Full Moon in Capricorn 2015

Full Moon in Capricorn 2015Full Moon in Capricorn 2015 “Hooked on a Feeling” Blue Swede

The Full Moon in Capricorn (Sun Cancer Moon Capricorn polarity) brings up the feeling nature that can’t help but get emotional and with it all the concerns around security, safety and solvency. Just like a good mama and papa, the Cancer Sun tends to the home and hearth, while the responsible Capricorn Moon brings home the bacon and makes sure all is intact and in check. When Cancer/Capricorn is operating with support, the returns give a feeling of comfort, contentedness and a settled sense. The shift from airy fairy Gemini has gone into deep waters with fluctuating moods and the Cancer Sun waves of sentimentality softening the frayed and fried nerves with the earth grounded Capricorn Moon keeping things cool and collected.

This Full Moon in Capricorn has eased into some soothing with the Sun and Moon making an exact trine /sextile to Neptune Pisces giving this Full Moon an overriding forgiving influence, smoothing things over and putting the ointment on any woes and pains and cooling off with Neptune water treatment, with a little rain a good thing. It adds an extra sensitive tone, that turns up the touchy feely barometer and tear jerkers.

The Full Moon makes an applying conjunction and opposition to Pluto just adding to intense emotions that are deep and protective. The Moon in Capricorn keeps a stiff, stoic upper lip, while the Sun Cancer finds the wellspring, to release any pent up feelings with any needed purging and venting as water is emphasized with Saturn in Scorpio once again. Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra have been through the mill the last few years especially those born in the first decan hit by the outer planets, Pluto and Uranus, forcing evolutionary leaps and bounds and soul enrichment, to put it mildly.

The Full Moon opposes Mars in Cancer and square the nodal axis creating a Moon Wobble similar in flavor to last year’s Full Moon in Capricorn, although this Moon Wobble is separating and releasing its harsh influence. Mars is another story though as an element of aggression, inflammation, heat, fires, anger and hostility is building as Mars is increasing its stress to the nodal axis, while approaching an opposition to Pluto the next few weeks, with an underlying urge ready to set off a temper tantrum “One of these days Alice and pow to the Moon”.

The last month Mercury retrograde in Gemini is easing off where Mercury is still moving along in Gemini finishing up its extra long run in Gemini leaving behind its fuzzy, bleary eyed aspect with Neptune and all the dizzy confusion, disarray, discombobulation, insomnia, bad weather…. Mercury Gemini is up close and personal for me as a Gemini with Mercury in Gemini where I had many Gemini encounters this time around with an injured pet. Mercury Gemini rules my 6th house (6th house = pets, health) My cat was hit with a limp with an injury to his shoulder (Gemini) as was his Mom (me), Gemini duality times 2. In my neighborhood (Gemini) there are always several sign posts up of missing cats (due to coyotes) and I saw a photo that was the twin (Gemini) of my cat. Exact same markings, colors and size and thought this is a sign or message typical of Gemini, seeing double.

Mercury rules Gemini and in its highest potential for reaping the best return, brings up the brilliance with a talent triangle to Venus Jupiter Uranus this week with news of a new nifty email communication send button getting a 30 second window to take it back. Google gmail lets you save face and contain any oops moments which expresses the genius of Mercury Gemini.

Venus in Leo is join Jupiter Leo and trine Uranus during this Full Moon as well, firing things up around the 20 degree point, so if this degree is accented in your chart, especially in fire or air, expect some heat and to feel like dancing some wild and crazy spin, celebrating being alive. Easy aspects are like being on holiday where it’s time to be lazy and let things hang and happen without much effort however anything can get pushed to limits including unpleasant experiences as easy configuration open up pandora’s box and increase problems. With all the fire, conditions can get very parched, hot and dry with drought issues on the rise.

Venus Leo will move retrograde end of July for an extended stay in Leo until October. Relationships, romance get a pleasant break with some excitement and new adventure.

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