New Moon in Libra 2017

NewMoonLibraNew Moon in Libra 2017  “The Times they are a Changin” Bob Dylan

The New Moon in Libra, sets the tone for gracious, fair, refined, pleasing new beginnings, with an eye on beauty, bridging gaps, building bridges, negotiation and finding a middle ground, seeing both sides with peaceful resolutions.  Libra associates with relating and mating and can err on the side of people pleasing tendencies, keeping the peace by dancing around anything that would stir conflict or ruffle any feathers.  This can all turn into codependency and argumentative debates, negotiations and compromise  that don’t find resolution due to sitting on the fence with passive indecision and lack of conviction.

The New Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus connects to values related to building relationships, connections  and all the social tactics and social graces used in the company you keep, that influence in close social circles.  Venus ties into ethical standards, etiquette, charm school rules of engagement and the social cues practiced.   When Venus or Libra is afflicted, you see how pack mentality and behavior takes on tribal survival coping mechanisms in order to keep the sanction of close knit circles, hence if you break from the pack with actions or behaviors not fitting to your circle, social weapons are used to triangulate, alienate, exclude, ostracize and back stab in order to keep within the clan.

The New Moon in Libra is in a tight opposition to Uranus Aries, throwing for a loop with abrupt turns of events and drastic changes with an us vs them mentality. Reaching peaceful resolutions turn to breaking some rules solutions with the notion that you can’t please everyone. Libra people pleasing is getting some Uranus squeezing, bringing some alarm bells ringing, with Uranus shake up wake up, didn’t see that coming, triggering an about face with transparent, authentic actions, clearing the air, getting things out in the open.

Afflictions between Libra and Uranus show up with weather/electrical storms, strong winds changing direction (wild fires). Separations, disturbance, disruptions and distancing and needing some space or to be taken to a new place in relationships. Health issues related to Libra (diabetes, kidney ailments, lower back lumbar problems.) Back problems, kidney problems often stem from not standing up for oneself, not using their backbone and thus getting kicked around from behind until they take steps to defend themselves.

With the New Moon in Libra oppose Uranus Aries the last few years, many of these Libra social values are changing due to social media, with intermingling culture, globalization and changes due to relating behind a screen as opposed to real time, up close and personal. Due to spending so much time online building relations, there is less attention paid to social cues in real time where manners, decorum and basic human dignity are lacking typical mannerisms. First impressions get skewed and relating in public is due to being so out of practice.

Relations have a new twist with technology and social media.  The unsettling and unstable pattern of energy is fostering anxiety and unrest. Superficial connections and relating online is creating a surge of social awkwardness in relating in real time. Life seems more riddled with tragedy and chaos with high incidence of social apathy and angst.  The shock of the Las Vegas tragedy (Leo Eclipses into 2018 see much focus around the entertainment world as we see many musicians passing) bears the brunt of the sudden unpredictable tragic events that seem to have become common nature.

The New Moon Libra oppose Uranus Aires ties into a tight semi square between Uranus Aries and Neptune Pisces.  This ongoing  (2017-2018) outer planet collective transit  between Uranus Aries  and Neptune Pisces is  continuing with a tone of numbing, escape, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, needing space, sleep issues, finding any outlet to not deal with the feelings, the realities, the pains while Uranus keeps tapping on the upside reminding that escape can’t rub anything out, and there is always a missing out, a lost opportunity, due to wasting away.

Mercury Scorpio joins Jupiter Scorpio, as Jupiter moved into Scorpio October 11th .  Communications are intense and penetrate to the core, deep and soulful, get to the nitty gritty and cut to the chase with profound words and discussions.

Venus Libra (ruling the New Moon in Libra) is helping to keep relations focused on fairness, smooth transitions, with a modicum of grace and refinement.  Venus Libra focus on the other with pairs, couples (interesting how I tend to see pairs more when Venus is in Libra).  Focus on attraction, cooperation, keeping an even keel, .

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