Full Moon in Libra March 2013

Full Moon in Libra March 2013Full Moon in Libra March 2013

This Full Moon is a burst of fire.  The Aries competitive, motivating and purposeful spirit is fast and furious with all systems go and a green light to shake up and kick off the Easter weekend with a bang.  The Aries gun is loaded and the race is on.  Mars, ruling Aries gives the instinctive drive to fight or take flight, to speed things up, move toward individuality, independence launching time for all those well made plans dreamed up and visualized during the Pisces New Moon and cluster the last few weeks.

This is an extraordinary and a very powerful shake up Full Moon with a stellium in Aries making a tsquare with the Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  Being a cardinal emphasis, it ensures initiative where actions speak louder than words.  The potential for conflict, aggression and violence and blood shed are showing first sightings with a potential massacre caught before action, stabbings on public transit and threats of chemical and nuclear warfare where all bets are off whether this is all blowing smoke and mirrors remains to be seen.

The Moon in Libra gets its bearings hammered with the Aries stellium desperate  to keep the peace and diplomacy amongst all this Aries angst to push forward and move toward our targets while Libra hedges Mars bets to keep cool and calm with everyone getting along, playing nice and fighting fair.  The soft breezy air Libra Moon helps to still and not provoke, stoke or fan the fires of Aries however as Aries dominates this Full Moon, it’s hard pressed to contain such a heady mix. Libra is the natural ruler of relationships which is up against the Sun Venus Mars Uranus ganging up in Aries. The Moon in Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, Mars dance partner.  Venus beauty and love to soothe the savage Mars beast, keeping emotions even tempered and balanced working out a happy median.

The Full Moon in Libra addresses the dichotomy of ME versus WE.  How much of myself do I need to sacrifice and defer to appease my relationships.  Life on Mars is not about fairness, sweetness and gentile exchange.  Mars ruled Aries wants everything yesterday armed with hustle and bustle will power, me first, selfish and self absorbed with either a healthy dose of assertion or self centered, it’s all about me. On Mars, it’s about survival and instinct when push comes to shove, looking out for number 1 is first and foremost before you can help anyone else. Issues around partnerships, marriage, compromise and balance are being tested especially seen with the legal uprising around same sex marriage and equality.

With the entrance and first step into Aries with Mars Aries, Life on Mars is actually a fact with scientists finding remnants of life on Mars with the next big adventure being planned with a trip to Mars.  Mars, the red planet,  rules over blood , the color red, the first house and life, birth, the head and leadership.  Mars and Aries represents the warrior spirit, the hero ready to fight for a cause and stake and claim their territory and prize. Decisive, pumped and headstrong ready to jump in headfirst as a ram on a mission blazing new trails and putting out fires.

Mars ruled Aries is all about new beginnings and new adventures, exploring, discovering making new strides and covering new ground.  Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac blooms into the first sign, Aries.  Mars forces a face to face. No more hiding under the bed or under your Pisces blankets.  Aries are the natural leaders and courageous fighters bold, brave and daring.   Mars ruling the head is pointing out the repercussions with sports injuries especially head trauma.  Valerie Harper is showing her public bravery facing death looming in on her with brain cancer.  She ironically has a very powerful 1st house (Aries) with a Leo stellium showing her courage.

To Mars or Aries, if you snooze you lose, so they don`t hesitate.  As William Shatner, an Aries with Star Trek “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Mars is a physical sign.  You can count on an Aries to get things started and to have no fear, willing to make the first move and try something new. Mars rules over adrenaline and sport, muscles, action, protein and meat in the diet creating mean lean machines.

The Sun meets up with Venus in a superior conjunction which is special in Aries as last year the Inferior conjunction occurred with Venus retrograde. Venus represents values and during the retrograde period we assess and revisit our value system where now with Sun Venus in forward motion in Aries, it’s time to instill and act on those values. This is spurred on further with an exact opposition to the Moon.

Unfortunately we are seeing some nasty repercussions and crises already showing themselves in the European financial markets and banks (Venus).  Sun Moon Venus Mars and Uranus is making a tense aspect to Pluto getting this Aries line up fueling the Full Moon with verve, aggression, domination, bullying, power struggles, stirring up fears and phobias.  On the plus side, a good opportunity for picking and fighting your battles and standing up for yourself.  This is a heady mixture cocktail high ball potion and elixir with all the primal, physical, emotional, pleasure, love, bitter sweet and empowerment to drink in or spit out.

This energy pattern also edging on anger and aggravation that can turn into rage, recklessness, impulsiveness, headaches, inflammation, destructiveness, head butting, fires, burns, cuts,  heated disagreements and burnout.  Expect some major confrontations, wake up calls and forced shifts wrestling with your demons and confronting your shadow side. Pluto points to deep transformation and purging,  digging in the dirt with an aching that disturbs the status quo edging on the inner promptings to evolve forward which can feel the pangs of having to let something go for something new to emerge.

Uranus (change and sudden circumstances) is the dominating force in this Full Moon where abrupt exciting shifts are happening. Uranus pushes for authenticity and just being you and your unique self. Uranus can point that rude awakening to those who aren’t being true to themselves.  Don’t expect par for the course with Uranus. Be open to something completely different. Uranus craves freedom and Aries individual self expression.  If you are feeling trapped or hindered, this energy will help lift you off to take the steps necessary to liberate you from any sense of entrapment.

With this Full Moon trine Jupiter, we get some  joy on and warm embracing of expansion and growth experiences.  This highly charged Aries stellium with Uranus electricity, unusual bizarre and strange but pleasant unexpected surprises all sextile Jupiter where hope does spring eternal, at least for a few days.  Aries is determined and with the Uranus influence adds a spirit of open minded free flowing ideas with many irons in the fire  ready to take on the next challenge.

Cancer and Capricorns are probably not going to like this energy and will find it most challenging the next few weeks with anxiety, restlessness and potential panic disorders.  This energy is certainly a catalyst for OCD and PTSD.  Other earth and water signs may just find this Full Moon irritating and annoying and set off some bad attitudes.  Aries may feel primed and Libra may deal with many relationship or partner issues. Other fire and air signs could find this Full Moon a welcome time to scratch their rebel itch and go for a needed joy ride with a break in routine, to color outside the lines.

Venus and Mars in Aries start a marching mating dance that is hot and bothered with the birds and bees top of mind.  This is no subdued subtle tone but an outright flirting frenzy with all the lust, passion and grand romantic gestures (think ZORO, Excalibur or Robin Hood, King Kong) and chivalrous knights in armour and the dance of swords, in conquest and prepared to go to battle for their hearts desire.  The enthusiasm and earnest attention is the hot pursuit eager, ready willing and able direct forthright chase that is in your face, and at its worst, stalking its prey.

This is the last drag of Jupiter in Gemini disgracing us with its detrimental effects, continuing to be a thorn in our sides.  Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is furthest from it best practices in Gemini.  Jupiter expansion and high hopes get the bubble burst, deflated with the loss of some big fish.  Jupiter in Gemini is Mercury skewed with over thinking, over active minds and thoughts, foot in mouth loose lips insulting accusations, over estimating and exaggerating, loud, obnoxious (aka Donald Trump’s latest rambling rant), gossip, slander, juggling, jumping to conclusions, pushing limits, poor judgement, unrealistic expectations, religious and legal fiascos (same sex marriage and equality)  health issues with the hips, liver disease (Jupiter),arms, hands, (Gemini).

Of all the Jupiter pains, most noticeable is poor judgement mostly seen in silly pranks gone wrong such as a video going viral of a nascar guy taking a driver on a nasty joy ride nearly giving him heart failure, as well as the prank with the princess Kate in the hospital gone wrong with the radio stunt, instigating a tragic suicide. The most disappointing judgement is the US senate dropping the ban on assault weapons.  Jupiter is not a moderate planet and with the recent Pisces stellium with Mercury Pisces in retrograde in the last while, plenty of flimsy judgement without the necessary reason of Mercury.

Mars rules over weaponry (guns) and taking offense. Gun control became the hot topic with the YOD formation focusing on Jupiter with Saturn Pluto we first saw in December 2012 with the tragic school shooting.  This YOD formation is back again, in a double YOD formation with more adjustments and compromising principles.  Going beyond boundaries and stretching oneself or tangling oneself into a pretzel is getting a full test of limits and snags with government legislation at a standstill with the NRA old boy’s club with the YOD’s forming with Saturn and Pluto.

With Jupiter and Saturn as part of a YOD you have plenty of uncomfortable with two opposite poles (Jupiter-expansion) and ( Saturn-restriction) with  Jupiter’s multitasking, scattered push getting a pull from Saturn Scorpio to focus and constrict,  sure for much frustration bursting at the seams having a pressing need to make strides but feeling pinned down to choices of which way to go with many being held up with spring on late arrival and winter hanging around (Saturn).  The good thing is the many options presenting will, in Easter spirit, keep from putting all your eggs in one basket.

Once Jupiter moves out of Gemini and into Cancer this June 2013, we will see more of the beneficial of Jupiter present itself as Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and mostly around Cancer ruling Moon areas such as home, family, domestic issues, real estate, food, security, nurturing and motherhood.

Mercury turned direct but won’t be out of its shadow until the 1st week of April which still feels like two steps forward, one step back. Mercury is squaring Jupiter again with Mercury picking up speed causing some likely concerns with communication and travel during this energetic Full Moon which can be a recipe for disaster if the typical Aries penchant of fools rushing in where  angels fear to tread don`t watch their step through the obstacle course.

Even though we have all this Aries rush to bunny hop forward with a spring in your step, Mercury is still dragging along in Pisces and in Pisces, Mercury is still in a cloudy haze.  Things are still not quite clear and there is still time to fine tune your message and strategy.  Following Mercury’s steps is key in watching our mind’s eye unravel.  Our mind is the guiding force that takes us through our paces and races dictating our actions and reactions.

For the most part though, this Mercury retrograde hasn’t been all bad being it rides in support with Saturn and Pluto with mostly minor incidentals and irritations and delays.  Mercury again creates a talent triangle with Saturn Pluto during the Full Moon which should help communicate and resolve to get that monkey off your back through some of the Full Moon madness and come out only slightly unscathed.

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