Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

FullMoon Lunar Eclipse in LeoFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo “You are my Sunshine”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 10 2017 is setting the stage for the Leo/Aquarius eclipses the next few years as we begin to resolve the polarity of Virgo/Pisces eclipses the last few years with a final Solar Eclipse in Pisces Feb 26 2017. All Leo/Aquarius issues, topics and circumstances will be brought to the forefront and will see new meaning (play, fun, entertainment, ego, heart, creativity, solar energy – Leo) and rebellious, unexpected, unusual, innovation (Aquarius).

Every Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse brings up a polarity between the Sun and the Moon accentuating the opposing characteristics. The Full Moon in Leo addresses the Sun in Aquarius oppose the Moon in Leo.  The Leo Aquarius duo of fixed energy hold tight to stamina and focus to really hone in with a staying power that won’t back down. The fixed energy can tolerate and put up with much with a steadfast unbreakable concentration and loyalty however once making a decision or being pushed too far, a Leo/Aquarius stubborn strength of conviction will not easily retract or turn back.

The Sun ruled Leo Moon adds a regal, sunny, joyful twist.  Leo Moons are passionate, loyal, proud and dramatic with a flair for the spotlight and spreading infectious smiles with grand gestures. As per eclipses, the Sun/Moon eclipsed will see more of and draw out the dark side of Leo (egomania, bruised egos, broken hearts, arrogance, overly dramatic) as well as the flip side of Aquarius (erratic, eccentric, shocking and unpredictable) as seen in the current political system.

The Leo Moon centers on the heart and its continuous going through the motions of opening and closing, beating to a rhythmic pace.  The heart is a powerful muscle that endures much through the ever present exercise that comes from keeping the heart chambers flapping with the daily stabs and blows.  In the tarot, the 3 of swords shows the piercing of the heart, yet no blood flows letting us know that no matter the piercing and wounds and bleeding hearts, the Leo heart has a powerful will known to be resilient and hence the expression strong of heart.  Leos are known as the greatest lovers because they love wholeheartedly and continue to keep their heart open no matter the hurt, rejection or heartbreak, wounded ego or pride.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees gets a jovial boost from Jupiter Libra while also receiving supportive structure from Saturn in Sagittarius, helping with taking responsibility while upholding integrity, all lining up in a positive potent kite pattern with all ducks in a row, (Sun trine Jupiter, Moon sextile Jupiter, Sun sextile Saturn, Moon trine Saturn) drawing out more positive favor with legal processes with immigration, ethics (Jupiter rules over immigration, the law, foreign policy, all pressing on checks and balances and justice served with equal and human rights (Libra) with the current ruling against the imposed government US immigration ban.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is also fired up creating a grand trine with Saturn Sagittarius and Uranus Aries, adding a jolt of excitement and pleasant surprises, where you have a chance to feel on top of your game, putting on an Aquarius thinking cap to get an electric charge light bulb moment of ideas and hare brained schemes while Leo swagger and strut, do head stands, cartwheels or give you a twirl to get your attention, knowing the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Leo is out to perform and show what they got with an effusive demonstrative nature as Leo have the natural skill to own a room, put themselves on display to draw an audience. If you want to put on your show, give your pitch, Leo magnanimous talent will help earn you some accolades.   Look to Leo in your chart, your Sun and your 5th house where you are gifted with a natural talent and creative ability to shine using creative, fun, flirty cheerful child like wonder.

It’s a Valentine Moon as everyone prepares once again for their love fests over the Valentine season,  tuning into favorite love stories, movies, music and romances.  Leo rules love affairs and romance while Venus Mars (desire duo) are doubled up in impetuous Aries adding much spark and verve, passion with ardent affection in hot pursuit. Mars is at home in Aries, always finding a willful, confident crusader and leader, while Venus is in detriment in Aries.  The chase is on in love and affection as two ships speed past each other in the night as Mars in Aries is geared up for swift fast moves while Venus, now in her shadow phase to turn retrograde, is slowing down to dip back into Pisces in April to continue in Aries until June.

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