Venus Aries retrograde

Venus Aries retrogradeVenus Aries retrograde “Lady in Red” Chris De Burgh

Venus Aries retrograde begins March 4 2017 continuing through to April 15 2017, although will be in its shadow phase until mid May 2017. Venus is retrograde in Aries through to June while dipping back into Pisces in April.  Throughout most of the retrograde process, Venus is traveling solo, not making any major aspects but once Venus moves back into Pisces, it will square Saturn Sagittarius for most of April as Venus slows down and stations direct.  During April, there will be a damper and coolness with relations and bring up some serious attention and discussions on finances. Relationships may be at a stand off or stand still, needing some space, new direction or excitement, reassessing relations for what they bring to the table.

Venus in Aries in retrograde is an oxymoron as Venus charm, calm and relaxed state is tested to keep grace at its high pace in impulsive Aries.  Venus in Aries acts before thinks and wants to move forward, get things started, usually in high speed, however, in retrograde, Venus is being forced to slow down, smell the flowers and take things one step at a time. Venus (feminine) in masculine Mars ruled Aries can come across as emasculating however is also an empowering place especially for women to step forward as leaders, reformers, movers and shakers, very fitting for the Women’s Marches.

The mantra of Venus Aries is “Be yourself” “Love yourself” “Just Do it” and “To thine own self be true” Hamlet Shakespeare. This mantra seems to have taken on new meaning lately as the technology age has accelerated an instant gratification “me” generation. This regression has seemed more prevalent with the influx and state of the world as more seem to be scrambling for a piece of the pie as more feel a strong need to stand up for themselves. The difference lies in the fine line of self care as opposed to selfishness, me first and self absorbed action. You can’t help others if you are not intact yourself or provide support from an empty cup.

Aries is a martial, warrior energy, where survival of the fittest sets a tone of me against you.  Aries is the sign of the leader not the follower.  The blessing with Aries is their propensity to take chances, not fearing failure or worrying about perfection.  Venus Aries daring, courage and initiative is naturally confident, which can be a helpful antidote to apathy and depression.  Aries are the 1st sign of the zodiac who are the pioneers and trail blazers and thus start things, have an innocence and purity, with a naive trusting, fearlessness to go where angels fear to tread.

Venus Aries in Mars ruled Aries is in its detriment (Venus naturally ruling Taurus and Libra) and on the dark side and when afflicted can be impatient, speedy, pushy, aggressive with less inclination for the natural endowment of Venus reciprocation, cooperation and pleasing charm, although Venus Aries is much better equipped to say NO, avoid codependency, people pleasing and subsequent back stabbing. Venus in direct Aries isn’t groomed from a social perspective to preserve relations and thus doesn’t need to defer to passive aggressive tactics to sustain relations or to seek approval in order to be liked.

Venus residing over relationships, finances, is set off kilter as Aries independence and self interest looks out for number 1, tilting the balance of the scales. Venus in a fire sign is quick to act and start anything but can be quickly bored, lacking patience and focus to take things at an even pace.  Aries step ahead can skip steps and prematurely push and jump forward missing elemental pieces of a process. Venus Aries in relationships craves independence and is attracted to the chase with exciting, hot blooded, passionate, amorous adventure. Venus Aries likes things shiny and new.  Love connections with predictable, repetitive sameness and clingy, needy possessive demands will strangle Venus Aries.

Venus rules over finances and in Aries can show reckless money habits. Venus in Aries retrograde will halt to look at finances and bank balances, budgets and financial planning to help combat poor spending habits.  Financial cuts can be hasty and abrupt with Venus in Aries.  Look to what house Venus resides in your chart and what house it rules, which will show where you have some reboots.  If Venus Aries retrograde is hitting a sweet spot, enjoy being charged up, energized and confident and if hitting a rough patch, confrontation, conflict and disagreements may get more prevalent.

Venus is the planet of decor and beauty and in Aries may be a time for a fresh, new beginning or new look, renovation, whether in hair, fashion, design or home decor. Venus is vibrant and bold in Aries which may mean a wild new look.  With Venus retrograde, you may want to wait until Venus has moved forward before making any major, hasty radical change, otherwise you might be disappointed once Venus moves direct. Look for lots of red accents, fire tones and sharp edge design.

Famous women with Venus in Aries:

Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Renee Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker.

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