Full Moon in Libra 2017

Full Pink Moon in LibraFull Moon in Libra 2017 “Don’t Speak” No Doubt

The Full Moon in Libra join Jupiter Libra, creating a tsquare with Uranus and Pluto, is piped up with high tension, misaligned with over reaction, jumping to conclusions, misjudgement, growing pains (Jupiter),  power struggles, control issues, endings, betrayal, (Pluto Capricorn) uncomfortable  and necessary change, rebellious turns(Uranus).  Libra charm is disarmed with Libra grace doing an about face. The polarity pull of the Full Moon between Aries Sun action and Libra Moon reflection is signalling a time for needed balance between two poles, as the storms rustle up debris and clear the air.

The Full Moon in Libra tense tsquare has transpired recently reflecting crisis charged with stormy weather (chemical attack in Syria, bomb in Russia, attack in Sweden, bombs in Egypt, following the London attack). Uranus square Pluto the last several years has been presenting this rapid acceleration of pace and change with trauma and crisis that pushed the evolution pulse to the max where challenge opens up greater opportunity for growth and development drawing attention to critical shifts.

Libra focus on fairness, harmony and equality is tested with this Full Moon in Libra, with a twist of “Life is not fair” that may seem more pronounced.  Venus, ruler of Libra, is currently in retrograde motion with Venus Pisces making a tight square to Saturn Sagittarius, adding much to serious consequence, harsh judgements, strained relations, stalled agreements and negotiations, stern authority which can be misconstrued and laced with all kinds of irrational and subjective perceptions and beliefs, aggravating disputes, disagreements, debates, regarding justice and fairness.

With both Venus and Saturn stationing (Venus stationing direct and Saturn stationing retrograde) Venus retrograde and Saturn are at a standstill bringing many subjects to crystallization and focus. Venus in hard aspect to Saturn sets a tone of isolation, somber realization of reality, negativity, cold shoulders, depression,  melancholy,  where closeness in relations may need some space.  Venus relations could be at a cross roads of stalemate, endings, disappointments.  Venus Saturn further ties into Chiron Pisces drawing out some vulnerability, wounds and ultimate pain that cuts deep.

The positive side of Venus square Saturn is cutting through the crap, calling out all BS and getting to the heart of the matter, creating boundaries with a disciplined and an authoritative stand (Saturn Sagittarius).  Time to lay down the law with new laws and policy (Sagittarius) and time of correction, modifying, righting wrongs with less of the flowery covered trails or sugar coatings.  Suffice to say judgements, interpretations and perceptions at this time can be skewed and warped with harsh lectures, strict and stern reading the riot act, and not optimal timing for making major decisions.

Mercury retrograde adding to a time to review, research, reflect and rethink as opposed to moving forward with any action.  Mercury in Taurus keeps communications amicable, calm, patient and practical with any discord or disturbance where keeping silent, listening and holding your tongue may be the best strategy.  Mercury retrograde begins April 9th and turns direct in Aries May 3rd, and out of its shadow mid May 2017. Mars in Taurus also continues to help temper moods, heavy frantic paces, with a zen mantra for monkey brain “Not my circus, not my monkeys”

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