Full Moon in Aries 2017

FullMoonAriesFull Moon in Aries 2017 “I Won’t Back Down” Tom Petty

The Full Moon in Aries is carrying forward the momentum of the last New Moon in Virgo’s clean sweep, gathering the troops of brave knights on courageous plights to fight for what’s right. The Full Moon in Aries has drive and zeal that rolls with the punches and gets things done. The Full Moon in Aries has most planets in air, earth and fire, charged up, blowing hot air, hot under the collar, bound to stand ground for anything profound.

The Full Moon in Aries is a rush of fire in the belly, blood surging in your veins with an alive and kicking energetic pulse.  There is no time like the present with Mars ruled Aries with action oriented intention that doesn’t wait or procrastinate.  Aries takes direct action with spontaneous motivation. Aries don’t sit back or take a back seat with passive reserve which often stirs up typical Aries battles with confrontation, competition and conflict. Aries stance with a kick in the pants, pushes to get things moving and progressing, away from any stagnation or stalemate.

The Full Moon in Aries (Sun Libra oppose Moon Aries) draws out the classic quandary of fight or flight where the dual bargaining process entails whether its peace or strife, passive or aggressive, direct or indirect, attack or retreat. The Full Moon in Aries again triggers the applying difficult square to Pluto Capricorn we have experienced the last several years with Uranus square Pluto which has seen many destructive and devastating tragedies and violence. (Las Vegas Massacre). Mercury Libra is conjunct the Sun in Libra adding to the opposing force of the Full Moon in Aries, beckoning for a reckoning, debating and relating a message of intent, weighing the pros and cons, seeking an equilibrium, fair middle ground and compromise.

Mars, ruler of the Full Moon in Aries, currently in Virgo joins Venus Virgo in exacting standards Virgo, finding the perfect remedy with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to get it right, without any slight. Venus and Mars joined brings pleasure and passion into a tightly intertwined embrace further empowered and strengthened by a grounding trine to Pluto Capricorn. Venus Mars Virgo square Saturn Sagittarius is a heavy hand of backed up energy excess squelching and thwarting action, a loaded gun of resentment, seething anger, held back grudges that gets pushed over the edge.

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