New Moon in Pisces 2013

New Moon in Pisces 2013New Moon in Pisces 2013

The New Moon in Pisces is a cluster and explosion stellium of planets (Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Neptune and Chiron) in Pisces, led by ruler, Neptune in Pisces.  This all as Mercury is in the middle of its retrograde motion in Pisces.  A quiet, calm before the storm ushers in a very new beginning and cycle ready to morph into a very high pitched Full Moon end of March with a pressure damn about to burst, “if it keeps on raining, levee gonna break” at major capacity with high tides. Neptune dissolves boundaries, the ego and anything that’s ready to pass on with a slow eroding process giving an opportunity to merge with a greater plan bigger than the self, individuality and separateness.  A new chapter is emerging that can’t deny the inevitable. No more kicking the can down the road. The Sabian Symbol is quite apt for this New Moon.  “A man bringing down the new law from Sinai”.

The number 11 figures prominently as March 11 2013, the day of the New Moon equals 11 with many energies centering around the 11th degree in the next few months.  The talent triangle with Venus Saturn Pluto before the New Moon, the mutual reception with Saturn Pluto, the YOD with Jupiter Saturn Pluto starting in April and Uranus square Pluto ready to hit again in May will all be interacting at this 11 degree point.

11 is a master number that requires an ability to see beyond the obvious and work toward uncovering hidden truths.  Master numbers are generally testing numbers requiring an ability to endure challenge and step above the fray.  11 is a number of duality and relationships where we will be given the task of further learning cooperation, balance and compromise. Anyone with degrees at 11 degrees (especially anyone born beginning of January, March, May, September) will feel the empowerment and strength of this Mutual Reception and talent triangle.  The spending cuts and getting serious about spending/budgets and saving figures in well with Venus in aspect to Saturn and Pluto-aspects of realistic, responsible and sound money management, relationships and agreements.

Because this is a very concentrated energy pattern, depending on your chart factors,  it will either show extensive opportunity or challenge.  Water signs and right brain creative types will like it, left brain air, logical types, not so much.   The New Moon is closely tied to Venus catching up to Mars trine the nodal axis which has just moved out of a talent triangle with Saturn Pluto as Saturn and Pluto join up again in Mutual Reception beginning their separation to finish during the Full Moon in Pisces September 2013.  The talent triangle and mutual reception with Venus Mercury Saturn Pluto is an opportune time to deepen bonds,  relationships and solidify commitments adding some grounding to this ethereal Pisces mix.  Mercury retrograde takes us back to those 2nd chances as energies once again line up and give us another good to go.

Pisces is associated with the 12th house, the house of retreat, escape, isolation, hospitals, institutions, rehab, seclusion and your secret sanctuary and confessional for spilling your guts of deep dark secrets.  The last house, the house of old souls, the hidden and the invisible, undiscovered, those places in gestation that haven’t materialized yet where we feel closer to our angels of dreaming something to manifest into reality with visualization. The down side, the 12th house is the slippery slope of undoing, unraveling, defeat shutting us in our own prison, broken down, tangled in our own ball and chain. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and has been there, done that and is just tired, needing a long sleep.

Without resistance, Neptune energy can turn into a vortex of tipsy topple over weakness with low energy levels and strange illness taking over requiring you to surrender to rest.  Giving up, suicide, addictions, swimming in your own messes or blindness or not seeing clearly may become much more rampant now wanting to pack it in, drowning or sinking into your sinkhole or sinking sand, waving your white flag.  Watered down or water logged rituals, activities and liquid diets becoming intoxicated or drunk on life or drowning in desolation and despair-dwayne the bathtub I’m dwowning.  Absolution and cleansing with water rituals such as baptism and tears, releasing your sins and pain with compassion, forgiveness and finding hope through prayer, mercy and faith.

This Pisces mass lacks a handle and is left wandering aimlessly with a loss of direction without an anchor or boundary left floating and drifting off like lost sheep spaced out, loopy, absent minded, slipping the mind disappearing acts, dissolving, slip through your fingers to make you feel like you are either losing your marbles and your mind heading for nowhere or letting loose and “running down a dream” or just running away.

Disorganization runs rampant with a terminal case of fly by crisis management.  Planning, focus and proactive measures towards nit picking perfection overwhelm the Pisces creative process that needs to go with one moment at a time where nothing makes sense which can get pulled with the next current of self deception, delusion, forgetfulness and unreliability.  Pisces is a dreamer with a work in progress and an imagination run wild to conjure up and splatter a mess of many ideas and concepts jesting in creative inspiration and vision where miracles can happen.

Pisces is the least sign attached to material items.  There is a sense of surrender and sacrifice.  The lesson with Neptune and Pisces is relinquishing the possessiveness with material items where gain comes from receiving without the desperation, greed and grasping with a leap of faith and believing  that attracts and magnetizes.  Pisces is a feminine, passive sign more naturally endowed with allowing where giving allows receiving. Loss and getting lost is a Pisces lot with a touching story of a lost ring where a homeless person returns the ring to the owner and receives a handsome reward.  The blessings in this demonstrate the virtue of giving and how you get what you give.

Uncertainty and the unknown looms large where deep fears can be stirred.  Pisces and Neptune don’t foster a sense of security, stability or guarantees. Instead, Pisces Neptune works with keeping one fluid and open to test your skills in walking in the dark and trusting you will find your way.  Logic and reason is at a low grade function and can take a nose dive into scattered, wishy washy wool gathering far from any linear focus.  There is little grounding with submersion in something or someone without separation or defining boundaries with one end merging into another lacking clear judgement and perception.

Pisces is a subjective emotional sign with a subtle sensitivity that picks up on all kinds of stimuli.  In Christian depiction, we see saints with halos and auras showing the opening to spiritual awakening. The feet and the crown chakra is associated with Pisces and those places and meridians at the end points that pick up stimuli from their environment whether from the ground or up above like antennae tapping into a network of possibility, ideas and inventions.  Sleepy dreams are very active, falling into a deep sleep stirring subliminal messages to the surface with all this nonsensical uncommon sense that has a scheme of its own.

Pisces is a mutable sign which can have many balls in the air and can spin a perpetual dizziness like being spun into a Woody Allen movie where everything just feels like it’s one thing running into another with several simultaneous agendas going like one long run on sentence without any rhythm, rhyme or reason, pause or breath to take a step back, continuously changing scenes vacillating from one thought to the next needing to swim any which way the  idiosyncrasies blow like ships passing in the night turning into ship wrecks from elusive ambiguity…breathe…

The love and desire planets Venus and Mars are in Pisces.  The pairing of Venus and Mars always proclaims some love bug at the door. The expression of love is at its finest as Venus is exalted in Pisces. Love and desire become the imaginary lovers conjured up from romantic fantasy and wishful dreaming of indiscriminate dalliances.  Venus Pisces casts the spell and enchants with subtlety and seductive charm. With Mars in Pisces, direct action is diverted and subdued, inert, introverted, anger can become repressed or suppressed turned into passive aggression.  A time to either feel like you are melting or a time to have a total meltdown.

Jupiter and Mercury are in Mutual Reception although with Jupiter pressing on in detriment in Gemini, ruled by Mercury and fuzzy Mercury in its fall in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and in retrograde, we have a lot of hurry up and wait.  Twisting of words morphed into ramblings from subjective nuances showing reversals and delays with travel (especially commutes and short trips), communications, transactions, commerce, contracts, weather (plenty of precipitation), accidents, flooding, torrential rains, spills and leaks. The Keystone Pipeline controversy is focusing on the risk of leaks.  We have also seen some very bizarre incidents with sinkholes.

Jupiter makes one last square aspect with Chiron most of March before separating beginning of April which may bring on the repercussions or pain surrounding any wounds and suffering that started July 2012.  The overriding message is don’t sweat the small stuff or any of the big stuff either as whatever suffering is occurring is releasing. Jupiter continues to bring up confounding testimonies and legal cases. The very televised case with Jodi Arias and the criminal prosecution trial depicts the deception and lies typical of a very afflicted Neptune.  Jodi’s chart is riddled with a tsquare with Neptune which was highlighted with a powerful New Moon the day of the murder of Travis Alexander.

Wherever this Pisces stellium is putting a float in your boat, giving a time to coast or ride your wave,  take advantage of the time to go with the flow, let the tide carry you off into your favorite daydream, escape to your remote place of respite and indulge in some fiction and fantasy reading.  Visit your wish pond or wishing well and drop your fishing line in waiting for the big fish whether on a real or imagined vacation or spring break even if only a mini retreat dancing at home safe and sound with the music loud. Go off on those tangents and let yourself  get lost in your mind with fanciful sentimental journeys into some fairytale lalaland.



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