Full Moon in Taurus 2015

Full Moon in Taurus 2015Full Moon in Taurus 2015 “Season of the Witch” Donovan

The Full Moon in Taurus, is the Hunter’s Moon which follows the Harvest Moon. It is also known as the Sanguine Moon and traditionally a time of feasting as food from the hunt and harvest was stocked for the winter season. The Full Moon in Taurus falls close to Halloween this year, just in time for the Season of the Witch.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. The emotions are steady, tranquil and calm as well as practical and level headed. Taurus is earth based, sensual and tactile, enjoying sensory satisfaction whether through touch, scent or taste. Taurus is patient and savors the moment with no rushing or hurried action seeking stable outcomes and enduring connections. Taurus is a fixed sign with a constant still unwavering, like a rock presence, where loyalty, reliability and steadfast enduring ties are important values. While the world turns and everyday changes happen, Taurus remains the one we can count on that stays the course, with some semblance of sameness and with that, saneness.

The Moon in Taurus strives for domestic comfort and familiarity , with down to earth practices and secure, stable, dependable foundations. Out of touch is literally out of mind for Taurus as relating with a physical connection holds more substance. When someone says, “keep in touch”, it was most likely a Taurus. With Venus ruling Taurus, pleasure is the purpose, not pain, so any stress, frazzled nerves or fussing about is kept simple and given respite during the Taurus Full Moon, appreciating some pampering, relaxation and sensual pleasures. Venus is the planet of attraction and receiving, more about being and less about doing, so consider how you create an energy, vibration or space that allows things, situations to be a magnet to you.

The Sun in Scorpio oppose the Taurus Moon emphasizes the Taurus/Scorpio polarity and the financial/material matter axis. The Taurus Moon quiets the intensity of the Scorpio Sun, keeping present and in the moment. Taurus represents values, money, earnings, possessions and sustenance while Scorpio looks at shared resources, legacies and collective investments as well as debt and taxes. The focus is on money management of resources, reviewing budgets and counting your pennies, bank balance as well as possessions.

Venus ruling the Full Moon in Taurus, is in Virgo, in its fall which further increases it weak disposition with Venus join Mars Jupiter in Virgo, all in an opposition to Chiron Pisces as well as inconjunct to Uranus Aries, bringing up some pain, wounding and sore spots, turning into a joy ride gone very wrong with expansion and overzealous (Jupiter) irritation, inflammation (Mars), issues with digestion (Virgo) issues around water, the sea, slippery conditions, drunkenness (Pisces), accidents, sudden shifts and unforeseen turning of tides (Uranus) (as seen with the tragic whale watching shipwreck and the earthquake in Pakistan) and the feeling of uncomfortable (inconjunct) energy that wants to get going to break through especially if it hits a sensitive spot in your chart around mid mutable 15-20 degrees (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius).

Thankfully, the Full Moon in Taurus builds to a grand trine in earth with Venus Mars Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn so there is plenty of promise, opportunity and potential remedy for any pain, enhancing healing and nurturing the next few days. Venus Mars Jupiter Virgo signify abundance, luck and joy with all things Virgo related such as work, pets (pets could bring you luck), boosts in health or healthy practices. Venus Mars in Virgo is the sexy librarian and hot for teacher where lots of emphasis on Virgo could mean working the midnight oil with late nights, turned to romance after hours at work.

Saturn Sagittarius is building to its first square to Neptune Pisces end of November 2015 with the next hit in June 2016. It is drawing out all issues with any Saturn, Sagittarius and Neptune (confusion, deception, disorientation, poor judgement, delusion, weakness, poor vision, drugs, addiction, the law, foreign travel, immigration).

The Canadian Election results occurred during the critical Quarter Moon in Capricorn on October 19th. The election had the favorable aspect between the Capricorn Moon trine the Virgo stellium which aims for practical and reasonable measures that wants to see a responsible, solid and trusted government with the square to Uranus, looking for a major change.

Justin Trudeau, the new elected Prime Minister of Canada is favored by this Full Moon in Taurus which supports his Sun in Capricorn and his rising Virgo ASC, creating a grand trine. His chart ruler is Mercury in Sagittarius which matches his mantra of “Sunny Ways”. Justin is literally a breath of fresh air for the Canadian government, with his grand trine in air Venus Aquarius, Pluto Libra and Saturn in Gemini. This grand trine is part of his kite pattern where he follows his father’s footsteps and legacy, sharing his father’s fortunate kite pattern both hit by transit Saturn during times of being elected. Saturn represents government and Justin’s Saturn sits directly over his MC/Career house and public house, right for public life.

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