New Moon in Sagittarius 2017

NewMoonSagittariusNew Moon in Sagittarius 2017-12-06 “Spaceship Superstar”  Prism

The New Moon in Sagittarius 2017 falls just before the holiday season during the darkest time of the year, where a New Moon is the darkest part of the lunar cycle making it a spectacular time for star gazing with a dark sky backdrop brimming to be filled with a spill of a sprinkled bright star display and dazzling holiday lights. The New Moon in Sagittarius sits over the Galactic Center, out there, in the great beyond, in the heart of the Milky Way. When looking up at the night sky, wishing upon a star, we can see the display of stars representing ancestors that went before us, looking down on us, giving spiritual guidance.

The New Moon joins Saturn Sagittarius as Saturn Sagittarius sits on its last degree of Sagittarius, completing its sojourn through Sagittarius December 19th, passing the baton, moving into Capricorn, emphasizing the elements of Saturn (responsibility, accountability, authority, wisdom, experience, old age). The maturity that comes with aging, leaves most notable lessons on humility, compassion and showing the way for others, respecting the elders that went before us.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the great benefic, lucky, expansive, open and abundant.  Jupiter is extra potent as it currently squares the nodal axis in Leo and semi squares Saturn which draws out more of the Jupiter qualities offering benevolence and growth and Saturn serious and somber.  What you focus on grows both good and not so good. With a focus on belief in greatness, being optimistic and positive, the beauty of Sagittarius is to see the silver lining and not be caught up in small mindedness, to have faith in a larger perspective and find meaning in any struggle.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is in a stellium with Mercury Venus Saturn Sagittarius which can go either way to the highest highs (Jupiter) or the lowest doldrums (Saturn).  This is an energy that is based much on attitude and choice. The wisdom of old man Saturn, elders wiser than years, helps to keep moderate any Jupiter excess while Jupiter keeps optimistic with any Saturn negative nay saying.

The Sagittarius stellium trine Uranus Aries, trine the Leo nodal, creates a grand trine adding sparkle and excitement, cutting out some of the heavy Saturn influence, keeping it happy go lucky. All the fire and the Sagittarius influence is increasing and growing any abundance whether too much of a good thing or a bad thing.

Mercury Sagittarius retrograde is in its detriment moving very slowly, sitting at a station the next week, which really crystallizes the energy of Mercury retrograde at its finest or its worst.  Watch accidents, swift movements, horseplay, TMI, brutal honesty, direct to the point, blunt, foot in mouth, say it like it is.


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