Full Moon in Scorpio 2016

Full Moon in Scorpio 2016Full Moon in Scorpio Pink Moon “Purple Rain” Prince

The Full Moon in Scorpio 2016 is full bloom from the New Moon in Aries spring into action, emerging and unfolding the sweetness and beauty and filling the senses of a new season, shifting after the Aries sojourn of going it solo, mating and relating, getting ready to connect again. Scorpio and Taurus are a fixed axis that desire steady, secure conditions and attachments,  feeling more complete in an intimate close bond and sometimes getting into a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship (status, security,  culture) without real love.

Due to the strong connection to emotion, the Scorpio Full Moon is fit to be tied so it’s a good exercise to observe emotions and negative thoughts that go down the dark path. Fear is typically the root issue that underlies all phobias, worries. When fear is conquered, life is richer and deeper, allowing one to live life to the fullest.  A great ritual with the Scorpio Full Moon is doing something that moves you beyond fear such as facing and grappling with anything that causes fear whether flying, heights, spiders etc. Wear some black stones such as tourmaline for added protection.

The Full Moon in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is open to everything goes, as knows the perils of life death crisis and accepts that you can’t sugar coat the real thing.  While some can dish it out, Scorpio truly can take it and often straight up no ice and without the grain of salt. Scorpio is an evolutionary sign that is always ready for the next stage in life, evolving and shedding skins been there done that learned this, ready for the next lesson or project.  Mystery surrounds Scorpio as that place in some secret chamber and what lies beyond, that can’t be revealed or known.

Venus Aries joins Uranus Aries giving the Full Moon an added sparkle with some hot blooded fierce passion.  Venus in Aries relates with an ardent ready desire and Venus on Uranus adds a fresh new adventure itching to experience something different and exciting.

Press pause as Mars Saturn Sagittarius are retrograde. The focus is on travel, foreign affairs, religious beliefs, abundance (or exaggeration), wild fires, the hips (Mars  Sagittarius).  With retrogrades in fire signs, the heat is on where summer is the new spring. Although Mars is not applying to any strong aspect with the other planets during its retrograde, it still activates the tsquare angle between Jupiter Virgo, Saturn Sagittarius, Neptune Pisces which adds to the mash up  of the mutable medley of energy that continues with changing plans and changing minds being busy beavers, getting lots done!  The energy in overkill is moralizing, preaching (Saturn Sagittarius), fussing over the details and sweating the small stuff (Virgo), forgetfulness, confusion, delusion (Neptune Pisces). This tsquare is full swing May into early September with a very powerful  Solar Eclipse in Virgo.

Mercury Taurus is also soon to go retrograde.  With all these retrogrades, inquiring minds ask when to press go again? Short of don ‘t start anything substantial,  take the time now to get all your ducks in a row. During Mercury retrograde the next few months, Mercury Taurus creates a grand trine with Pluto Capricorn and Jupiter Virgo, giving an added positive focus of earth energy that helps to keep things practical, healthy, organized and grounded.

The sudden passing of Prince is a sad time with another great artist leaving us.  Prince, a Gemini, was very affected by this mutable mix, which hit up his Sun making up a grand square, having him hit from every corner especially Saturn Sagittarius, which opposed his Sun in Gemini at the 16 degree station the last month, with a Saturn return in Sagittarius , showing his strong interest and transitions with his religious beliefs.  He has Pluto in Leo over his MC (public life, fame) sitting over Regulus (royal star). Regulus is known for a high rise but can also fall hard.  Interesting as it matches using Prince as his name.   Anyone with Regulus highlighted in their chart has some type of royalty in their soul.


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