Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2015

Solar Eclipse in PiscesSolar Eclipse in Pisces 2015 “In the Light” Led Zeppelin

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is stepping into the Spring Equinox cycle lining up to seasons in sync.  This Solar Eclipse on the Spring Equinox is ushering in a significant fresh new cycle and season at a turning point letting go of a vast and cumulative past, reflecting on a soul’s journey.  The Solar Eclipse in Pisces welcomes a new dawn with a guiding light paving the road ahead, ready to forge ahead steady as a tortoise and eager as a hare to spring into action.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces continues the trend of cycles at the end of the sign, on the last critical degree, especially potent on Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac.  The lunar cycles and Moon at end point of a sign means a time of releasing, dissolving, finishing, emptying and endings and a time to clear a path and tie up loose ends with a new view on the horizon.  As with any ending, comes a new beginning and when you close a door another one opens.  The Universe abhors a vacuum so having a clean slate and getting closure as well of getting rid of anything interfering or holding you back, allows a space freed up to be filled with new wishes and intentions.

The Universe is in a rapid shift at an intersection between the past and the future with the releasing of Uranus square Pluto beginning to separate.  A stellium and cluster of Pisces planets enhances the energy in one area that increases a purging, shedding time often showing up as illness, trauma and crisis due to toxins brought to the surface.  Issues with Neptune drowning, the sea, leaks, addictions, sleep, feet, hopelessness and suicide may be more evident with this last degree in Pisces as well as the Solar Eclipse focus on the Sun (solar) being eclipsed which can also bring up issues with the solar energy, the heart, the ego and self confidence.  The eclipse sits over fixed star, Scheat, known for misfortune, suicide and drowning.  Anyone with this degree point in the chart, especially their personal planets such as their Sun Moon Mercury Venus will likely have some major turn of events.

Neptune, ruler of Solar Eclipse in Pisces, offers an intuitive tuning in and time for soul searching and solace best in silence and solitude, allowing to surrender and be gentle with yourself with any stress, sacrifice, sadness or suffering and to bask in the light with reflection, rest and relaxation.  With the help of the accelerated consciousness of Uranus square Pluto instigating taking a quantum leap, the Solar eclipse in Pisces is an open vessel for the crown chakra to connect to messages of a higher frequency to allow in divine guidance and support.  Neptune holds no bounds with an open expansive reach.  Take the time to get out of your head and allow a time to get lost in some fantasy, drift, dream, float, put on some inspiring music, sing a song, or sing to someone in a lullaby.  Soak in, immerse and submerge in water, blessing and refreshing the spirit.

Aside from the tense Uranus square Pluto, the eclipse hinges  on a few supportive aspects including a trine to Saturn which adds some stability to the volatility, indicating a time of an emerging new structure and responsibility during a time of chaos and confusion.  Mercury in Pisces in aspect to Pluto gives empowering and deep thought while Venus in Taurus makes a positive aspect to Neptune, reassuring a tranquil and mindful attention to living in the moment, trusting and being receptive to the unseen and the unknown, while basking in blissful pleasure.

With Neptune elevated in my chart, Neptune tends to be top of mind including movies, music, dreams, imagination, visualization, the sea and shoes.   I wonder sometimes if they schedule movies by the stars as it is uncanny that sentimental and soul sensitive movies come on during Neptune transits or very emotional, obsessive and heart wrenching movies during Pluto or heavy Moon aspects, or adventurous and action oriented during strong Mars or Aries transits.  Sleep and dreams also stir up transits and aspects, living a parallel universe where dreams will cast you in a role as the transits unfold.  Finding an awesome pair of shoes during a Neptune sojourn never fails either.

Neptune plays a strong role as we sleep through one third of life.  Likened to Sleeping Beauty and the big sleep, the awakening from delving deep into the unconscious brings on a significant renewal and rebirth.  Neptune’s mission is to lull you into sleep in order to stir up the unconscious and open up messengers and a gateway to uncover unconscious activity.  Dream journaling is a powerful tool to unravel and explore dreams. REM (rapid eye movement) is the last phase of sleep where dreams are most active. The best time to catch dreams in REM is early in the AM before you rise.

Neptune also resides over altered states, drugs and drug culture.  Neptune, now in its home in Pisces,  is an era of finding the right remedy and a better cure.  Coffee Cafe Corner, make way for Cannabis Corner on every block pushing and peddling a new  drug depot at your disposal.  Herbs and drugs that alter brain activity, opening  up pathways to snap synapses into their designated channels giving way for pain relief and pleasure enhancement all in hopes of good measure away from the slippery slope of escape, addiction and criminal activity.

There is something very Neptune in Pisces with many fairytale movies coming out such as the tale of Cinderella and her lost glass slipper, the white doves, her white, silver and gold gowns  and the fairy godmother.  Emerging radiant amidst an array of fantasy and spells, Neptune enchantment is working the magic prompting a longing at the elusive midnight hour.  While Cinderella is forced to endure hardship and slavery, she surrenders and accepts the sacrifices and sadness, knowing deep in her heart that its part of her soul’s  journey to experience the challenges in order to build character to fine tune and come out as her best self into a kind, gracious soul that aspires to the Neptune higher dimension of love and peace.  The fairy godmother depicts the higher self who prompts hopes and wishes, urging us on to bring out and show up our best self.  The glass slipper symbolizes the transparency and ability to see through and visualize, to the other side, to other dimensions and to bring to form and materialize any deep wish or prayer.

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