New Moon in Leo 2015

New Moon Leo 2015New Moon in Leo 2015 “Diamond Girl” Seals and Crofts

The New Moon in Leo falls during the annual Perseid Meteor showers which gives more viewing pleasure, due to the dark sky with stars that sparkle and shine. Lazy days of summer are highlighted during the Leo sojourn with visions of Lions lazing and lying about. Leos are fixed, focused and fueled with a fervent fire that can be counted on to get motivated and get things moving. The New Moon in Leo focus is on creativity, drama, the heart, love affairs, where the emotions are particularly enhanced and can fuel some potent feelings and expression in Leo, wanting attention to be noticed and to feel appreciated.

The New Moon in Leo joins Venus Leo retrograde in a special inferior conjunction. The Inferior conjunction happens when the Sun joins Venus when Venus is retrograde and has a special significance. Venus is turned inward and holds a place (currently in Leo) close to the heart. This is a time best spent savoring your ultimate pleasure while sparking your heart’s desire.  It is also a time that will draw out and pull out deeply felt places deep in the heart so be prepared for some open heart surgery practices. The potential with this New Moon is made powerful with any ritual around fire, the heart and the Sun. In yoga, sun salutation, any exercise around the heart with cardio, pumping the heart.

With Venus retrograde being particularly focused on the New Moon, Venus retrograde is emphasized with reviewing values, self worth, relationships, resources, finances (balance of give and take and reciprocation). The focus on Leo is vivacious, immersed in the moment and ready to charge ahead (fire) although with a more subdued tone, stepped back and keeping attention to underlying intentions and hidden shadows that can spill out with Venus dark side of envy, jealousy and Leo demanding attention.

Venus retrograde gives the opportunity to tune into an inner guide with extra attention to listen and hear with some time out and quiet to understand those deeper stirrings. It is not the best time to step forward or take a new direction although is a good time for planning and strategy. Back tracking and looking behind and taking a pause is a good exercise.

Sun Moon Venus trine Uranus Aries. This New Moon in aspect to Uranus is the start of a promising new chapter with a wild side ready to embark on a crazy, exciting ride although with Venus in retrograde may not be the best time to solidify any commitment just yet although great for getting ready to set any eccentric unconventional ideas in motion, that challenge any status quo or tired, redundant outworn habits, practices and routines.

The New Moon makes a minor (135 degree) square to Chiron Pisces which may hinge on some type of sadness and wound. This is showing up with drug and water related incidents (Pisces), drowning, rip tides and the drug fentanyl causing fatalities.

Mars in Leo is feeling a bit more off edge, letting go of the Mars Cancer brooding and bummer moods, griping and grumbling or holding any grudges as Mars is in its fall in Cancer. Mars is more in its element in Leo with more fire ready to rock your world fast catching up to the Leo party and will see it full bloom.

Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo where details, perfection and the small stuff gets more attention. Jupiter mellows out in Virgo and gets us grounded from all the Leo fury the last year. Jupiter in Virgo is more attuned to the fine print and minding all those pesky duties and routines with a sense of getting down to your lists and organization. Jupiter Virgo is the abundant harvest, earning the fruits of your labor.

Venus Jupiter Saturn showed up as a lift me up then let me down reality with some closure with finding debris from the missing Malaysian plane. Jupiter and Saturn literally crossing paths this past few weeks in a square formation revealed karmic cross paths as we see contending with the force of Donald Trump using his power and wealth to inflate the ratings with skewed media coverage the last week as Venus Jupiter over his Mars ASC showcasing his aggressive, unpleasant persona but getting his just deserts with Saturn giving him the boot to the curb.

The New Moon is stirring up the first notes of the election fury in Canada and the US with all candidates and contenders, strutting their stuff, getting on their podiums and showing off their true colors and all the theatrics or more of the Leo circus with a bunch of monkeys jumping around.

Jennifer Aniston announced a surprise, getting hitched recently, generally considered an unwise action to take during Venus Retrograde. Time will tell. Looking at her chart shows this hasty action with her Mars Scorpio in square to Sun Aquarius being tsquare/tbarred by the current Venus Leo retrograde. Mars rules her relationships with transit Uranus over her relationship house showing the sudden surprising announcement.

Also fitting for this special Leo New Moon join Venus and focus on the past is a discovery of the tomb of ancient Queen Nefertiti finally may have been found.

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