New Moon in Scorpio 2016

New Moon in ScorpioNew Moon in Scorpio 2016 “Spooky” Classics IV

The New Moon in Scorpio, special this year with a close connection to Halloween, all Hallows Eve and Samhain, is an open portal to the spirit world beyond.  The veil is ever so thin now to call on, welcome and walk with spirit and our ancestors who have passed.  I have had more frequent visits from my crow friends which tells me spirits are near and dear. The New Moon is at its darkest point in the cycle and with the innermost depth of Scorpio, it incites that shadow, reaching across the threshold, drawing back the curtain, crossing to the other side.

The New Moon in Scorpio stirs up a deep inner pool of emotional residue, penetrating deep, drawing to the surface anything ready to banish that taints your well being. The New Moon makes a flowing trine with Neptune Pisces, indicating a positive and nurturing cycle, much needed from recent times so tense.  The New Moon in Scorpio is also accented by Mercury in Scorpio, a great time for focused and enhanced mind practices and meditation. Any rituals to quiet the mind and get in touch with spirit would be powerful now.  Leave food items out for your spirit friends and call on spirits to come to your aid.

Lilith in Scorpio is also active, as Lilith represents rebellion to patriarchy, highlighting such a massive current surge and uproar with women’s rights in the US election. It is something very sensitive now with new FBI scanty mysterious information presented (strategically) just before the election. This recent shift hit me personally, really riling me and shaking me in a disturbing way due to how this feels very clear another misogynist twist the knife (FBI Comey is a Republican and he is a male-say no more).  Having this information come out during the dark of the moon is so fitting, especially as it activates Hillary’s 12th house of secret enemies.  Uranus is also a wild card I anticipated (something pulled from the hat to disrupt).

Hillary, as a Scorpio with Lilith now over her, is really setting the stage for feminine power coming forward. Lilith is the backlash unleashed with the revealing undercurrent of misogyny, harassment, sexual abuse and inequality and everything Scorpio, (privacy, under the microscope, loyalty, trust, mystery).  Hillary just had her birthday (October 26th).  She is now in her 9 year cycle which I find interesting.  As soon as she went into her 9 cycle this new information slant comes out.  9 in numerology is equivalent to Pisces in many ways with endings, victimization, scapegoats and sacrifice (last number, last sign).  If HC becomes POTUS, she is going to end many practices that were put in place or hindered by the GOP, and will hopefully get back the democratic senate to move policy through. I see HC ramping up in her numerology 1 year starting 2017 when she will really get into her groove and get things done. Obama helped do the ground work while Trump is enabling the senate to be turned back to the Democrats.

Women’s rights is close to my heart, seeing the widespread issue of misogyny, harassment, domestic and sexual abuse and violence in my world personally and professionally, growing up with a generation of women who lived with values where women couldn’t wear pants, were silenced, discouraged to be heard, put down and put in their kitchen place, especially by men threatened by strong, educated, intelligent women.  I spent a better part of my career in a very male dominated field (high tech) and around very dominating males with patronizing behaviors, abusing power to say the least, patting me on the head, being shamed, blamed, silenced, not paying me for what I am worth or giving me credit where due, squelching and trying to dumb me down, pointing out any weight gain, telling me to get a rich husband, told I am looking old, standing with back to me in meetings, insulting me without listening, while then taking my ideas as their own and then throwing me under the bus.

The New Moon in Scorpio is addressing trust.  Trust is a major factor that is not something you can see, touch or smell but a sense that can only be earned to get one into the inner circle, to bond the circle of trust, with those who have your back, honor and show loyalty, with someone to reveal innermost secrets and not have to worry about that information being exposed. How one defines the boundaries of the circle expresses the nature of trust. I always shudder when someone says “trust me”, especially someone I don’t know. Intimate and sexual relations often open the trust circle prematurely, where it is typical  someone enters an inner circle before trust is earned, resulting in shattered trust that sets up challenging barriers to developing further connections in a healthy way.

Along with trust comes privacy, another Scorpio trait.  Some guard their private lives more than others and don’t want their privacy discussed as common knowledge. Privacy is all part of the protective armor, privacy privy only to those closest.  We are seeing it glaringly with Hillary with open broadcasting of very private information, meant for select ears, damaging with the spread of malicious information through the media, sharing information that is twisted, tweaked, skewing facts, leaving little wiggle room for fair defense. While Hillary has shown weakness with her communication methods, there is far worse things going on that don’t seem to be getting near enough of the same attention. I have done enough investigating and research (more Scorpio traits) to see and know the attacks on Hillary are blown out of proportion.

Mystery and deep desire runs through Scorpio’s veins with the elusive intrigue of something held close to the chest.  My mother would tell me an old secret that you should always keeps something a mystery, don’t reveal everything (in Italian it is translated as only show half your ass:). You are seeing it more with fashion statements lately, as women are wearing clothes less revealing and more subdued.

Venus currently in fiery Sagittarius is a straight shooting activist, shouting out from the heart. Venus in Sagittarius is open and inclusive, embracing all cultures and beliefs. Venus Sagittarius hits a tender heavy mark joining Saturn Sagittarius, pointing to some reality checks and somber realizations with relationship boundaries and ultimatums (Saturn), screaming justice (Sagittarius) for anything unethical (is this relationship, belief or practice really contributing to my betterment, does it give me value, does it have integrity, am I settling for anything that doesn’t honor my values, self worth or needs or am I compromising principles).


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