Full Moon in Pisces 2014

full-moon-in-pisces-350px(2)Full Moon in Pisces 2014 Mad World Gary Jules (Tears for Fears)

The Full Moon in Pisces is a window to a view, looks like rain on my window pane, a Pisces picture seeing beyond, imagining a vision of something there not readily seen, dreaming something into form.  The Full Moon makes several aspects (grand trine, YOD and a few budding tsquares) adding to the complexity and depth of its potential.  The Full Moon joins Chiron in Pisces picking up on those sensitive notes, inner wounds and static that triggers an existential  sadness while teetering the Sun Virgo tight ship and stiff upper lip, holding back the tears, dutifully remaining stoic, quietly licking some wounds.

The Full Moon in Pisces is the proverbial psychic sponge that in its purest sense has trouble tuning out and turning it off where boundaries are blurred with infinite no end to where you begin and I end, spinning and running in circles.  Neptune ruled Pisces feels every scratch, nuance, sense, pain and suffering with all the more reason Pisces finds a way to numb, escape or surrender any apathy and see the world with a rose tint, far away from harsh reality, with a focus on dreams, hope, bliss, forgiveness and rainbows.

The Full Moon creates a grand trine with Saturn Scorpio and Juno in Cancer (commitment-relationships, forming lasting, enduring and responsible bonds), giving  this full moon the capacity for healing, joining and committing to someone or something and turning a fantasy (Pisces) into a reality (Saturn).   While Pisces may have a head in the clouds, Saturn is keeping feet planted firmly on the ground. The water emphasizes water (bath, swim, shower and all manners of dousing) rituals of all kinds to enhance and draw down the moon energy to embrace the receptive reach. This Full Moon is a 6 in numerology which further depicts a healing balance.

The dichotomy of Virgo Pisces is brought to fruition with the harvest which will show the results of how and where you planted your seeds reminding us there is a time and a season where all transits and cycles have a time to reap a time to sow and a time to clean or a time to dream.  After the harvest,  practical Virgo indicates it’s time to get things done instead of lying in the sun although the Pisces Moon takes some respite and meditation away from any work burnout. The Full Moon in Pisces is the Moon of the night shade as we move into fall and release to a more internal, inward rhythm as the season beckons inner promptings.

The saying you can’t change your stripes implies be yourself as everyone else is taken.  All signs have their stereotypical traits, with both positive and negative aspects.  You are never just your sun sign as all sun signs are tinged with qualities of many sun signs that color uniquely with ongoing lessons and tests to learn and to help evolve and utilize the positive side of all signs.  The complexity of an astrology chart points out these unique characteristics that get attention with the ongoing cycles and transits.

A Pisces or someone with strong Neptune traits can be confusing, disoriented and addicted or compassionate, imaginative and artistic as well as disciplined and focused with strong positive Capricorn/Saturn aspects or detached, cool with a strong Uranus/Aquarius influence.   A Virgo, in best form has the natural ability to sift through a plethora of detail however in affliction to Pisces/Neptune, can get lost in the details, and in affliction to Saturn, anal and uptight.  A person could be a Leo Sun Sign but have a predominance of Virgo in their chart (Virgo Moon ASC Mercury Venus) which tend to make them behave and appear more like a Virgo.

The Full Moon continues the Oh My YOD Finger of God formation that started at the last New Moon in Virgo and continues into the next New Moon with Venus in Virgo again activating the YOD.  YOD’s often feel like wearing an itchy sweater with a restless, unsettled uneasiness, up in the air where things just aren’t clicking or falling into place.  The Sun in Virgo makes a YOD pattern with Saturn and Uranus pulling out all the anal retentive OCD snags and snarls thrown in with some obnoxious chaos and disruption.   This extended YOD pattern points to adjustments in health, work habits, labor disputes (teacher’s strike), all the areas pertaining to Saturn (skin, career, knees) and sudden change, unexpected, electrical storms and lightening bolts (Uranus).

Mercury in Libra is also charging up a tsquare to Pluto and Uranus adding to the stormy weather, hectic traffic jams and penetrating, intense, shrewd debates and opinions. Negotiations, peace talks, bargaining and balancing perspectives  in partnerships and relationships call for compromise, fairness and meeting in the middle –cease fire agreement in Ukraine.  Mercury Libra can get into sickly sweet sucking up with manipulative tactics where any suspicion susses out any inconsistencies or omissions seeing through the haze (Pluto).  Mercury oppose Uranus can spur abrupt arguments and opposing views on shaky ground that go against the grain or blow up with some rude or cantankerous words with added dog on a bone Mars semi square Pluto which will hit a very tender point September 12th -15th. Watch for mental health, (Mercury-lungs), short trips, back issues (Libra).

Venus in Virgo oppose Neptune helps to deter some of the antagonism where the best remedy or strategy may be  some needed avoidance, escape, dodging some balls, deflection and camouflage into the background.  Venus in Virgo is in its fall and in opposition to Neptune Pisces, relations get murky, muddled or obscured by an iridescent glow, mystified by delusion or illusion. Venus Virgo’s no nonsense, clear destination is playing a little hide and seek,  clueless run around with Neptune elusive and aloof, muddying the water with fantasy, longing, misplacement, mistaken identity, getting lost and forgetfulness.

Brad Pitt and Jolie tie the knot. Juno, in Cancer in a grand trine with Saturn and the Moon is a genuine alignment for nuptials and long term commitments.  Juno and the grand trine emphasizes Jolie’s relationship ruler, Saturn in Cancer as well as Brad’s relationship house along with his relationship ruler Mercury in Capricorn, lining up with many other points in his chart.

Joan Rivers RIP.  The Full Moon activates the comedic maven’s harsh tsquare which highlights her 6th house (health) and her chart ruler (Mars) pointing to challenges to health and her 12th house-hospitalization.  Joan’s tsquare, including a Gemini  Sun oppose Moon Sagittarius all square a Mars Jupiter Virgo, Mars  as her chart ruler-rising sign. Her aggressive (Mars), caustic, deprecating humor packs a speedy punch (Mars), with the banter around flaws and the neurotic (Virgo).

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