New Moon in Gemini 2015

New Moon in Gemini 2015New Moon in Gemini 2015 Little Wing Jimi Hendrix

The New Moon in Gemini is always a welcome New Moon before the summer season. Geminis are known as the twins of the zodiac, where duplicity, twosomes, two for the price of one, doubles and split personalities take over. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, are the ambidextrous (left right) androgynous (girl boy) who are intimately tied to ruler Mercury do overs, repeats, double takes, double talk, mimicking to get the message through.

In a Gemini world, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk to yourself or other self, so if you see a Gemini talking to themselves, they really are talking to their other self. Gemini is never lonely as they always have themselves to bounce off any idea or thought. There is always a bit of duality with Gemini who will always find something or someone to chat up about anything, be it their cat, or dog or their double, even if that other doesn’t seem to be present in pure physical form.

The New Moon joins Mars in Gemini with a head strong, wilful and productive wo/man on a mission, energetic on a hunt in Gemini style, killing two birds with one stone or two birds, two mice with one cat (my clever cat’s attempt this week I outsmarted and was able to stop him in his tracks times 2). Having Sun join Mars in the spring summer season is always a treat with some heat. Mars in Gemini is competitive and feisty with Gemini subjects where communications, sibling rivalry, neighborly activities get riled up. If this hits a snag or crosses an area in your chart, it can trigger anger, combativeness, burns, irritation and headaches.

With the New Moon in Gemini riding on the wings of a talent triangle with Jupiter and Uranus and a strong emphasis on Gemini, Gemini as an air sign has wings to fly high as a free bird flying away unencumbered and unrestricted with freedom to take flight as a kite and follow the wind current to where it wants to go, leaving anything suffocating or enslaving as the fluttering wings fan the air, circulating any dead air, putting a breeze on things.

Technology has reshaped our communication world which fits into Gemini jargon and cosmopolitan flavor with multitasking and navigating the information highway and maze filtering and funneling, embracing diversity of all forms of communication, interpretation, translation, languages, culture, opinions with added ways to enhance communications for those with disabilities. When a proposition comes up where going off the grid for a couple of months could earn you a million dollars is rejected due to feeling you can’t live without technology, you realize how much of a slave you are to more convenience with any information and news at your beck and call.

Pre internet, telephone, print and transmission of communication was through messengers often of the winged type, pigeons, crows, hence Gemini ruled Mercury, the winged messenger. In the era of internet communications and the world wide web, communications are on a leap and trajectory of what comes next with ongoing development such as nanotechnology.

To Gemini, learning something new every day is due to an insatiable thirst for knowledge with a feast on words to always keep things interesting and stimulating, with never a dull or boring moment. Leave it to Gemini to give the gift of knowledge with a helping hand of making sense of things. When you look who is talking, Gemini will stand out, with none of this speak to me with your eyes, and more of hands and gestures to get a point across.

Geminis keep within a familiar landscape, with neighbors and neighborhood jaunts to the latest garage sale, shop or local talent. It’s in your backyard with Gemini, accessible, familiar and everyday, amongst the pedestrians and the regulars where everything is convenient and at your finger tips, within walking distance.

Mercury, ruler of the New Moon, in Gemini, is now moving forward from its retrograde passage, the take 2, retrace steps, from back peddling and hesitating to starting up again, rebooting and catching up, back on the road again, albeit slowly standing still at a station with all the communication blunders, mishaps, internet pauses, delays… Mercury at its station is a time to stop and think and meditate, often with accidents, sickness and situations forcing a time out. Mercury can get back to business as usual, sharp as a tack in Gemini style, in motion again getting you to where you are going.

Mercury retrograde is square Neptune Pisces in its turn around still on a slippery slope, forgetful and flimsy along with frazzled nerves. Over the last Full Moon, really showing up a perfect storm with sea issues (Neptune), (Chinese cruise ship hit by cyclone), Mediterranean migration by sea surge with ongoing rescues, delays, fog, inclement weather, driven to distraction.

The good news is Mercury Gemini aligns with the nodal axis in Libra, which aids and supports communications, and getting the message across, keeping information flowing and back on track. Jupiter trine Uranus in the next few weeks is fueling a need to break away, break out and get away, full of fire and zest, action oriented and exciting. The only thing to watch for is exaggerating and making a big deal out of something otherwise minor where objects in mirror appear closer/bigger than they are.

Venus Leo is entering a retrograde period which will begin in its shadow June 21st, just in time for summer solstice. Venus will retrograde in Leo until Sept 6th and leave the retrograde shadow into Virgo October 9th. Venus extended stay in Leo is infused with adding glitter, glitz and glamor, capturing the heart, with an inkling for stepping it up a few notches. Venus will join up with Jupiter Uranus end of June for a dynamic pump up and interplay of uplifting moods.

Saturn retreats back into Scorpio for a last run through Scorpio until September as it continues to semi square Pluto through July adding a backdrop of drudgery, seriousness and heaviness. Anyone who has fixed planets at the end of sign (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) will feel this pattern, whether with health or structure, skin, knees, career, blocks (Saturn) pipes, plumbing, poison, investments (Pluto).

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