Full Moon in Pisces 2015

Full Moon in Pisces 2015Full Moon in Pisces 2015 “Come Sail Away” Styx

The Full Moon in Pisces every year comes during the beginning harvest season of Virgo as a fulfilling culmination, with a finishing or sense of completion. It’s at the end of one season and the beginning of another as summer shifts into fall. Summer leisure, basking in the Leo Sun, turns back again to the work grind and the first days of school.

The Full Moon in Pisces accents the attempt to get in that one last overflow of the season with an open and freeing place far away from any responsibility, drudgery or routine with an all encompassing acceptance, allowing and taking things as they are without a need to control or direct or pigeon hole, appreciating that every intention that everyone and everything has, comes with its own footprint that fits into a pattern with its own purpose.

The Full Moon joins Neptune Pisces enhancing the Pisces experience oppose Sun Jupiter in Virgo where Virgo earth and physical matter aligns with Pisces spiritual understanding, triggering and revealing shadow material and a growing excess (Jupiter) and less moderation with any imagination, dreams, the sea, fantasy, heightened sensitivity and intuition as well as apathy and victimization, weakness, numbness, sacrifice, surrender, addiction or feeling unseen invisible (Pisces) possibly hitting up confrontation and differences, opening up the flood gates and further drilling down on relationships (oppositions), as Virgo pets, work, health issues hit a peak.

Pisces messages the goal is for the greater good where sacrifice and a sense of trust in letting things be, taking you to the next level. You may not like it, understand it, balk at it, but a surrender to it might give you keener insight to a bigger picture (Jupiter) and plan.

The Sun and Jupiter in Virgo is wound up, minding the matter getting a Pisces release of tension, whether through shedding tears and emotional release, daydreaming often with Virgo duties sweeped under the carpet, as Pisces becomes a container and salve to soothe and support. Expect rain, fog, flooding, stormy seas, escape into anything to numb the pain and blur borders and boundaries such as the growing exodus of refugees and migrants escaping war torn homelands, risking capsized boats and drowning, all in hopes of finding refuge.

Pisces as the 12th sign, and end of signs, depicts the debris or mark you leave behind. The recent uncovering of the Ashley Madison site hack with data leaking information is indicative of hidden, secretive clandestine (Pisces) being made common knowledge, causing a suicide reaction. Fraudulent data and profiles on Ashley Madison beckoning the allure and temptation of illicit affairs, has the dark side of Pisces deception stamped all over it.

Venus Leo retrograde joins with Mars Leo, igniting a feisty fix adding to a heated exchange full of a fierce force and friction. Venus is stationing now ready to go direct Sept 6th where Venus principles crystallize into form. It’s a special drawing out time, pulling out any pent up potential, while Venus Leo retrograde is still focusing on those deeper values and reviews with finances and relations. Keep a watch on the wild ride showing up in the financial markets already turning around with the sudden shifts of improvement as Mars meets up with Venus and makes an encouraging aspect with Uranus Aries the next few weeks. Quick returns and turn around with investments may pay off nicely as well as relationships/finances/agreements getting a chance to hit the restart button and move in a positive direction.

This Full Moon in Pisces is a precursor to the coming Virgo/Pisces eclipses over the next few years. The Full Moon makes a semisquare to Uranus which gives more surprise shifts, shake ups, storms and protests. Mercury now in Libra, in its shadow, is ready to go retrograde mid September, while over the nodal axis all making a semisquare to Venus Mars, stressing and pressing some urgent communications and actions. This all will come to a head over the Lunar Eclipse (last of the 4 Blood Moons) September 28th.

The Full Moon in Pisces falls over Michael Jackson birthday with special notice as Michael was born during a Full Moon in Pisces, with the Venus Leo vibration. Michael had a unique expression from his Venus Leo over Uranus Leo all clustered in a stellium with his Sun Pluto Virgo over his MC, making him a very dramatic public prominent figure. His last years were plagued with Neptune challenges of victimization, deception, insomnia, secrecy and hidden matters.

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