Full Moon in Gemini 2017

Full Moon GeminiFull Moon in Gemini 2017 “Freeze Frame” J. Geils Band

The Full Moon in Gemini is a lively time to shake off the dust and open to a change of pace. Gemini  focus is on communications and getting information flowing.  Gemini is busy bodied, multitasking and sorting through a myriad of mental processes, finding clarity through the cobwebs. Gemini detached, cerebral and rational outlook stands back to get an objective view to work toward a reasonable outcome.

The polarity and duality of the Sun in Sagittarius oppose Moon in Gemini draw out the extremes as an exercise in consciousness, thus Full Moons illuminations are often instigators of awareness.  Sagittarius and Gemini  are mutable flexible signs with a restless urge to move,  further enhanced with Mercury Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius.  The Sagittarius stellium is open to the big picture, expanding and keeping a broad perspective, seeing the forest for the trees, getting beyond the backyard into a wider vision and a deeper meaning open to some honest truth seeking and discourse, with a focus on beliefs and justice.

Mercury, ruler of the Full Moon Gemini, moves into retrograde.  Mercury retrograde is a time to reassess and revisit and resolve any outstanding issues. With Mercury Sagittarius in retrograde, anything Sagittarius is tested (overdoing, overextending, inflammatory, overzealous reactions, not knowing limits or boundaries, over promising, over delivering).

Mercury Sagittarius join Saturn Sagittarius along with Mercury retrograde is a freeze frame moment, stop in your tracks to reset, have a reality check and check boundaries.  Mercury Saturn pays careful attention, using exacting, critical thinking around refining communication patterns. All things Mercury are at a stand still and further thwarted join Saturn (depression, negative and limited thinking, curbed enthusiasm, cold spells, arthritis). Health wise anything Mercury/ Gemini are affected (arms, hands, shoulders)/Sagittarius (hips, thighs, liver).

The Full Moon in Gemini makes an exact square to Neptune Pisces which adds further challenge to communication break downs, uncertainty, confusion, deception, messiness, forgetfulness, insomnia, addictions, unfiltered, scattered forces, leaks, floods.

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