New Moon in Cancer 2015

New Moon in Cancer 2015New Moon in Cancer 2015 “Woman Oh Mama” Joy Williams

The Cancer New Moon rules over motherhood, home, family, close emotional bonds, security where the protective instinct is fierce. It is a time of year busy with lots of focus around family gatherings, famiiy vacations or those close kin and familiar. It is also a time to honor our greatest of all mothers, Mother Nature. Mother Nature and all her elements, nurtures us with water and rain, refreshes and cools us with the wind and air, protects us and feeds us with the earth and keeps us warm with fire.

Mother Nature is continually in an uproar, with more nagging and I told you so. You don’t mess, cheat or fool mother nature, nor cut corners or have a plan B with a get out of this mess card. The mother lode and her wicked weather warnings along with all the other natural disasters with disappearing habitat, wild life gone berserk, should be clue enough that something is wrong yet, we go along taking for granted what earth gives and provides, thinking we have unlimited resources, denying climate change.

Uranus is about free will and choice. The last few years the New Moon in Cancer has been hit by the disruption of Uranus and the destruction of Pluto in Capricorn, oppose Sun Cancer. While some things are fated and in the cards, written in the stars, and it’s all timing, can’t change our stripes, the ability to know this road map and any road blocks does give proactive and preventative potential and measures. As seen with the weather altered and being changed due to climate change, we may think we are at the mercy of nature taking its course but we also have the ability to shift the tide, and can change behavior patterns and habits that persist in downfall or destruction. A ritual with this New Moon may be to take any step or plant a seed toward positive change, support any improvement, allow for some unique expression, make an offering to mother earth, hug someone and/or nourish yourself with  some type of comfort.

The New Moon square Uranus is again saying it’s time to wake up and take notice. Uranus is all about change and shaking things up, breaking routine and bad habits. Uranus can either be an added excitement with some needed activism or a smoking gun shit disturber, too freaky to fathom, rebellious, skittish, gone berserk, where you can expect to be moved or even mooned. In a square formation there can be sudden shifts with a sense of edgy desperation and anxiety attacks. Uranus rules over lightening, electrical storms, technology and aviation, where we saw major computer breakdown the last week with airlines and the stock market.

Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer oppose Pluto Capricorn. Where there is smoke, there is fire, with much wild fires, confrontation, conflict, opposing agenda, wanting to get a piece of you or a piece of action. Mercury oppose Pluto in this is creating all kinds communication gliches and with it a bunch of fear mongling and a gawker gage gauntlet gag. With all the fires lately, Mars Cancer comes in as the water bomber to kill off the fires with arsonists taking on their aggressive fire starts. Cancer issues with stomach upsets, emotional turmoil, headaches, biting, hunting, (Mars), rage, pipes (Pluto) with chaos and disorder around the corner as Mercury Mars make way to square Uranus in the next week.

The sesquisquare (135 degrees=a square + half a square) and semisquare (45 degrees=half a square) are quite prominent in this New Moon in various aspects, adding some frustration and stress although the New Moon join Mercury Mars in Cancer trines Chiron in Pisces and creates a wide grand trine to Saturn Scorpio as the developing bigger picture that just wants to float or sail away from all the chaos and adds the blessings with prayers for rain in the forecast with the abundance of water planets giving some respite from the heat and dry conditions with Uranus, if not knocking the wind out of you, putting the wind in your sails.

A new view of Pluto from New Horizons has given a revealing glimpse of Pluto that shows an image of a heart on Pluto, indicating that no matter the deep transformation of Pluto, Pluto does have a heart, in line with demonstrating the message that all the evolutionary push of Pluto, is really to dig deep enough to get to the heart of the matter. All this new development is fitting during the New Moon aspected to Uranus, demonstrating exciting discovery.

Venus Leo is just ready to turn retrograde now sitting at a long station in late Leo/early Virgo in a square to Saturn. This is showing up with the financial issue in Greece in a critical stage as well as issues with droughts continuing to get more serious.

Recent news about Bill Cosby, who admits to drug tampering and sexual exploitation, is a feature of this Cancer New Moon, with his Sun in Cancer. His chart shows a very fortunate pattern of energies and easy aspects that gave him luck (Jupiter) and an easier access to power and success (Pluto). Easy aspects are aspects where one isn’t challenged and can take for granted where one thinks they are above the law. Currently Bill Cosby’s Sun Mercury Pluto Cancer is under tense aspect from transit Pluto Uranus showing the jig is up.

Actor Omar Sharif passed due to a heart attack matching the Venus in Leo retrograde cycle. Omar holds a special place in my heart with many resemblance in looks and mannerism to my father, both born the the same year, with the movie, Dr. Zhivago, a favorite. His Sun Uranus in Aries is square Pluto in Cancer all being hit by the New Moon Cancer with transit Uranus in Aries (Uranus in Aries Uranus return-80 years) with Pluto Capricorn not far behind hitting this challenging square. He was born during the last Uranus Pluto square.

Donald Trump is exhibiting the unabashed and radical tone of Sun square Uranus with his own brand of Sun Uranus, with a rude and wacko impact. His Leo rising and Mars Leo sits over Regulus on the last degree of Leo over the current Venus retrograde, a perfect example of the current Venus retrograde cycle and Regulus gone bad, epitomizing the on again drama of his Leo arrogance, throwing his financial weight and his power around getting pummeled and kicked off his high and mighty pedestal, being banned and cut off from supporters and partners.

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