New Moon in Capricorn 2018

NewMoonCapNew Moon in Capricorn 2018 “Linger” Cranberries

The New Moon in Capricorn (Saturn ruled) is a new cycle of Saturn principles as Saturn ingresses into its home (Saturn in Capricorn). 2018 in numerology is the universal year of number 2, and the Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog.  This combination entails balanced, centered, practical, loyal, steadfast aims with respect, integrity, dignity and unity.

During the Capricorn cycle every New Year, Saturn as ruler encourages meeting goals one step at a time with moderation. The whole point of Saturn is if you heed Saturn on an ongoing basis, you won’ t have to waste energy on any yoyo resolutions.  New Year ‘s resolutions based on extreme expectations, limits or denials  are bound for failure (extreme diets that just lead to binging and sudden exercise rituals from sedentary activity  that lead to injury).

Saturn in its home in Capricorn at its best is an opportunity for expression of the highest and noblest principles of Saturn with responsibility, discipline, achievement, success, climbing the mountain, reaching the top, where hard work pays off and authority, boundaries, consequence and the necessary tit for tat has its rightful place.  Saturn Capricorn will bring all things related to accountability, paying the piper and lying in the bed you make. Karma with its cause and effect have no escape with Saturn Capricorn as natural consequences come with every action with the appropriate reaction (reward or punishment).

Saturn as realist, shows its harsh reality and most difficult lessons.  When denying Saturn, Saturn can come across as the cold, stern, strict big meanie, with delays, hardship and all the symptoms of a Saturn gone wrong with regret, remorse, depression, failure, guilt, sour grapes, blaming others and not taking responsibility.  Without Saturn, failure, defeat and apathy and giving up are more prevalent. The hard knocks of Saturn are a blessing in disguise.  When embracing and working through Saturn challenges, difficulties, delays, taking the long way home (not the short cuts for instant gratification), we develop strength and Saturn fortitude to get us over future hurdles. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

New Moon in Capricorn joins Venus with a powerful stellium of Mercury, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn making a harmonious sextile with Mars Scorpio giving disciplined ammunition and fortified motivation and weight to accomplishment and reaching goals. The New Moon in Capricorn semi square Neptune Pisces (confusion and deception), amid earth/water dominant energy with a lack of air and fire, finds a grounded and centered place with profound emotion and a melancholy tone. Silence speaks volumes to the wisdom in tuning into what isn’t said but felt, where still waters run deep.

The New Moon in Capricorn square Uranus Aries sees commitments, obligations, traditions and responsibilities take a turn for the worse with imminent change and severe consequence with separation, distance and broken attachments. Uranus going off track creates some flack to keep things interesting with unusual and untried ways.  The distance gives space from anything crazy with enough emotional detachment to walk away from stifling and heavy emotional attachments.

Saturn rules the bones which are the structure of our human machine.  All things bones, teeth, knees, skin will see attention with Saturn Capricorn the next two years. The heavy earth water influence explains the mud slide problems in California, the heavy cold snap, polar vortex (Saturn-Capricorn), square to Uranus (unusual weather patterns), semi square Neptune (rain, fog).

The New Moon with the Capricorn stellium boosts an ambitious, strengthened, empowered focus particularly demonstrated with powerful leadership shown at its finest.  Oprah’s speech captured the energetic pulse of this stellium.  The New Moon square Uranus carries with it the continued breaking of tradition and the cult of personality, mixing celebrity with politics.


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