Amanda Knox Neptune Sacrifice

Crucified Amanda Knox Neptune Sacrifice

Amanda Knox is in the news January 2014 with reference to a controversial and complex murder case, as she is found guilty of murder once again and awaits the extradition process. I am picking up on a post I wrote a few years ago never thinking we would be revisiting this case again, but with the plethora of retrogrades in the sky, I am not surprised.  Her chart is brimming with pointed energy patterns with the current transits and progressions.  Neptune dominates in the current chart patterns.

Amanda’s chart has extensive focus on the 12th house of prisons and institutions, hidden agenda, victimization, suffering and sacrifice.  Amanda has a strong Sagittarius stellium that focuses on foreign and legal issues.  Venus is also very tender for her now as Venus now progresses and stresses natal Pluto with her natal Venus over the Sabian Symbol “An automobile wrecked by a train” as her chart ruler, Mercury in Cancer and Sun Cancer continues to go through the wringer during the current cardinal cross transits.  Venus Capricorn just turning direct re-enters her 9th house of legal affairs, where she seems to be attached to the Venus collective chord. Venus Pluto oppose Jupiter pulls up the legal (Jupiter) issues from the past. I post her blog  and the outcry for justice.

The case around Amanda Knox and her past appeal drew a cascade of media attention with the signature Neptune sacrifice surrounding the case.  On October 3, 2011, Amanda was set free from 4 years of torment regarding the murder of Meredith Kercher Nov 1 2007.  The story unravels into a rather twisted bizarre chain of events that lead up to the acquittal.  The criminal prosecution was very focused on a moralizing stance which typifies the nodal axis in Sagittarius (morals, beliefs, law, preaching and publishing).  With the eclipses centering around Sagittarius and  Jupiter transiting in Taurus trine Pluto, you see the extremity around preaching and the prosecutions excess needling, painting a tainted picture of the defendant with inflating (Jupiter) stories.

This whole “moral compass” was really polarized in this case. The prosecution became inflamed with conspiracy allegations leading back to a historical murder case  regarding “The Monster of Florence”  murders where there is apparent connection to Satanic worship.  There were connecting  conspiracy theories which were related to the case, where Amanda was cast as the she devil and a sex crazed satanic witch,  accusations stemming from religious intonations and moral preaching very common in a culture of strong Catholic religious belief systems, still placing much emphasis on good/evil dogma, where evil and Satan are seen as the perpetrator or instigator of crime.  Much was pulled from her nickname “Foxy Knoxy” where it was twisted and distorted (Neptune).  Italy is a country where public opinion and religion holds a strong influence in legal matters, here the Sagittarius influence once again where impartial rational reason takes a back seat.

Many believe Amanda was a victim of circumstance, in the wrong place at the wrong time, pulled into the Neptune tide.  Neptune is the planet of victimization and scapegoats and being crucified, here very evident with her life before the world the last few years.   With Neptune in Pisces as it made its first ingress into Pisces during the initial trial, we see the sacrificial lamb, the innocent and the naïve caught up in the slaughter and pulled in as the fall guy to pay for someone else’s sin, naked and exposed.   Neptune also represents confusion, deception and distortion.  Neptune was strongly aspected in her chart during the last few years as it transited in her 10th house of public reputation. Amanda was forced to surrender to the forces beyond her while she built her reserves to fight for her appeal.   The apparent statements made during her interrogation were fairly disparaging and odd if not disturbing.

Amanda lived as a roommate with Meredith for only a short time.  Even though they had solid evidence and DNA all over the crime scene for Rudy who was charged with the murder,  Amanda was also found guilty and charged.  It was very clear the guilt and motive with Rudy who had a very sketchy past of crime and burglary, as well as assault with a weapon, yet there was no motive for Amanda who only knew Meredith for a month.  There was no solid evidence, only circumstantial evidence. In the interrogation, there was no video tapes or audio recording, where it wasn’t possible to corroborate the statements made.

amanda natal chart

Amanda’s natal chart has a very strong natal signature of Neptune with Venus Mercury oppose Neptune in her chart, particularly Mercury oppose her Neptune which shows all the confusing and confounding testimony and statements. Mercury becomes key in this event as it was in its retrograde phase when Meredith was murdered Nov 1 2007.  It had just gone direct the day after, and anytime Mercury changes direction you often see marked events which became obvious with the mixed messages,  stumbling and confusion around the  communication with the following interrogation the first week of November just as Mercury was in its station direct in Libra and was in its shadow.  Her ASC in Gemini, the ruler Mercury in Cancer, represents how the world sees her. The ASC represents the face to the world and was under a microscope and close inspection, with her testimony and statements under scrutiny.

In December 2009 just as transit Saturn was moving in the early degrees of Libra squaring transit Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn squared her Mercury Venus  (12th house ruler) oppose Neptune, where she was sentenced to 26 years in prison, depicting the harshness of the Saturn Pluto energy.  Neptune is the natural ruler of isolation and prison (12th house) and those other hidden dark obscure places.  Her Mercury is trine Pluto which shows a very strong will to communicate the right message, however her Mercury oppose Neptune came out in her confusing testimony which may have been attributed to the language translation or to the apparent intense pressure of the interrogation that forced her statements.  Her natal Chiron in Gemini in the first house was strained by the outer planets Pluto, Uranus and Saturn during her years on trial 2008-2011.

Chiron is a wound to identity in the 1st house and in Gemini a wound to communication and how she expressed herself, where she is made to feel her pain very openly.  The 1st house represents the way we present ourselves to the world  and here her wound was exposed.  In Gemini this shows in the communication and the rattled way it went with the lost in translation fumbles and her being intimidated into communicating anything to give them a lead in the case at any cost.  The critical flaw being her words were twisted against her.  Gemini represents impartial reason and the dark side is gossip, hearsay.  The eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini focused on this 1st house Chiron making her wound that much more visible to the world.

Her 12th house, co-ruled by Venus, her chart ruler Mercury and Neptune ruling her 11th house of friends shows how everything is all connected.  With the ruler of her11th house of friends in the 8th house of death, points to these crisis potentials for friends for her, clear in this case.  The fact that a friend was murdered with her natal Neptune in the 8th house of death in opposition to Venus is indicative of issues coming from the outside, others, relationships, enemies, opposition.  Her nodal axis square these oppositions is further showing her being pulled into issues connected to her oppositions and to those issues with others outside herself.

With her strongly tenanted 7th house, the house of others,  close relationships and open enemies, having Moon Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius in her 7th house trine Jupiter Aries in the 12th house of victimization exemplifies the exaggerated and pumped up, skewed, warped (Neptune),  judgments, persecutions (Jupiter) coming at her from others.  Saturn rules her 9th (legal) which showed the strict, stern, harsh moral preaching coming at her from the outside.   You see her Moon in Sagittarius ruling her 3rd house of communication which is conjoin Saturn and Uranus and trine Jupiter in Aries.  This shows her to be honest and forthcoming, upbeat and how this fiery energy helped her defend herself (7th house is the house of defense and shows how she had to strongly defend herself).   Pluto squares her MC (public persona) which can signify the dark and sinister public portrayal, although it demonstrated her strong will and strength to endure to fight for her non guilty plea and exonerate herself of any wrong doing.  Mars in the 3rd house of communications square Jupiter can represent the garbled communication and testimony and lost in translation scenario from English to Italian.

The progressions and transits for Amanda are strong.  Transit Jupiter was square her Mars in the 3rd house which showed the stressed communication and statements.  Transit Neptune in her 10th house is typically where you see scapegoating, victimization and crucifying.  Its very public in the 10th house and with transit Chiron alongside.  Transit Pluto was over her Neptune oppose her Venus Mercury, Mercury her chart ruler and Venus the ruler of her 12th house of prison, transit Pluto square her nodal axis themes around Pluto such as death once again.  Pluto transiting over her Neptune in the 8th (ruler of friends ) was highlighting events around 8th house matters such as crisis and death related to friends.

Transit Pluto over her 8th house Neptune was the witch hunt bearing its teeth with the 8th house the house of the occult.  Progressed ASC over her Venus, Neptune over her progressed DESC with transit Pluto on her progressed DESC/Neptune really polarizes the persecution and shows the stresses in the last few years being persecuted with her recent progressed  Sun square Pluto and now progressed Venus square to Pluto.  Uranus transiting her 11th house of friends represents disruption and chaos with friends, and ruling her 10th house of public reputation showing where Uranus would display the chaos she would face in her reputation with it square her Moon Saturn Uranus in the 7th house of others.   In her progressed chart, Neptune is even more pronounced with transit Neptune right over progressed MC/10th house cusp further exposing her in a role of “victimization” with transit Chiron adding the exposed wounding.

Her freedom and release was very evident with transit Jupiter exact sextile to Mercury (her chart ruler) also in orb of a trine to Neptune and sextile her Venus. Jupiter represents justice.  Transit Neptune also sextiled her 12th Jupiter showing the mercy of the courts.  Transit Chiron her blessing as well  in orb to trine her Venus Mercury showing a healing in the making and release from suffering.  The Libra stellium during the appeal trial was playing hard with her Cancer planets but working with her Sagittarius stellium and giving her an opportunity for a chance to be rescued and finding fair justice (Saturn Libra). Eclipses in Sagittarius have been highlighting Amanda’s Saturn further showing justice being served.  Saturn rules her 9th house which represents legal activity.  Transit Uranus in her 11th house of friends, which was strain her 7th house planets during the murder and trials, moved to trine her Mars in the 3rd which gave her the freedom helped by her powerful communication and stand during her appeal.

The event chart of the murder was a heavy time as transit Saturn was on the south node coming off the eclipse in August 2007.  A very potent aggravating lunar eclipse was in Amanda’s 11th house of friends just one month  previous to the murder and stressing Meredith’s chart as well. On the night of the murder, November 1 2007, Venus was tsquare Jupiter Pluto Uranus, traumatic  (Pluto) sudden shocking (Uranus) extreme (Jupiter) events around a female (Venus).  Looking at Meredith’s chart, her Saturn was harshly implicated. Meredith chart is so alarming almost helpless, cornered with all that energy clustered in a stellium and no defense energy to fight off any hostile force.  Her Sun Venus Neptune was very vulnerable, innocent and naïve, trusting and open to hidden aggressive violence with Mars Pluto Scorpio on her south node and the Sun square Moon intensified that energy that night.

Neptune in close aspect puts on the blinders where we can’t see clearly and don’t have 20/20 vision let alone good peripheral vision.  Transit Pluto over her Sun Venus Neptune showed intense powerful energy that needed some expression. Often in charts, if one is not somehow integrating or channeling the energy, it will be projected out where someone else is cast in the role.  Mars Pluto is mostly a violent and intense energy that needs conscious awareness especially in Scorpio, Pluto ruled so you have to wonder how she got herself entangled in Rudy’s web and what made the event escalate into violence that night.  Some information is out there that Rudy was into some voodoo having created a vampire movie which is where the prosecution may have gotten its twist on this sex slant on the case.  Looking at Rudy’s chart you see the same Sun Neptune.  His Mars Jupiter square Mercury Saturn Uranus  demonstrates the strong anger signature and behavior that fits with the impulsiveness of  Uranus and over reaction of Jupiter when restricted (Saturn).

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