Full Moon in Virgo 2015

Full Moon in Virgo 2015Full Moon in Virgo 2015 “Don’t you worry bout a Thing” Stevie Wonder

Every year the Virgo Full Moon sets in preparation time for a new season with spring around the corner and all the anticipated spring activity and spring cleaning whether shedding a few pounds, purifying with a cleanse, getting the body fit,  cleaning house or organizing new goals and lists. Organization, planning and assimilation keep Virgo busy with categorizing and fine tuning with the intention to help simplify while making sense out of any mess with efficiency and order.

Virgo is a mutable sign, adaptable and open to adjustment further giving Virgo the leeway to mind all the details with an attentive sense of sanity amongst all the chaos during the Sun Pisces sojourn.   Neptune fused Pisces oppose Virgo triggers a time of assimilation, gathering up all scattered variables and streamlining processes.  Discrimination is a key quality of Virgo, giving voice to discernment.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the mind is active in deciphering through the mass of information and making things conscious. The Virgo critic becomes a vital link with a keen eye on the cog that sees through to the necessary elements in a step by step integration. Exercising Virgo’s meticulous precision becomes a helpful quality when describing, understanding and grasping any complexity.

The Full Moon opposes Chiron Pisces, releasing the flood gates to a tune of go “Cry me a River”. The Pisces Sun activated by Chiron Pisces draws out any agony or tender wound while the opposing Virgo Moon picks up the pieces of any onslaught, displaced from any recent calamity.  This is further distressed by a YOD pattern with Jupiter and Pluto where an adjustment is reinforcing the opposing force of the Pisces Sun pulled into an emotional tide, feeling the pain in victim hood, while the Virgo Moon retreats to an emotional hiatus far removed from being submerged in suffering.

The Virgo Moon sees emotions through logic and reason with an analytical response away from any messy or unruly reaction.  Virgo is an earth sign that prefers a practical and methodical approach to remedy any ailment or distress whether through a healthy diet, exercise or action that encourages a proactive course for maintaining emotional equilibrium.  Not to say that a Virgo doesn’t feel emotions, only that they have the ability to become observant and stand outside the emotion and not become consumed. The downside is the Virgo tendency to rationalize away any emotion that needs  attention to move through the emotion and not around it.

Virgos tendency to worry is best remedied by being preoccupied, rolling up the sleeves, going to work and getting busy. When in despair or in a funk, turning attention to some small task gives the mind a rest from the zany zoo of concerns. Virgo’s feel at their best being productive, industrious and of service, doing their duty like a good little Cinderella, with the rewards of accomplishment and a job well done.  Leave it to a Virgo inclination to drown their sorrows or refresh the spirit in a wash bucket while scrubbing the bath tiles or the kitchen floors. Wherever the Moon resides in the chart, shows how we perceive our relationship with the mother.  For me, having a Virgo Moon, my childhood is full of memories of daily routines of chores, keeping busy, clean, neat, doing homework, pristine  with every thread down to her impeccable seamstress talent even though Mom has no Virgo and is  actually a Pisces.

Wherever Virgo resides in the chart will show some type of task to serve, arrange and declutter.  It is the place in the chart where one will feel a sense of Virgo necessity, nagging one to get that house in order. Virgo is the natural ruler over the 6th house of work, health and pets. In an individual chart Virgo can reside over relations (7th house) where relationships might bring a sense of organization or the 8th house of shared finance, taxes and debts, needing a hit of Virgo consolidation and allocation. A lull in these areas can leave a  sense of a Virgo’s work is never done with the whine of why clean when it is going to get dirty again that can turn into the incessant need for order and perfection getting distorted into OCD disorders.

Venus and Mars are paired up in Aries.  Aries fire is aching to move, with no standing, waiting or sitting still.   While Venus is in its detriment in Aries, Mars, ruling Aries is on a roll. Venus in Aries is independent with “sister’s doin it for themselves”.  Venus is traditionally bestowed to relating, partnering and cooperating, while Venus in Mars ruled Aries is competitive with a rough and tumble edge ready to roll with the punches.

Venus Aries shows the love with a burning hot, urgent ready presence with plenty of outward affection, looking for adventure. Venus Mars join Uranus Aries gets an extra push run wild and let loose with a trine to Jupiter in Leo with a blow by blow hit of daring courage and adrenaline pump.  Add to the energy surge, Mercury moves out of its shadow, out of idle ready to pick up speed again.

Venus Mars lines up with Uranus in Aries and strains Pluto this next couple of weeks as Uranus square Pluto hit the last exact square activating and piping up much sudden, abrupt, exciting, explosive energy and events.  It’s trigger happy, loaded with live wire heated exchanges. Venus and Mars are both over the south node which points to an underbelly of rash and impulsive acts (Aries).  Anything on the south node tends to perpetuate ill timing with relationships, decorating, beautification, design (Venus) and taking action, anger, irritation, burns,  headaches, aggression (Mars).

Leonard Nimoy RIP

The passing of Leonard Nimoy during the Virgo Full Moon cycle aligns with the Vulcan character, Spock where the traits of emotional suppression and the cerebral, analytical mind of a Vulcan echo the traits of Virgo.  Leonard has much focus with the current cycle of Uranus square Pluto hitting up many key points in his chart including his Uranus Aries return (early 80’s) and also being born during the last Uranus square Pluto cycle  His Mercury nodal axis in Aries indicated strain around Mercury (lungs COPD) even though he gave up smoking 30 years ago.  Anyone who makes it to their Uranus return has really lived by his words of ”live long and prosper”. Leonard exits into an end to an era. His Sun Mercury Uranus Aries  signature cast him as the zeitgeist of our time “ to boldly go where no man has gone before”.



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