prominent new beginning.

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